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The best kitchen bins for 2021

A new bin isn't a very exciting or glamorous purchase - but it is an important one. With surprisingly so many options to choose from, we took to the Mumsnet forums to find out which bin really is best

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 29, 2021

Kitchen bins

It’s easy to think any old bin will do, until you have to use it every day. With all the endless emptying, cleaning and sorting of recycling, a sub-par bin will irritate you more than you might think. So, if you're need of a replacement look no further. We scoured the Mumsnet boards to find the best value bins out there. Here are the best kitchen bins you can buy right now:

1. Best all-rounder: Brabantia Touch 60L Kitchen Bin


If you’ve ever tried to find a bin that just ‘works’ with the rest of the kitchen, you know it can be quite the challenge – they're not always the most aesthetically-pleasing purchase. Luckily, help is at hand. Brabantia is a global interior design brand that understands the value of making even the most unexciting household accessories look the part – bins included. At under £100, this Brabantia bin comes highly recommended thanks to its soft-touch opening and smooth stainless steel design.

“I was given a 50L Brabantia touch bin as a present (my request) and I love it.”

“One word: Brabantia. Mine has been brilliant and is well over 10 years old now. It still looks as good as new.”

2. Best budget touch-lid bin: Curver Metal Effect Deco Bin 40L, £20

Curver Deco Bin

If you’ve got more exciting things to spend your money on than a bin – but still want one that's roomy and well-made – you could try this one from Curver. At just £25 for 40L it’s good value for money and has the added benefit of being made from easy-to-clean plastic. Since there will be no fingerprints, rust, or dents to contend with it’ll look newer for much longer than other stainless steel bins. The semi-circular design also means you can have it flush against the wall, helping you save some additional space.

“I have two of the Curver Deco bins. They’re great, especially for the price, because they look metal but are plastic (so you don't get rust spots or watermarks) and are flat-backed. The lids are very easy to clean too.”

“I also have a Curver bin – it looks good (as far as bins go) and it was a great price. Plus, it seems robust.”

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3. Best plastic bin: Ikea White Filur 42L Kitchen Bin, £9

Ikea bin

You can’t get much more affordable or no-nonsense than this Filur bin from Ikea. This 42-litre option in white is neutral, easy to clean and large enough for big families. Since they are a lot cheaper than other brands, and other sizes are available, you can comfortably buy one or two and use them for recycling or in other rooms of the house such as an office or utility area – the possibilities are endless.

“We have these from Ikea. They are cheap, cheerful and honestly the best bins we've ever had. We have three different sizes and use the big one as our main bin, the medium one for plastic recycling and the smaller one for paper.”

4. Best retro bin: Wesco Kickboy Powder Coated Steel Bin 40L

Wesco Kickboy bin

Founded in 1867, Wesco is known for manufacturing high-end metal household goods – kitchen bins among them. Inspired by classic designs, Wesco bins are a must-purchase for any retro or vintage lover who wants a home to match. The Kickboy model features a domed lid with a flap-style opening and comes in eight different colours. If you like making a statement and fancy a bin with a bit of personality, the search is over.

“We have a Wesco Kickboy bin, which I think comes in various sizes. Ours is cream and, even though it is hugely expensive, we've had ours for 16 years and it is still going strong. They are definitely designed to last.”

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5. Best pedal bin: Simplehuman 30/16L Kitchen Recycling Bin, £119

Simple human bin

Tired of that never-ending stack of recycling messing up your kitchen? This two-in-one option from Simplehuman comes with both a 30-litre and 16-litre bin inside it to save space. It’s designed with a no-fuss pedal opening and, thanks to their lid shox™ technology, you won’t have to put up with a loud ‘bang’ each time you take your foot off the pedal. While it is on the pricey side, it's stainless steel body is clearly built to last. It comes with a five-year guarantee and would make a highly practical waste solution for any kitchen.

“We have this one and, while it’s a tragic thing to say about a kitchen bin, I love it! It fits the space we have nicely (we used to have a round one that just didn’t work) and it looks smart. You don’t need to buy expensive fitted liners for it, they work just fine with standard ones.”

“I've had a Simplehuman bin for around five years now and it is brilliant – very smart and stylish.”

6. Best small recycling bin: Rotho Refuse Duo Bin x2 10L

Rotho bin

Quickly separate rubbish with a little help from this duo bin by Rotho. It features two 10L bins side-by-side in one container, ridding your kitchen of unsightly piles of recycling. Both bins can be removed and put back easily, so replacing bin liners and taking your rubbish out will be less of a hassle. To open, place one foot on the pedal and the lid will stay up by itself. To close, just tap the pedal for a second time.

“I have a Rotho bin. It’s useful because I can put recycling in one side and general rubbish in the other.”

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7. Best designer recycling bin: Joseph Joseph Totem Bin

Joseph Joseph bin

Mumsnetters love the Totem bin by Joseph Joseph because it combines high-end aesthetics with sensible everyday functions. It neatly stores rubbish in two compartments – the main compartment holds 36 litres and the draw below holds 24 litres. There’s also a 4-litre removable food waste caddy to house all of your scraps so you can recycle and separate all of your waste within one unit. Stylish and space-efficient – if you’re looking for an investment bin that does it all, this could be the solution for you.

“I have the Joseph Joseph Totem bin – and yes, it is expensive, but I bought it when I redid my kitchen so it didn't seem too bad at the time. Still, I've never regretted the spend – it's a good bin, particularly if you don't have the space for lots of separate recycling bins.”

8. Best compost bin: OXO Good Grips Compost Bin 2.8L, £14.38

Oxo bin

Counter-top compost bins are great for getting rid of food scraps as you cook. Plus, you get to sleep well knowing you're doing your bit for the environment. This one by OXO is a convenient size and has smooth interior walls, which prevent residue from building up. The contoured bottom and removable lid make for pain-free emptying, while the rotating handle allows for easy transportation.

“I have an OXO compost bin and I love it!”