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Best American fridge freezers for every kitchen 2023

If you’re ready to upgrade your fresh food storage and want to add the wow factor to your kitchen, an American fridge freezer is an excellent choice. With large capacities, high-end tech and luxurious looks, here are the best American fridge freezers of 2023.

By Gemma Lumley | Last updated Mar 23, 2023

Selection of the best American fridge freezers

The best American-style fridge freezer is a favourite appliance on the Mumsnet forums. There are numerous enthusiastic recommendations for stylish models with innovative features and enough storage space for a big family of hungry kids. 

If you have the room and are looking to upgrade from the standard best fridge freezer, an American fridge freezer will look fantastic as a freestanding, statement feature or pushed back into a bank of kitchen units for a more streamlined feel. In addition, if you choose well, your days of desperately cramming food onto overflowing shelves will be over. 

To help you choose a show-stopping new appliance for your kitchen, we’ve done all the hard work for you and have spent hours researching the very best models. Our first stop was the Mumsnet forums, home to the largest online network of parents in the UK, where we searched for the brands our users had tried, tested and loved. We know the value of a real, independent recommendation so every Swears By guide we produce - everything from the best dishwasher to the top cleaning products - starts with Mumsnet user suggestions. We also analysed the opinions of domestic technology experts and scrutinised the models on trusted bestseller lists and consumer reviews to bring you the best American fridge freezer. 

Be warned though: American fridge freezers do take up quite a bit of kitchen space. If you'd like something a little more streamlined, check out our guide to the best freezer for more compact options.

Here are the best American fridge freezers 2023.

1. Best overall American fridge freezer: Samsung RS67A8810B1/EU American Fridge Freezer

Samsung RS67A8810B1/EU Fridge Freezer RS8000 7 Series American Style Fridge Freezer with SpaceMax Technology

Price on writing: £1,149 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Energy rating: F | Dimensions: 28.2 D x 35.9 W x 70.1 H cm | Fridge capacity: 409 litres | Freezer capacity: 225 litres | Ice dispenser: Yes | Water dispenser: Yes

What we love

  • Twin cooling system 
  • Power Cool and Power Freeze
  • Flexible temperature settings
  • Five-year parts and labour guarantee

What to know

  • Requires plumbing and periodic air filter changes 
  • Pricey

What Mumsnet users say 

“We have just bought a Samsung and, honestly, it's life-changing! I don't quite know how, but Samsung seems to have mastered Tardis technology, it is huge on the inside, but doesn't take too much space.” (Brand tried and tested Mumsnet user mbosnz)

Our verdict

Samsung is a brand of American fridge freezer that many Mumsnet users rave about, and the sleek RS67A8810B1 is a fantastic example of their engineering prowess. The capacity of this highly-rated machine is impressive thanks to thin walls and a cleverly placed ice maker. In addition, the recessed handles, slimline water dispenser, and dark grey colourway with fingerprint-proof doors make it look elegant in any kitchen style. 

The Twin Cooling system, where air flows separately around the fridge and freezer so cool air doesn’t warm icy air and vice versa, ensures energy efficiency, the entrapment of strong smells such as blue cheese, and fresher food, meaning less of it’ll be wasted in your kitchen bin. Consumer reviewers are also delighted with the robust feel of their new appliance. 

We also love the intuitive digital inverter compressor, which has a manufacturer's 20-year guarantee. It adjusts the power and running speed automatically, so if you’ve done a big shop, it will boost the power so that your new products cool quickly and don’t impact the temperature of existing items. 

2. Best American-style fridge freezer under £600: Kenwood KSBSX20 American-Style Fridge Freezer

Kenwood American fridge freezer

Price on writing: £599 | Buy now from Currys

Key specs

Energy rating: F | Dimensions: 177 x 91 x 70.5 cm (H x W x D) | Fridge capacity: 347 litres | Freezer capacity: 185 litres | Ice dispenser: No | Water dispenser: No

What we love

  • Frost-free
  • Efficient fan cooling
  • Touch screen controls

What to know

  • No water or ice dispenser

Our verdict

If you’re looking for the best value American fridge freezer in the UK, the Kenwood KSBSX20 is an excellent choice. Owners and industry experts are impressed with the level of quality and functionality. Each drawer pulls out smoothly, and it has easy-to-use touchscreen controls and both Super Cool and Super Freeze settings, fantastic for keeping the inside and your food cold when you’re opening the doors and bringing in ambient food after the weekly shop.

What else makes it the best American fridge freezer under £1,000? First, it’s frost-free, which is impressive considering the low price. We also love the attractive charcoal colour and robust silver handles as it looks much more expensive than it is. However, it doesn’t feature a water or ice dispenser, which tends to come as standard with more expensive models.

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3. Best non-plumbed American fridge freezer: LG GSLV91PZAE Freestanding 60/40 American Fridge Freezer

GSLV91PZAE Freestanding 60/40 American Fridge Freezer, Shiny Steel

Price on writing: £1799 | Buy now from AO

Key specs

Energy rating: E | Dimensions: H180 x W93 x D78.5cm | Fridge capacity: 416 litres | Freezer capacity: 219 litres | Ice dispenser: Yes | Water dispenser: Yes

What we love

  • Frost-free
  • 10-year motor warranty 
  • Antibacterial technology
  • No need for plumbing

What to know

  • Expensive

What Mumsnet users say

“We have a side-by-side American style and find it really good, but we don’t use the freezer that much. I find it a bit small, I can fit standard size pizzas in though. I find the shelves better than the drawers at the bottom as I can see everything. The fridge is great and I would buy the same again. We have an LG without plumbing, I’m not a fan of ice cold water!” (Brand tried and tested by Mumsnet user ShipwreckSunset)

Our verdict

The LG GSLV91PZAE American Fridge Freezer has a satin silver finish that will look fantastic in any kitchen. It also has a neat water dispenser that doesn’t need plumbing and is kept clean with an antibacterial UV light and practical recessed handles (for more ways to make kitchen cleaning easier, don’t miss our guide to the best glass cleaner). 

Tech-loving families will enjoy the smart connectivity of this clever appliance. For example, on the way home from the supermarket, you can remotely turn on the super freeze feature, so your fridge is ready for filling. It’s super quiet too, and the inverter compressor has a 10-year warranty. 

If you buy lots of fresh fruit and veg and often throw them out when they're past their best, the NatureFRESH feature will be super valuable. It controls the humidity so that your produce is kept in optimum conditions and stays fresher for much longer. Plus, for more ways to keep food fresh in your fridge, don't miss our guide to the best vacuum sealer.

4. Best mid-range American-style fridge freezer: Hisense RQ560N4WCF Freestanding American Fridge Freezer

Hisense RQ560N4WCF Freestanding American Fridge Freezer

Price on writing: £728 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Energy rating: E | Dimensions: ‎27.8 x 31.1 x 71.54 cm | Fridge capacity: 294 litres | Freezer capacity: 160 litres | Ice dispenser: No | Water dispenser: Yes 

What we love

  • Flat design allows it to be ‘built in’ to a cupboard 
  • Great value
  • Frost-free

What to know

  • The stainless steel finish is prone to finger marks
  • Dispenses water but not ice

What Mumsnet users say 

“We bought a Hisense ‘American-style’ fridge freezer last year. The fridge is simply enormous. It’s just the two of us so our weekly shop looks a bit lost in there. The freezer is tall with lots of shelves and drawers but it’s quite narrow, so it’s difficult to fit in big flat things like large pizzas. It is genuinely frost-free because (I think) it freezes by circulating cold, very dry air." (Recommended by Mumsnet user Libertaire)

Our verdict

As it goes, American fridge freezers aren’t the most efficient appliance you can get your hands on, but the Hisense RQ560N4WCF is one of our best energy-rated American fridge freezers, thanks to an impressive E rating (a lot of this style come in at ‘F’) and a holiday mode that allows you to save energy when the appliance is empty. 

This solidly built machine feels robust and durable, inside and out. It also has a cooler zone specially designed to keep food fresher for longer, so there’s less waste. It looks stylish too; the flat front and recessed handles mean it can be placed alongside a run of units for an integrated look. 

Consumers love the frost-free capability, huge fridge capacity and cold-boosting super freeze button. Plus, the easy-to-use cool water dispenser doesn’t need to be plumbed, so you can place it wherever you want. We were a little disappointed it didn’t have an ice dispenser though. The touchscreen control panel is also inside the appliance; however, the bright LED light makes it easy to see. 

5. Best high-end American-style fridge freezer: Fisher & Paykel RF605QDUVX1 Frost Free American Fridge Freezer

Fisher & Paykel RF605QDUVX1 French Style 4 Door Fridge Freezer

Price on writing: £2682 | Buy now from AO

Key specs

Energy rating: F | Dimensions: H179 x W90.5 x D69 | Fridge capacity: 337 litres | Freezer capacity: 159 litres | Ice dispenser: Yes | Water dispenser: Yes

What we love

  • Beautifully designed 
  • Automatic ice maker
  • Variable temperature controls

What to know

  • Expensive 

What Mumsnet users say 

“I have a Fisher and Paykel with the freezer in drawers underneath. It's lovely and holds a lot.” (Brand suggested by Mumsnet user StillSmallVoice)

“We've got a Fisher and Paykel 90cm wide. It's fabulous, has a chilled water dispenser and a drawer inside that collects ice from the in-built ice maker. Huge capacity. Looks lovely.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user lightlypoached)

Our verdict

The Fisher & Paykel RF605QDUVX1 is a luxurious American fridge freezer with a hefty price tag. It is, however, well worth the investment; it's beautifully made, with innovative and practical features and a vast capacity, enough for 33 bags of shopping. 

The standout features of this fantastic fridge freezer are the automatic ice maker that takes up minimal room and the versatility afforded by the ability to change the temperature of individual compartments from pantry cool to soft freeze to deep freeze. We’re also impressed it has ActiveSmart technology that continuously uses sensors to check for and fix areas of warmth. 

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6. Best slim American fridge freezer: Haier HB15FPAA 60/40 Total No Frost Fridge Freezer

Haier HB15FPAA 60/40 Total No Frost Fridge Freezer

Price on writing: £799 | Buy now from AO

Key specs

Energy rating: F | Dimensions: H190 x W70 x D67.5 | Fridge capacity: 306 litres | Freezer capacity: 140 litres | Ice dispenser: No | Water dispenser: No

What we love

  • Great value
  • Sensors for optimum freshness
  • Frost-free
  • Slimmer design than other options

What to know

  • Handleless design leads to fingerprints
  • No water or ice dispenser

What Mumsnet users say 

“I have this one which is sort of halfway between a full American one and a normal one. It’s fabulous. Tons of space!” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Bagelsandbrie

Our verdict

At 70cm in width, the Haier HB15FPAA is the perfect option for smaller kitchens. However, there is still plenty of space for up to 24 bags of shopping, and it has the same sleek looks as the bigger American fridge freezers. Also, the French-style freezer drawers are easy to access and maximise freezer space despite the narrower frame. 

The My Zone section of the fridge can be adjusted, so the temperature is around freezing, an environment that will keep meat, fish and dairy ultra-fresh. In addition, the no frost system and lack of an ice or water dispenser means it is fuss-free to maintain. 

We love the Fresh Tech feature that automatically drops the temperature when non-chilled foods are placed inside or the doors are opened several times, after a big shop, for example. 

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American-style fridge freezers: what are they? 

American fridge freezers are big, have impressive fridge capacities and usually feature side-by-side storage. In most cases, they are silver, come with ice and water dispensers and are the most stylish option for your kitchen. 

An American fridge freezer is usually around 90cm wide, though some slimline models are 70cm, the height of a standard tall/upright fridge freezer. They are freestanding and will be standalone in a kitchen as a feature, though some can be tucked into a run of floor-to-ceiling units for a more integrated look. 

A common complaint about American-style fridge freezers is that the freezer capacity could be better, and they tend to have shelves rather than drawers (this will vary between models though). A French door style may be more practical if a large freezer capacity is crucial to you. These have a side-by-side fridge above and a large pull-out freezer drawer underneath. 

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How big are American fridge freezers?

Most American fridge freezers will be approximately 90cm wide, 178cm tall and 70cm deep. UK homes are generally smaller than properties in the US, and in older homes, the kitchen is unlikely to suit the bulk of American-style appliances. It is, therefore, crucial that you measure your space carefully before making a purchase. Remember to factor in the airflow space required around the machine.

Manufacturers now offer 70cm American-style fridge freezers to suit the UK market. These provide the sought-after look, extra capacity and cutting-edge tech of Americans without taking up as much space. 

Even if you have a beautiful new open-plan kitchen area, delivery of American fridge freezers can be a hassle. You usually receive a courier call to discuss potential access issues when you buy one. 

Extra storage space is one of the main reasons most householders consider an American fridge freezer. However, take note of the difference in fridge and freezer capacity, as the freezer section can be much smaller than the average UK-style tall 60cm freezer. 

Don’t be caught out by assuming all American fridge freezers with the same dimensions will hold the same amount of food. The average is 390 litres of usable space (manufacturers will base capacity on the unit without shelves and drawers), that’s 20 supermarket shopping bags. 

How much do American fridge freezers cost? 

American-style fridge freezers range from £500 to £15,000, though most will be around £1,500. Features you will pay more for include digital displays, luxurious finishes, automatic ice dispensers and the ability to change a fridge section into a freezer. 

Energy efficiency is essential to the environment and your pocket. Most American fridge freezers will sit in the 'F' energy class, though some will be in the higher-rated 'E' class. 

Our best overall American fridge freezer is the Samsung RS67A8810B1. It has an energy class of 'F' and annual energy consumption of 395 kWh. The energy price guarantee of October 2022 is 0.34 per kWh. This means that this appliance costs roughly £134 per year to run. 

In comparison, our most energy-efficient American fridge freezer, the Hisense RQ560N4WCF, has an annual energy consumption of 349 kWh which means it costs £118 per year to run. 

If you have chosen a model with a water dispenser, you must change the water filter every six months, though they are usually inexpensive. 

American fridge freezer features 

  • No frost/frost-free: Frost and ice build-up will interfere with the efficient running of your fridge freezer and will eventually start to impinge on storage space. Manually defrosting an appliance is an almighty faff and takes time, so a frost-free or no frost model is much easier to manage. The vast majority of American fridge freezers have this helpful feature. 
  • Energy rating: The energy rating of an American fridge freezer is indicated with a letter. The old system was A - D, followed by up to three stars. As of March 2021, the range is A - G with no stars. 'A' class is the most energy-efficient possible, and American fridge freezers will be either 'E' or 'F'. It’s also helpful to look at the annual running costs in kWh as this can show the differences between a model at the top and bottom of an 'F' rating. 
  • Water dispenser: Providing cool water directly from the fridge is a great way to encourage your family to hydrate. This feature may mean your appliance needs plumbing; if so, it could restrict where you can put it. A water filter requiring a change every six months will also be needed. 
  • Ice dispenser: Automatic ice dispensers produce crushed or cubed ice and will either be attached to the water dispenser or have their ice bucket inside the freezer. Alternatively, there will be an ice tray that needs filing manually and will be released when ready by twisting or pressing a button. 
  • Noise level: Your new appliance should only produce a gentle hum. However, if it sits in an open-plan living space, checking its decibels is a good idea. 41 dB is the average level.
  • Storage features: These may include chiller drawers for foods that need extra cold space, such as meat and fish. Or, fruit and veg drawers with flexible humidity levels will allow you to store salad veg and root veg in optimum conditions. Adjustable shelves are also handy for customising your fridge space. 
  • Open door alerts: If the fridge freezer door is left open for an unusual time, an alarm will let you know it needs shutting. 
  • Fast freeze/fast cool: This clever feature will be automatic after sensing a temperature rise, or you will have a super freeze button that needs pressing. Placing ambient food will warm the fridge space and the items around it, and boosting the cold will lessen this impact significantly. Freezing food quickly also means it will be fresher and in better condition when defrosted. So, for example, your chicken breasts won’t stick together, and you won’t get freezer burn (a frosty top) on your ice cream. 
  • Flexible zones: Some top-of-the-range American fridge freezers have convertible zones which allow you to change them from a freezer to a fridge. This is great at Christmas or if you’re having a party and need more space for wine!
  • Twin Cooling: Having separate cooling systems for the fridge and freezer will stop dry, cool freezer air from dehydrating the food in your fridge. It also prevents smells from circulating and is more energy efficient as your freezer won’t have to work at stopping warmer fridge air from defrosting your oven chips. 
  • Digital displays: These can be anything from a sleek panel for fast freezing and setting the thermostat to a built-in tablet for a shopping list, cookery videos and music. 

American fridge freezer pros

  • They look stylish and make a great central feature in your kitchen. 
  • They provide more storage space than the traditional tall fridge freezers. 
  • Clever features include water and ice dispensers, digital panels and flexible zones. 
  • You can adjust the shelves and drawers.

American fridge freezer cons

  • They can be expensive.
  • They often require accessories such as water filters to be replaced every six months.
  • It would be best to have a big kitchen that is accessible for delivery (measure your doors!) 
  • They can be challenging to fit into a flush run of units in a minimalist kitchen.
  • The freezer space usually has shelves rather than drawers. 
  • Models with water dispensers often need to be plumbed.

How we chose our recommendations

To find the best American fridge freezers for busy and hungry families, we scoured all the most recent American fridge freezer reviews to see what the experts were saying and what was new to the market and assessed them against our criteria for what we’d choose for our own homes.

We also sought out parents' advice on the Mumsnet forums to discover what American fridge freezer brands they had bought and whether they were still happy with those purchases some time on. We also made sure we made notes on any models that Mumsnetters didn’t rate too.

From there, we consulted in-depth reviews on domestic technology sites. We then collated both lists to develop a shortlist of American fridge freezers that had won industry awards, accolades from experts and applause from real parents. We also chose the American fridge freezers that represented the best value for money. 

Why you should trust us

Mumsnet has been helping parents make their lives easier since 2000, and, in that time, we've investigated, tried, and reviewed thousands of products.

As someone interested in creating a stylish and efficient home and providing plentiful, nutritious food and drink for her ever-hungry family, our writer Gemma was determined to provide honest and independent advice on the best American fridge freezers available in the UK. 

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