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Oodie review: is the popular blanket hoodie worth the hype?

Oodies have been selling like hot cakes this year, so we decided to put the coveted blanket hoodie to the test and see if it's really worth the hefty price tag...

By Natasha Gregson | Last updated Nov 28, 2023

selection of Oodies

If there's one must-have product that's risen up the ranks and claimed the title of Mumsnetter Obsession of the Year, it's the oh-so-comfy blanket hoodie. A combination of an oversized hoodie and a blanket you can wear, the best blanket hoodie will envelope you in warmth and keep you cosy even with the heating off.

This year, as temperatures plummet and heating bills soar, many of us are looking for ways to stay warm without turning the thermostat up full blast. Mumsnet users have been sharing their handy tips and purchases to help in the long run with the cost of living crisis, including buying things like the best electric blanket to warm beds and the best women's slippers to avoid cold feet. And, unsurprisingly, blanket hoodies come up time and time again as an effective solution.

Oodie produce some of the best-rated blanket hoodies out there, but are they actually as good as social media would have you believe? We recruited two MNHQ testers who have tried and tested the Oodie to see what they really thought. So, grab a cuppa, get cosy and snuggled up with the best hot water bottle, and have a scroll through our guide to these hooded blankets to see if they're the right fit for your family...

Our verdict at a glance

What we love

  • Comfy oversized fit

  • Very warm

  • Great quality

  • Huge range of patterns - there's something for everybody!

  • Washes well

What to know

  • Expensive

  • Takes a while to dry

  • Hard to store when not in use

  • Quite bulky

What is an Oodie?

An Oodie is a type of blanket hoodie – think of a giant, oversized hooded blanket that you can wear. It's also the name of the brand that produces them. Typical features of an Oodie include a cosy Sherpa fleece lining and a handy pouch at the front – ideal for popping in one of the best hand warmers to keep your fingers extra toasty, or even for storing snacks.

One of the Oodies' biggest selling points is the vast range of patterns and designs you can pick up. From subtle muted colours like baby pink and grey, to cute and humorous designs (corgis or pizza slices anyone?), to limited edition prints from popular franchises including Harry Potter and Minecraft, there really is a design for everyone.

If you're wanting to pick up a kids' blanket hoodie too, they also do a children's range designed for little ones between three and 13-years-old.

First impressions

Unpacking the Oodie initially, the first thing one of our testers noted was the sheer size of it: "It’s huge and very, very soft."

Another MNHQ reviewer was thrilled when she took her first look at the Oodie: "My first impression of the Oodie was that it looked super warm and cosy. I love oversized clothes."

So far, so good. But how did it fare after months of use? Read on to find out...

Oodie review: what our testers thought to wearing it

Our MNHQ reviewers put the panda version and the bunny version through their paces, and both were highly impressed with the quality and softness of the blanket hoodie.

"I have been using the Oodie for two months. The fit is perfect, I wear it almost every evening! I would absolutely recommend Oodie to my friends and family," one wearer remarked.

Our other tester, who's used an Oodie for a year, said: "It's very oversized. I like the fit, it’s comfy."

"It’s expensive and cheaper versions are available but don’t come close. You can’t beat Oodie for comfort and warmth. And it feels better quality too."

While the Oodie gets top marks for softness and comfort, one of the drawbacks is storage, particularly if you have a few Oodies knocking about the house that you need to store. This is also an issue we've seen raised on the Mumsnet forums too – while the large size of the Oodie is great for cosiness, it can be a little too hefty to store away in a draw. Although, given that most Oodie wearers are reluctant to part ways with their Oodie while at home, this may only be an issue during the warmer months...

Do Oodies wash well?

We've all been there: you put the cosiest, softest blanket or jumper in the washing machine, and it comes out noticeably rougher. Especially when you're forking out a lot of money for a product thats main selling point is its softness, you want to make sure it won't lose its cosiness after one wash.

It's recommended that you hand wash Oodies in cold water to maintain their softness but, thankfully, they're machine washable up to 40°C too. It's also advised that you select a gentle detergent and cycle if you are popping it in your washing machine. Our testers found that the instructions were clear, and that it washed fine.

The only thing to note is that it's not suitable for the tumble dryer, and it can take a while to dry, so we'd recommend having one of the best women's dressing gowns on standby for when you're waiting to wear it again.

The price: are Oodies worth it?

Ok, let's be honest: in a cost of living crisis, it can seem counterintuitive to shell out £60+ to save money in the long run, but both our Oodie testers said it was worth it, with one commenting: "It's definitely worth it, especially now that heating costs so much. You can wear it on the go, which has an advantage over a blanket."

An adult Oodie will typically set you back £89 if you pay the RRP (although you can currently snap one up from just £39 depending on design in the sales), and the children's range is usually £77 per Oodie (or from £37 with their current discounts).

"I think the quality is brilliant but it is a luxury item, so quite expensive. I do think it's worth it."

However, you can buy them in multipacks to save money, which is ideal if you have a few children to buy for or you want to kit out the whole family with their very own Oodie. Multipacks tend to work out the most cost-effective way to buy them compared to their RRP, so another good idea if you're wanting just one is to band together with some friends to bring the cost down slightly.

Oodie alternatives

Not everyone can afford to splash out on an Oodie, and the good news is there are some fantastic alternatives on the market if you're wanting something a little more pocket-friendly.

Our top pick is the Sienna Hoodie Blanket which you can currently snap up for £13 (or you can even get an extra long version for £15). Mumsnet users rave about its excellent quality how soft it is to wear, but be warned it can shed fluff a little, and the range of colours/patterns is disappointing in comparison to the Oodie. But, at less than a third of the price of an Oodie, it's a fantastic choice that's great value. is another blanket hoodie brand that's been catching Mumsnet users' attention lately thanks to the warmth and cosiness of their blanket hoodies. At £49, they're slightly cheaper than an Oodie, but are still quite pricey compared to the Sienna.

Another option to consider is a heated product like the best heated throw or the best heated gilet. You will have to factor in the energy costs of these, but they're a great alternative to a blanket hoodie if you want extra warmth, and they will be significantly cheaper to run than cranking up the central heating.

The verdict: The Oodie

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Are Oodies worth it? In a word: yes. Both of our testers were thrilled with their blanket hoodies, and it's a sentiment echoed on the Mumsnet forums, with one user even starting a thread called 'Oodie is life-changing'.

They're soft, comfortable, and the extensive range of patterns is a huge selling point. However, they are very expensive, and there are cheaper alternatives out there. Some Oodie wearers have also found them a bit too bulky.

On the whole, if you can afford it, we think the Oodie is a great cosy buy to keep you warm during the winter months – the hardest part will be choosing which pattern to go for!