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Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron review: is this powerful iron worth the hefty price tag?

Boasting a large water tank and powerful steam, we put Mumsnetters' best steam generator iron to the test.

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Feb 13, 2024

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron

Price on writing: £450 | Buy now from Amazon

What we like
  • Significantly quicker than a conventional steam iron

  • Makes light work of creased laundry

  • Powerful steam

  • Straightforward to set up and start using

  • Finish on clothes is noticeably better

  • No need to adjust temperature for different fabrics

  • Iron is lightweight

What we don't like
  • It's really big

  • Quantity of steam can make the room quite hot

  • Doesn't fit comfortably on a normal ironing board

  • Noisy

  • Expensive

Key specs

Price on writing: £450 | Weight: 5.1kg | Tank capacity: 1.8 litres | Continuous steam output: 150 g/min | Steam shot: 165g/min + 500g Steam Boost | Steam pressure: 8 bar | Wattage: 2700W

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron

Our verdict

Powerful and effective, the Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron can really knock the socks off even the best steam irons when it comes to performance. With a large water tank and impressive 8 bar steam pressure, the iron makes light work of even heavily creased garments.

However, the first thing that struck our tester Tamsin about the iron was definitely its size: "It's really large and heavy, I found it difficult to store because of its size."

Due to its hefty size, the Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron is best for those tackling a lot of laundry every week, who also have space to store it. An extra-large ironing board like the Lauraboard Comfortboard suits steam generator irons due to its generous iron rest.

How we tested

Our tester Tamsin put the Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron through its paces at home, on a regular week's worth of work clothes in need of ironing.

Tackling seven shirts and one dress, freshly crinkled from the washing machine and dried on a clothes airer, Tamsin tested out all the features of the steam generator iron, comparing it to her Russell Hobbs steam iron and taking detailed notes on ease of use, effectiveness and value for money.

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Is the Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron easy to set up?

The iron was very easy to set up, with simple instructions and clear functions. Steam generator irons look and work a bit differently to conventional irons, due to their separate water tanks, but Tamsin found the iron straightforward to start using.

The size of the iron was hard to get used to, and didn't fit comfortably on Tamsin's ironing board, which made things a little challenging to get going. She also noted the noise the steam makes - you can really hear how powerful the iron is.

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Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron

What's the Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron like to use day-to-day?

When it comes to getting rid of creases, Tamsin could really notice the difference. She was impressed with how quickly a shirt could be ironed, and said the finish was superior to the results she usually sees from her steam iron.

The iron has two steaming functions - a button under the handle and an auto button on top. Tamsin liked the button under the handle for control of the iron, but wasn’t a fan of the auto button as it continuously let out steam. 

She also noted that the amount of steam generated by the iron could make the room quite hot, so it's best to open a window or stick on a dehumidifier while you're tackling your ironing pile.

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Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron

Does the Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron offer value for money?

At £450, the Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron is a real investment. Tamsin felt the price was a bit more than she'd pay for an iron, and that it didn't quite suit her needs.

Ranked the best steam generator iron by Mumsnet users, it'll certainly make a difference to those with a lot of ironing to deal with on a regular basis. As long as you've got the space to store it and an ironing board that's up to the job, it'll save you valuable time.

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