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Biotiful wins Mumsnet Rated

We asked 250 Mumsnet testers to try out the brand new kids' range from top kefir company Biotiful Dairy, and 87% said they’d recommend it to a friend. Read on to find out why.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Aug 18, 2021


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What makes Biotiful special?

Biotiful Dairy, the award-winning UK maker of gut-friendly kefir drinks and snacks, has launched two seriously tasty ranges for kids – a Slurpy Kefir drink and Squeezy Kefir Protein snack. With no sugar added across the ranges, a completely natural ingredients list and all the gut-friendly benefits of kefir, they're guaranteed to be loved by parents and children alike.

Meaning ‘feel-good’, kefir is famed for being packed with billions of gut-friendly bacteria. Perfectly balanced and highly nutritious, it’s also a great source of protein and vitamin B12, making Slurpy and Squeezy both superpowered, healthy dairy snacks for children.

What Mumsnet users have to say

"I would recommend Biotiful Kids Kefir to others as it's healthy, delicious, and just the right size for children. I think the price is reasonable and affordable."

"The kids loved the taste and said they much prefer it to the type of yoghurt pouches I usually buy. I loved that it had no added sugar."

"I love that there's no added sugar, as so many dairy products seem to add sugar, so this gives us another sugar-free option. I really like the 'friendly gut' bacteria in this product. I always try to get my children to have probiotics if they've had a stomach bug or needed antibiotics, and this is an easy way to do that."

"Both kids absolutely loved the flavours. They said they tasted really yummy and asked for more. I liked that the products were mess-free and easy for them to eat."

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What Biotiful says

“Making healthier, tastier, better-quality dairy products is at the heart of what we do and we saw that the choices for children were not up to scratch. So we created Biotiful Kids Kefir range in order to bring our gut-friendly cultures to little tummies. We don’t add sugar to our products so we are significantly lower in sugar than other kids' brands, but we never compromise on taste, so you know they'll love them. It is a privilege to have been awarded the Mumsnet Rated accreditation – we’re so glad Mumsnetters agree these are great products for kids."

Want to try Biotiful for yourself?

Biotiful is stocked in-store and online at most supermarkets around the UK, and also some local health and wellness shops. See their website for more info, or buy from Ocado below.

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