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UNIQLO AIRism Period Pant wins Mumsnet Rated

With 92% of Mumsnet testers saying they would recommend the UNIQLO AIRism Period Pant, we take a look at what our users loved about the product.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Oct 14, 2022

UNIQLO Airism Period Pants

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We’re pleased to announce that the UNIQLO AIRism Period Pant has been awarded Mumsnet’s coveted Rated badge. Over 150 Mumsnet users were recruited to test the brand’s first liquid-absorbing period pants, and were supplied with two pairs of the sanitary shorts each to test.

In order to qualify for a Rated badge, a product needs 75% of testers to say they would buy the product again and 75% that would recommend it to someone else. After a month of testing, it was revealed that 9 in 10 testers would purchase the shorts again, 92% of Mumsnet testers would recommend UNIQLO’s AIRism Period Pants to friends and family, and 95% of testers were satisfied with the product. 

That’s not all - 7 in 10 testers actually felt that UNIQLO’s sanitary underwear were better than brands they’d previously tried. Find out what the testers had to say and just how UNIQLO’s period pants qualified for the badge below.

About UNIQLO’s AIRism Period Pant

Since launching last year, UNIQLO’s AIRism Period Pant has helped to combat the ever-evolving societal needs around menstrual hygiene and care. By embracing UNIQLO’s philosophy of LifeWear, the AIRism Period Pant is tailored around YOUR lifestyle. The short comes in five colourways - black, brown, navy, pink and purple - and is available online and in store at £19.90 RRP. 

UNIQLO Airism Period Pant
“Really comfy, smooth lines. Great capacity and I liked not having to worry when out and about.”


UNIQLO AIRism Period Pant


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How do UNIQLO’s period pants work?

The AIRism Period Pant is UNIQLO’s first liquid-absorbing period pant. The sanitary shorts are comprised of three-layers for all-day dryness; this dependable construction is made up of a quick-drying and odour control layer that keeps the surface against the skin comfortable, an absorbent layer to hold up to 30 to 40ml of liquid, and a water-resistant layer made of laminated water-repellent fabric. 

The absorbent layer only covers the crotch area, while the water-resistant layer extends across the back up to the waist, keeping the rear dry while reducing unpleasant stiffness. 

Plus, the use of silky, smooth AIRism fabric means this seamless construction provides superb comfort - for a time when you need exactly that, comfort. The gusset portion in the crotch also has a bonding finish that crimps the fabric to minimise leakage from the seam needle holes. 

Comfort, odour protection, reduced risk of leakage and no having to readjust? No wonder 92% of our Mumsnet testers would recommend these. 

What Mumsnet testers said about UNIQLO’s AIRism Period Pant

To read the full thread and see everything our Mumsnet testers thought about UNIQLO’s AIRism Period Pant, click here. In the meantime, here are some feedback highlights.

“They were really comfortable to wear, and as I am prone to flooding on heavy days they really gave me additional confidence when going out and about, (Also much easier to manage when out with a toddler who likes to provide a running commentary at the top of his voice in public toilets!)” IronyFreeAnnie

“The material is very smooth and comfortable. They are not thick so fit under my clothes nicely. The absorbant pads cover a large proportion of the short so I had confidence that I wouldn't suffer any leaks.” dildeewana

“I deliberately went longer than usual to see how they would cope - they stood up to TEN hours of possibly the heaviest period I've had without a single leak!” pawpaws2022

“They worked so well for me. I am pleased I had the opportunity to try them. They are something I will continue to use. I might treat myself to a couple more pairs.

For the time since I was a teenager I didn’t feel like I had to do the ‘quick glance at the chair to check’ thing every time I stood up.” BurgerKingAddict

“They were feminine and non bulky - you would not know they were not a pair of standard women’s pants. They also washed well and dried quickly.” Saffrondoormouse

UNIQLO Airism Period Pants

What advice Mumsnet testers would give to others trying UNIQLO’s AIRism Period Pant

“To give them a go! I was really surprised and very pleased I have tried them. I did use them with tampons to start with, but by the end of the period I was using them on their own and they were just like wearing normal knickers. No wetness or leakage or anything, and very comfy.” Bookworm20

“I would say go for it! Definitely try them and they are pretty revolutionary for a middle aged woman who has found heavy periods an inconvenience for the last 5 or so years!” BigBugs

“Try one to check the size and that you like them. I was given two pairs to test and will be buying more as soon as I can afford it, as I much prefer them and they will pay for themselves in a few months.” norijunior

“I would advise that they are great if you are looking for reliable and comfortable protection or back up, even for use when exercising.” zgaze

“Measure yourself properly! Good fit is important. Also, unless you have really light periods, you’ll need some extra sanitary protection as well as these.” Gobrookeyourself

Here's what Mumsnet influencers thought

James Alexander UNIQLO Period Pants review

James Alexander

"A life-changing discovery that resonates with my goal of becoming an eco-warrior.

I was a bit hesitant to try period pants at first. Too many questions and doubts. But hearing my favourite, most trusted brand were selling them, I knew it was time to give them a go. I am wearing #UniqloPeriodPants and I couldn’t be any more impressed. It really is effective and provides all the comfort, practicality, affordability and sustainability I need on those days of the month. I used them both day and night and I didn’t have any leakage. 3 main things that really stood out for me among the many other benefits of using these period pants are:

  1. Having a good night sleep knowing I won’t have to worry about any leaks. They are very absorbent with 3-layer construction. 
  2. The comfort they provide is unlike any alternatives. They are made of smooth AIRism fabric. 
  3. Good for the environment. One pair is equivalent to using 3-4 tampons. #LifeWear

They definitely deserve the Mumsnet Rated Badge Award. Truly and highly recommended to every woman out there. Say goodbye to period leaks and say hello to @uniqloeurope Airism Period Pants."

The Frenchie Mummy UNIQLO Period Pants review

The Frenchie Mummy

"Let's talk period products ladies! What do you currently use? Have you ever used period pants? 

I have tried many styles over the last 2 years and my faves have to be the @uniqloeurope period pants. They are so comfy with the silky and smooth AIRism fabric. And they are also available in super cute colours. 

Plus, sustainable too as they are machine washable. Exit the single-use pads & tampons! 

Test them too. I promise you will not look back. It’s been a real GAME CHANGER for me. Because a woman deserves to feel confident and comfy at all times…"

What UNIQLO has to say

UNIQLO is a clothing retailer from Japan with a philosophy of Lifewear. LifeWear is clothing designed to make everyone’s life better. It’s simple, high-quality, everyday clothing with a practical sense of beauty. It’s ingenious in detail, designed with life’s needs in mind and is always evolving.

UNIQLO’s Sanitary Shorts use their AIRism technology and a three-layer construction for total confidence. These sustainable absorbent briefs are good for your body and good for the environment.