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Stikins name labels win Mumsnet Rated

After the resounding success of our first bout of testing, where 130 Mumsnetters revealed their verdict on Stikins’ multipurpose stick on name labels (98% said they'd recommend), we put the product to the test for a second time. And users love the labels just as much as before, with 98% of the 448 Mumsnetters who took part saying that they'd happily recommend them to family and friends. High praise indeed.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Mar 20, 2023

school uniform and stikins name labels

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What makes Stikins name labels special?

First developed by Label Planet back in 2003, Stikins' stick-on name labels feature a completely unique adhesive and are used by thousands of parents across the UK.

With over 17 years of continuous growth, Stikins are now welcoming a second generation of customers and have received over 10,000 positive parent reviews. Combining durable personalisation with a versatile label, Stikins' name labels provide instant proof of ownership, and stay firmly stuck and legible after more than 40 washes.

Whether you don't sew or just don't have time to set-to with a needle and thread, these labels peel off their backing and stick straight into place, saving you time and effort. Plus, one pack of Stikins labels will label just about anything you could want in a matter of seconds – meaning one set will do the job for clothing, lunch boxes, shoes and more.

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What do Mumsnet users think about Stikins?

"They haven’t shifted in the slightest, despite washing and tumble-ing multiple times. I am so impressed – I honestly will never buy from anywhere else. After years of sewing and ironing, these have changed my life."

I love these labels so much and wish I had had them years ago. No faffing about with an iron required. I would definitely buy them again.

"It's the labelling dream, surely? No faffing, just peel and stick. Made for mums like me! Stikins far outrank labels I bought from another company on wash, wear, price, durability and ease of ordering. They’re as good for clothing as they are for other items – one sheet does for literally everything."

"The real revelation was my daughter's water bottle. I've spent an entire year writing her name on it in Sharpie every morning because no label has ever stayed stuck and even so-called permanent pen comes off in the dishwasher. So far the water bottle is looking great and the label is intact – total game-changer!"

"The labels have been washed many, many times now and also been through the dishwasher etc – all stayed intact and no wrinkles or coming unstuck. They are a miracle invention."

Here's what Stikins has to say

"We are delighted that Mumsnetters rated our Stikins name labels so highly (with 98% recommending us) and that we have been awarded the Mumsnet Rated accreditation. From our previous product test, we know that Mumsnet’s testers are not afraid to speak their minds so we were thrilled to receive so much positive and enthusiastic feedback."

“Stikins can be ordered quickly and easily from our website and are designed to provide busy families with a simple, cost effective way to label school uniform, clothes, and all their kids’ school kit – and it’s been great to see that Stikins worked so well for our Mumsnet testers and their families."

Fancy trying Stikins yourself?

school supplies

You can get your hands on your very own set of 30 Stikins labels for £6.80, or go the whole hog and get 120 for £14.20 – perfect if you have the belongings of a small army to keep track of daily.

448 Mumsnet users tested Stikins stick on-name labels. 98% would recommend. 97% of testers would buy Stikins stick-on name labels in the future if they were sold at a price acceptable to them. 100% of testers found the labels easy to use.