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Arla Big Milk awarded Mumsnet Rated

250 Mumsnetters were sent an Arla Big Milk bundle to try out. Here's what they had to say about it…

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Aug 18, 2021

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Overall, Mumsnet testers were satisfied with Arla Big Milk, giving extremely positive feedback. So much so, that if it was on sale at a price reasonable to the tester, 9 in 10 Mumsnetters would buy it once it's in store.

For these reasons and more, Arla Big Milk has been awarded a Mumsnet Rated badge. In order to qualify for the badge, a product needs 75% of testers to say they would buy the product again and 75% that would recommend it to someone else. Arla Big Milk significantly exceeded this, with 89% saying they would buy the product and 91% saying that they would recommend it. Find out what the testers had to say and just how Arla Big Milk qualified for the badge below.

Arla Rated

So, how does it taste?

  • “It tasted delicious and my daughter, who is quite fussy, enjoyed it so much that she asked for a drink of milk (unheard of!).”

  • “We found the milk tasted really good and my little man was very keen to drink it. He is asking for milk to drink more often since we started testing the milk.”

  • “My two-year-old got through it all within two days! He rarely asks for milk otherwise. I also tried it out of curiosity – it has a lovely taste, much creamier than 'regular' milk.”

  • “My two toddlers really enjoyed the Arla milk. Their usual milk is SMA toddler formula that I choose because it gives me peace of mind that they are getting the vitamins they need. I know from constant digs from the health visitor that 'they should be drinking 'normal' milk by now', but I enjoy, and NEED, that peace of mind.”

And how is the product design?

  • “We love the packaging design and the wonderfully lengthy use by date! I also love how everything is explained – I know what's inside, unlike most other milks.”

  • “I like the packaging and love the idea that cow's milk could be fortified with all the vitamins that my toddler needs.”

  • “The packaging is great – my two-year-old knew that it was his special milk and kept asking for 'big milk please'.”

Most importantly - how good is it for my child?

  • “It's nice to have a product which my daughter drinks anyway which has more added vitamins than standard milk.”

  • “I think it's great, it tastes just like regular milk but I know that it's full of vitamins. I will definitely buy it if I ever see it in the shops.”

  • “The idea of a fresh milk that contains just what they need is fantastic. Please put this in stores soon!”

Other stats from the survey

Arla Graph

Ensuring you're providing your developing toddler with all the nutrition they need is one of the most daunting tasks for any parent. There is so much confusion as to what vitamins they need and what is actually in certain products.

The majority of Mumsnet testers find the advice currently available on toddler nutrition confusing, with only 16% saying they fully understand the facts. Of those that found toddler nutrition confusing, knowledge around vitamins and minerals was something the majority found confusing. Hidden sugars and additives was another key concern for testers. The graph above shows all MNers' worries when it comes to nutrition for toddlers.

The vast majority of Mumsnet testers (89%) said that they would choose to give their toddler added vitamins through a product they already liked, if there was a convenient way.

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