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MyBuilder wins Mumsnet Rated

Hiring a tradesperson can feel like a big hassle – often as much of a hassle as the leaky loo or clogged up drain that had you needing to hire a professional in the first place. Here to help you find the right person to fix problems in your home is MyBuilder, a website that matches a tradesperson’s skill set and reviews with the job that needs doing.

The MyBuilder website was put through its paces by 40 Mumsnet users who needed work done on their homes, and achieved a glowing endorsement, with 95% of users saying they would recommend it to family and friends. A service that can help make life easier definitely gets the thumbs up and a Mumsnet Rated accreditation. Read on to hear what our testers had to say.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 5, 2021

My Builder

What is MyBuilder?

MyBuilder’s unique matchmaking process makes it easy to find the right tradesperson for your project. When you post a job on MyBuilder, it’s sent to local tradespeople with the right experience who can express interest if they’re free to take it on. This means you only hear from qualified and available tradespeople. You can see their work history and customer reviews before shortlisting favourites and allowing them to make contact and offer a quote.

MyBuilder are picky about the quality of tradespeople they let on the site. It’s the only service of its kind in the UK with a comprehensive evaluation process involving exam-type questions to ensure tradespeople meet the high standards required; meanwhile, the customer review system ensures that tradespeople are rewarded for good work and are kept accountable.

What do Mumsnet users think?

“I have already recommended it. It was so easy to find tradespeople and to choose who I want to hire. Great service, great idea.”

“You don’t feel like you’re a bother or like the tradespeople are doing you a favour. Best of all, you get feedback on the tradespeople so you know they’re going to do a good job.”

“The MyBuilder service can help you find someone at any time of the day, so you're not restricted to office hours, which can be difficult for me.”

It’s just so quick – perfect for busy people like me who don’t have time to find and contact lots of different builders.
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“I liked the advice guides at the bottom about getting work done in the home and how to find a good contractor for the job.”

“Having had no luck with local recommendations, I gave this a try and he was able to do the job for a reasonable price. Communication was excellent and the app was easy to use.”

“It's so easy and you can view profiles including reviews from customers before your contact details are passed to the tradesperson. It's a really excellent idea and easy to use.”

“It's a simple way to contact multiple people who are interested and capable of completing any jobs you need.”

Hear from MyBuilder

“MyBuilder is often the first port of call for busy families who need a hassle-free way to find good, available tradespeople. We think we’re better than the alternatives and it means a lot to get this ringing endorsement from the Mumsnet community.” – Ryan Notz, founder and CEO of MyBuilder.

Got a job that urgently needs doing or you’ve been putting off for ages? Post it now on the MyBuilder website.