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La Roche-Posay’s LIPIKAR Baume AP+M wins Mumsnet Rated

It can be heartbreaking to watch children cope with eczema-prone skin on a daily basis – and finding something to soothe dry, itchy skin can feel like a battle.

So our panel of testers, who all have a child with dry, itchy or eczema-prone skin, put La Roche-Posay's LIPIKAR Baume AP+M through its paces. After three weeks of testing, 84% said they would recommend LIPIKAR Baume AP+M to family and friends. Read on to find out why.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Feb 2, 2022

LRP Lipikar

What is LIPIKAR Baume AP+M and what makes it so special?

The LIPIKAR Baume AP+M is a hydrating, soothing balm for dry, itchy skin. It’s suitable for the whole family, including newborn babies, and it can also be used on eczema-prone skin.

Best of all, it provides triple-action efficacy. This restoring balm immediately soothes the skin and provides up to 48 hours of hydration so that itching sensations caused by dry skin are reduced for long-lasting comfort.

The AP+M formula restores the skin barrier function, reducing the frequency of dry skin flare-ups, and helps to rebalance the skin microbiome.

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Active ingredients

The LIPIKAR Baume AP+M combines exclusive AP+M technology (Aqua Posae and Microresyl) with anti-irritation thermal spring water from La Roche-Posay, Niacinamide, 8% Glycerin and 20% shea butter.

Microbiome science

La Roche-Posay is a pioneer in microbiome science, leading the way in research for nearly 10 years. The microbiome is the invisible ecosystem of bacteria on your skin, the balance of which helps to ensure good skin health. This knowledge inspired the formula of LIPIKAR Baume AP+M.

Dermatologically tested

This gentle moisturising balm has been through rigorous dermatological testing to ensure it is suitable for use on even the most sensitive skin, including on newborn babies from three months onwards.

Minimalist hypoallergenic formula

The minimalist, fragrance-free formula is designed for sensitive skin and its needs. Tested and re-tested for its efficacy and mildness on sensitive skin, the formula is also hypoallergenic.

 La Roche-Posay is the no. 1 Dermatologist recommended brand in the UK*

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What do Mumsnet users think?

"The texture is really creamy and thick – really promising and easy to apply."

"My little girl’s eczema is much less noticeable and much less angry. I suffer from very dry skin on my hands and get eczema flare-ups on my fingers. They are much better since I've been putting this cream on my kids and rubbing the leftovers into my hands."

"My youngest doesn't have eczema but developed red dry patches on her cheeks. From the first application there was a real difference. By day four it was hardly noticeable."

"My nine-month-old has atopic eczema and this product has significantly reduced the amount he has."

We hadn’t used La Roche-Posay for my son’s skin before and I’m a complete convert

I'm a bit of a skincare geek when it comes to my own face care and La Roche Posay has always been a trusted brand. I was very impressed with all the good stuff on the ingredients list and it made a massive difference to my son's skin.

I was shocked at the results, and still am, as my daughter hasn't been scratching during the night since using the product.

My son still has frequent itching and his eczema hasn't gone away, but the overall condition of his skin has improved to the point where he doesn't need to scratch as often or as hard.

I love this cream and will continue to use it.

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What did La Roche-Posay say?

“We’re delighted to have won Mumsnet Rated for our LIPIKAR Baume AP+M. At La Roche-Posay, we are here to help provide a better life for sensitive skin, including for you and your family.

Because being a new parent means juggling multiple responsibilities at the same time, it’s not always practical to have a bathroom cabinet overflowing with different products for everyone. This is why we have created LIPIKAR Baume AP+M, a hydrating, soothing balm for dry and itchy skin, suitable for the whole family, including newborn babies.

It immediately soothes the skin and provides up to 48 hours of hydration so that itching sensations caused by dry skin are reduced for long-lasting comfort, even at night!’’

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*A+A study of 78 consultant dermatologists Jan-March 2021. For more info visit

105 Mumsnet testers with a child under six years old tried LIPIKAR Baume AP+M over a three-week period: 84% would recommend

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