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Little Yeos wins Mumsnet Rated

We asked toddlers from the ages of six to 24 months (and their parents) to try Little Yeos fruity fromage frais and give us their feedback. They were pretty impressed. In fact, 90% would buy again and recommend to others.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 5, 2021

Yeo Valley

Little Yeos Fruity Fromage Frais

Life as a parent can have its ups and downs, and finding healthy food for little fussy eaters can be a struggle. Thankfully, this range of fruity yogurts from Little Yeos has been formulated to be nutritious, tasty and suitable from 6 months onwards. That makes Little Yeos the perfect stepping stones on your child's weaning journey; to help train their taste buds to enjoy natural flavours for life.

Here's what Mumsnet users had to say about them

"I was very satisfied. The kids seemed to enjoy the variety in flavours and the size was perfect for after a meal or as a snack."

"I loved the inside of the packaging which encourages the child to recycle both the cardboard and plastic tub to make an animal. Very innovative and a good way to encourage recycling from an early age."

"My 10-month-old had one every day for his afternoon snack and he loved them. His little legs started kicking as soon as he saw me get it out of the fridge!"

"I really liked the variety in flavours – not just having to stick to plain old strawberry. Even better was the fact that there was no added sugar. Some brands have sugar as their second or third highest ingredient."

"My 11-month-old enjoyed them so much he was throwing the spoon back to me for more. I tried them too and liked how they didn't taste too sweet. I like that Yeo Valley support British farmers and use natural ingredients. It's such a refreshing change from the low-fat, sweetener yogurts that seem to dominate the yogurt aisle."

"My baby, aged eight months, and I both liked all the flavours. I found it a good consistency for feeding him without much mess, and I think it would have been palatable in the earlier stages of weaning too due to its smooth texture."

Newborn Baby

"The flavour is delicate enough for a baby's taste, the consistency is just right, and the quantity is perfect. The ingredients are natural and exactly what I want to give my baby."

"I would highly recommend Little Yeos Fruity Fromage Frais to my friends and family with children as they are perfect for weaning. The products have no artificial colourings and are a healthy option for any diet."

"I liked the size of the pot and the fact you could see the product on the inside. I also liked the design of the lid. It has a large pull-back corner, which meant it was very easy to get into for both kids and adults."

"We really enjoyed the different flavours. Creamy but fruity. Me and my husband definitely joined in with all the eating!"

"I definitely would recommend. The size is perfect for a small baby and they are handy to carry out and about. Most importantly, they are a healthy yogurt with not too much sugar like other brands."

"We really struggled to find yogurts that my son enjoyed, and finally we seem to have found them!"

Here's what Little Yeos have to say

“Our Little Yeos Fromage Frais are made with little taste buds in mind. Using organic British milk, real fruit puree and a little organic grape juice, we’ve made a weaning product full of organic goodness that parents know they can trust. No ifs, no buts, and never any nasties. It’s no surprise that our Little Yeos Organic Fromage Frais have won Mumsnet rated status.”

This page is sponsored by Little Yeos.

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