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Best Ann Summers sex toys in 2024 that’ll leave you truly satisfied

From bullets, to rabbits, wands and more, find our roundup of the best sex toys from Ann Summers you should have in your collection.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Mar 21, 2024

Best Ann Summers sex toys in 2024

Somewhat of a British institution, an introduction to Ann Summers is a rite of passage as far as erotic enjoyment goes. Whether you giggled and experimented at an Ann Summers party, or sneaked a peek in the windows as a teen, the name is synonymous with sex and pleasure. 

Although these days you’re more likely to browse online and Ann Summers offers a huge range of sex toys for women, couples’ sex toys, lingerie and essentials like condoms and lube on their online store - all delivered (discreetly and in low-key packaging) right to your door. Choose from a huge selection of vibrators like cock rings, clit suckers, rampant rabbits and bullet vibrators, and find something that specifically matches your needs.

Understandably, whether you’re a first-timer to sex toys for women, or you’re an old hand (so to speak) and know what’s new, it can be a little daunting knowing where to start. Specifically if you’re a sex toy beginner. So, to help you on your journey to climax, we’ve curated a list of the best Ann Summers sex toys for you to choose from - as loved by our Mumsnet users, and tested by our team at MNHQ. 

Ann Summers sex toys: at a glance

1. Best overall Ann Summers sex toy: Self Love Massage Wand 

2. Best Ann Summers bullet sex toy: Moregasm+ Bullet

3. Best Ann Summers sex toy for your G-spot: Moregasm+ Boost G-spot

4. Best Ann Summers cock ring: Rampant Rabbit Cock Ring

5. Best rabbit vibrator from Ann Summers: Thrusting G-Spot Rampant Rabbit

6. Best Ann Summers nipple toys: Nipple Suckers

7. Best classic vibrator from Ann Summers: 6” Sleek Vibrator

8. Best dual action vibrator from Ann Summers: Curved G-Spot Rampant Rabbit

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Best overall Ann Summers sex toy
What we like
  • Soft silicone design

  • Can be used solo or with a partner

  • Stimulate any area of the body

  • Very easy to use, beginner-friendly

What we don't like
  • Isn’t as powerful as other wands

  • Tricky to navigate the vibration settings

  • Not waterproof

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Waterproof: No | Diameter: 1.75” | Function settings: Three intensity, eight vibration patterns | Power: Rechargeable, USB cable included | Suitable for internal use: No | Suitable for external use: Yes, on all body parts

What Mumsnet users say
bigchris · Recommended
The cordless wand is what you need, expensive but worth every penny…
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Our verdict

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Earning its place as the best overall Ann Summers sex toy is the brand’s Self Love Massage Wand. Perfectly suited for sex toy beginners, this wand is an inviting entry point into the world of sex toys and is one of several products the retailer have created as part of their Self Love range. It, and other Self Love products available, has been specifically designed to help you learn about yourself, your anatomy, your mind, and your own sexuality. 

With an approachable design and easy to use controls, the Self Love Massage Wand bridges the gap between aesthetics and user-friendly functionality. With a soft silicone material and refined accents, it’s rather sophisticated and looks entirely luxe. But, it’s luxury without a luxury price tag. At just £48, it’s incredibly affordable and is a great one to start with if you’re new to the realm of sex toys as it steers clear of intimidating or hyper-realistic adult toys. What’s more - you can use it all over your body, and not just for clitoral stimulation.

How we chose our recommendations

Recommendations from real Mumsnet users

Mumsnetters have certainly put a different variety of the best Ann Summers sex toys through their paces when in the bedroom, with many Mumsnet users sharing experiences (both good and bad) of the sex toys they’ve personally tried and tested, solo and with a partner. Using their recommendations (and negative) feedback, combined with our first-hand testing knowledge of Ann Summers toys, we’ve gathered the products that come out top. 

Expert opinions

We then cross-checked our recommendations with the best Ann Summers sex toys praised by sex experts to ensure we were bringing you the best products that are rated across the board.

Authentic consumer reviews

Finally, to bring you our definitive list of the best Ann Summers sex toys, we thoroughly investigated genuine, in-depth customer reviews on Ann Summers to get broader consumer experiences regarding the products on our shortlist.

Best Ann Summers bullet vibrator

Moregasm+ Bullet Vibrator, £48

What we like
  • Incredibly soft tip with ridged texture

  • Easy-to-use settings

  • Great for beginners

  • Not too big and easy to hold during intercourse

What we don't like
  • Highest setting is quite strong, start off slow

Key specs

Material: Dual density silicone | Waterproof: Yes | Function settings: 10 settings (five speeds, five vibrating patterns) | Power: Rechargeable via magnetic cable (included) | Suitable for internal use: No | Suitable for external use: Yes, on all body parts

What Mumsnet users say
jainaproudm · Tried & Tested
The Ann Summers Moregasm set (vibrator that kind of looks like a computer mouse, and a vibrating cockring) - couldn't recommend them more highly. Classy looking, rechargeable, feel amazing, waterproof... Honestly, just the best toys I've ever owned!
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Our verdict

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Ann Summers is a brand synonymous with sex toys. So, it’s no surprise that the brand’s exclusive Moregasm range is a popular go-to for our Mumsnet users. And, as if they weren’t giving people enough orgasms already, the retailer has re-released six of its most popular Moregasm sex toys, each with new and improved designs. 

The Moregasm+ Bullet is one of these sex toys, which has been created with Ann Summers’ exclusive Climax Technology. Its non-intimidating design is superb for all, and the bullet itself is made of dual-density, body-safe silicone that’s soft to touch. Although, there is a ridged texture for added sensation. The bullet has 10 settings - five speeds, five vibrations - to choose from, too. But a word of warning, start off slow with this vibe, build up the intensity and use a water-based lube. 

Best Ann Summers G-spot sex toy
What we like
  • Designed with Climax Technology

  • Boost motor to intensify orgasms

  • Easy to use and control

  • Curved shaft for comfort and precision

What we don't like
  • Noisier than other toys

Key specs

Material: Dual density silicone | Waterproof: Yes | Function settings: 10 settings (five speeds, five vibrating patterns) | Power: Rechargeable via magnetic cable (included) | Suitable for internal use: Yes, targets your G-spot | Suitable for external use: Yes, on all body parts

What Mumsnet users say
jainaproudm · Tried & Tested
The Moregasm set is very couple friendly in that the shape of the vibrator is perfect to put in your hand and use either on yourself or someone else…
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Our verdict

If you’re one of the few that can climax with internal G-spot stimulation, then the Moregasm+ Boost G-Spot vibrator is the right choice for you. Crafted with Ann Summers’ exclusive Climax Technology, its powerful, low-frequency vibrations target over 15,000 clitoral nerve endings for heightened stimulation. 

Made with dual-density silicone, it moulds to your body with a curved shaft for precise G-spot massage, complemented by soft ripples for added sensation. Explore 10 functions, including five speeds and five pulses, easily controlled with intuitive buttons that are easy to navigate during use. 

The shining feature of this sex toy is the boost motor. Which, when pressed, provides 10 seconds of intensified pleasure that’s designed to help you reach the top of Mt. O. 

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Best Ann Summers cock ring

Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Cock Ring, £38

What we like
  • Rechargeable, so can be used multiple times

  • Extra stretchy for maximum comfort

  • Made of body-safe, soft silicone

What we don't like
  • Out of stock are most retailers currently

  • Wish it came in different sizes for penises

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Waterproof: Yes | Function settings: 10 vibration settings | Power: Rechargeable via cable (included) | Suitable for internal use: No | Suitable for external use: Yes, on a penis and clitoris 

What Mumsnet users say
Lovemusic33 · Recommended
I have just bought a new one to try out (the bunny cock ring) with a new partner, I haven’t told him yet…
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Our verdict

There’s no need to beat around the bush when it comes to cock rings (pun intended). Which is why Ann Summers’ simple, no fuss, yet effective rampant rabbit cock ring is a favourite amongst our Mumsnet users… And even members of our MNHQ team! 

This stretchy, silicone cock ring is rechargeable so you don’t need to worry about getting new batteries. Plus, its easy-to-use control button removes all the faff of trying to change the vibration speed during use. There’s 10 vibration settings to choose from, and with the rabbit ears attached, you’ll surely enjoy the effects as your partner lasts longer thanks to this. 

Although, at the moment this popular cock ring is out of stock at Ann Summers, Boots and other retailers. But it is available at Amazon, still, so we recommend getting your hands on this one before it’s too late. 

Best Ann Summers rabbit vibrator
What we like
  • The tip is angled to target your G-spot

  • Thrusting motion for deeper pleasure

  • Easy control with the push of a button

  • Can turn off each function individually

What we don't like
  • Quick to return to its normal position when turned off

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Waterproof: Yes | Function settings: Three rotational settings, seven vibration patterns | Power: Rechargeable via cable (included) | Suitable for internal use: Yes, designed to target your G-spot | Suitable for external use: Yes

What Mumsnet users say
EmilyGilmoresSass · Recommended
I have a LoveHoney Jessica Rabbit, though I much prefer the Ann Summers range. The swivelling one is amazing.
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Our verdict

Need a vibe that offers extra stimulation beyond vibrations? Then a thrusting G-spot rampant rabbit is probably the toy for you. Not only does this vibrate and target your clitoris with the rabbit ears, but the internal shaft is ridged, curved for precision, and has three rotational settings for extra swivelling fun during use. 

We love the fact you can control both functions separately, for full customisation, all easily controlled with the push of a button. The thrusting motion delivers deep internal stimulation, while the smooth, curved tip targets your G-spot. The vibrating ears take care of your clit, helping you to achieve strong, blended orgasms. 

It’s worth noting, though, that after you turn this vibe off, you have just three seconds before it returns to its original position. So, be quick to remove it once finished. 

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Best Ann Summers nipple toys

Ann Summers Nipple Suckers, £12

What we like
  • Affordable yet effective

  • Great for beginners or if you have sensitive nipples

  • Use for foreplay or PIV

What we don't like
  • May not be strong enough for some

  • The suction may come loose during sex

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Waterproof: Yes | Suitable for internal use: No | Suitable for external use: Yes, on your nipples and elsewhere

What Mumsnet users say
Yorkieboy · Tried & Tested
As above, clamps and suckers work well, IMO suckers are the better of the 2 as you can make them stand to attention then play with the nipple with your tongue.
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Our verdict

We’ve chosen this as our best overall nipple toy from Ann Summers because firstly, they’re easy to use and not quite as intimidating as other options on this list. And secondly, they’re a steal at just £12. Made of silicone, they’re easy to clean, too. 

These nipple suckers from Ann Summers have been designed to enhance sensations during foreplay or intercourse. Simply squeeze and release these innovative toys over your nips to create a vacuum effect. As the air pressure increases, blood flow intensifies, leading to heightened sensitivity and electrifying nerve endings.

Best classic vibrator from Ann Summers
What we like
  • Affordable but effective

  • Available in two colours

  • Not intimidating 

What we don't like
  • Battery powered

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Waterproof: Yes | Function settings: 10 vibration patterns to choose from | Power: Battery-powered, needs two AA batteries | Suitable for internal use: Yes, insertable length is 6” | Suitable for external use: Yes

What Mumsnet users say
Charlie · Recommended
A sleek and sexy vibe! I love using this as a clit stim too! It’s quite a basic product as reflected in the price but definitely does the job and is great if used alongside other toys too!
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Our verdict

The contoured design of Ann Summers’ 6” Sleek Vibrator makes this a perfect classic vibrator. With 10 settings to explore and enjoy, its push-button base allows you to transition from a gentle rumble to powerful sensations effortlessly. 

You can target your G-spot with precision, or indulge in a long, clit stimulation session with the help of the vibe’s tapered tip. It’s particularly great as a first choice for sex toy beginners, but even for the experienced among us, it’s a great addition to your sex toy arsenal.

Best dual vibrator from Ann Summers
What we like
  • Achieve intense, blended orgasms

  • Targets your G-spot 

  • Curved shape makes it easy to hold

  • Can play with hands-free

What we don't like
  • Not waterproof

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Waterproof: No | Function settings: Three increasing speeds, seven varied patterns | Power: Rechargeable via USB (cable included) | Suitable for internal use: Yes, insertable length is 4.5” | Suitable for external use: Yes

What Mumsnet users say
PinotPony · Recommended
If you like penetration and clit stimulation, then a rabbit would be a good first toy.
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Our verdict

Last on our list is our pick for best dual vibrator from Ann Summers. It’s common knowledge that most women orgasm from clitoral stimulation more than G-spot, but what if you could target both areas at once? And best of all, be hands-free while doing so? 

Crafted for your comfort, this 4.5” insertable vibrator offers three increasing speeds and seven varied patterns for exploration during masturbation or with a partner. Its smooth design allows for hands-free use, allowing you to explore other erogenous zones while letting this dual-action vibrator do its job. While the curved length works on your G-spot with the help of its sleek ridges, the rabbit ears will target your clitoris simultaneously. The result? Intense, blended orgasms that will leave you wanting more. Just remember that water-based lube! 

If I buy sex toys online will it be sent discreetly?

Yes. Most companies are great at this so you won’t have the postman sniggering and even if your neighbours take in your parcel for you, they shouldn’t have a clue what’s in it. 

At Ann Summers they send out parcels in a plain box or heavy duty envelope with no branding or logos at all. Neither the return address label nor the entry on your bank statement will be listed as ‘Ann Summers’.

Can you return sex toys to Ann Summers? 

Yes, Ann Summers typically accepts returns of sex toys, provided they are unused, in their original packaging, and within a certain time frame (usually within 28 days of purchase). However, it's always best to check their specific return policy on their website or contact their customer service for the most accurate information.

Does Ann Summers offer a product guarantee?

Yes, Ann Summers offers a product guarantee on many of their items, including sex toys. The guarantee varies depending on the specific product and is often outlined in the product description or packaging. It's advisable to check the guarantee terms provided by Ann Summers for each individual item to understand what is covered and for how long.

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