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LOSE IT! October 2020

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TheRealHousewife Sat 26-Sep-20 21:23:22

Hello & Welcome

Following on from the September thread...

This year is going by so quickly; before we know it festive movies will be on the TV and we'll be prepping for Christmas. I for one am going the extra mile to make it special for my beloved family and bugger C19 (must add we won’t be breaking the rule of 6!)

Every year part of my Christmas prep includes going all out to feel that bit healthier, fitter and slimmer. I’m happy to say this year I’m ahead of the game due to the people and support on these LOSE IT! threads. Thank you!

If you yourself want to feel healthier, fitter and a little bit more svelte, jump on board, there’s plenty of room. The ladies already here are supportive and knowledgeable!

This bit is copied from my post on here.

Me personally? In the main it’s been a way of life for nearly 3 years and I’ve lost over 40lbs. I had a bit of blip at the start of C19. After all my hard work I just started eating with impunity. Before I knew it I was10lbs up in a few short weeks! I needed to get back on it and COVID proof myself 😬 I calorie count, log via MFP app, Intermittent fast, eat-low carb Mediterranean style aka Fast800 Plan and try to stay well hydrated.

There are so many enjoyable lifestyle options out there without the need to resort to extreme measures. Whatever way you choose, it needs to be enjoyable & sustainable for the long term. This is a long term commitment rather than a quick fix. I also rarely drink alcohol and keep sugar to a minimum. I exercise by doing walking vids & strength sessions with lite weighs.

As no one size fits all members need to follow their own way of eating. Nonetheless this thread aims to offer guidance, support and a bit of hand holding.

There is no shaming, competition or harsh words to be found on this thread. We are in this together.

Useful Links

How to lose weight

The Fast Diet

Mediterranean Diet


Intermittent Fasting

Mindful Eating

Meal Planning

Drink Water!

Nutrition and Mental Health

Walking with Leslie Sansone

Jump right in! If you’re not too shy, post a bit about yourself 😊. How do you plan to do it? What do you want to achieve? What excites you about your future self? Together, we can create a whole new you!

You’ll be glad you got on board this time next month 😀.

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Aurorie11 Sat 26-Sep-20 21:40:34

Can I rejoin?
I was on the August thread and it didn’t go well, but had a better September and lost 13lbs.
Starting weight 13.11, weight on 25/9 12.12
Around 4 stone to go blush

TheRealHousewife Sat 26-Sep-20 22:24:03

Hello @Aurorie11 off course you can 😊 Great result for you in September! Awesome, well done! ⭐️

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myfuckingfreezer Sun 27-Sep-20 07:49:03

Reporting for duty.

Starting weight 225.
July weight 171.
October weight still 169.

Really need to stop maintaining and loose the last 3pounds to get me to a healthy BMI, then another stone or so after that.

TheRealHousewife Sun 27-Sep-20 10:22:03

@myfuckingfreezer I’m the same ... My BMI has been hovering between 25.1and 24.9 for about 3 weeks. I know why Ive switched from losing to maintaining and I’ll be switching back to losing in October ... Lostober is my mantra.

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FatGirlShrinking Sun 27-Sep-20 10:24:32

Hello all, posting to get on the thread.

Currently 208, was 233 at the beginning of August.

October will be the month I finally get under 200lb and the month I move from obese to overweight when I hit 197lb.

QueenofmyPrinces Sun 27-Sep-20 12:21:22

Hello everyone, I’m new here and came to MN hoping to find some support because I need to lose about 1.5 stones in weight.

For months and months and months I know I have steadily been putting weight as my clothes were feeling tighter and I didn’t feel comfortable in myself and although I kept telling myself I was going to be “good” regarding food, it was all good intentions but no action.

This morning I had to take photos of myself from all sorts of angles for a bra fitting and when I looked back at them I didn’t like what I saw - I hadn’t realised until I looked at them how much my body had changed.

My weakness is, chocolate, chips from the chip shop, biscuits, etc etc and I keep telling myself having them every now and then isn’t a problem....but now I know it is.

I also don’t really exercise.

I breast fed for over 6 years (two consecutive children) and I ate a lot during that period but as I was using the calories for my milk production I didn’t really put any weight on.

However, since stopping breast feeding 4-5 months ago my appetite has remained the same and so now the pounds are piling on.

I don’t really get much support with it all because by societies standards I’m not overweight....but it’s still weight I’ve gained that I now want to lose.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to reading the links above and then hopefully having some moral support will keep me on the right track this time.

margaritasbythesea Sun 27-Sep-20 12:25:55

May I please join. I gave put on two stone in the last two years after stopping low-carbing. I am totally lacking the dedication I used to have but I am hoping that I will take inspiration from your achievements. Planning to have two low carb meals a day as a very gentle start, but starting on Thursday as I have a job interview to stress about until then.

LaceyMermaid Sun 27-Sep-20 12:29:48

Hi all, I’m joining because this thread sounds supportive and motivating which I need! I have a lot to lose, lost 3 stone last autumn on meal replacement but of course I have put it all on again since lockdown and now feel dreadful. Think I’m going to take the slow sensible approach of calorie counting on MFP this time. I was thinking of doing 1400 cals a day but I’m a bit clueless - anyone doing MFP that could give me any pointers? What ratio Of carbs/protein/fat should I eat etc?

moonbells Sun 27-Sep-20 15:07:26

Hello all. Moving across. Am 169cm (just short of 5'7"), in my 50s and trying to shift a stone soI'm at the lower end of my BMI range. Except I seem to have eaten a metaphorical yo-yo a few weeks back and it's still causing havoc.

Yesterday morning I was 65.5kg; this morning I was 66.2kg. Yesterday's calories logged at 1089kcal and exercise at 536kcal (not included in day's food allocation).

My theory is that it's carbs and not drinking enough (I bounce more at weekends) so my system hangs on for dear life to the water and back up goes my weight. Tomorrow is another day (and I've run 12km). Target 59kg.

moonbells Sun 27-Sep-20 15:20:30

mfp is good. having done various types of WW over the years I have now found something I think works for me.
@laceymermaid you need to get your TDEE at and that will tell you what you need to eat to maintain your current weight given age, bmi, activity level. To lose you should drop a few hundred calories off your TDEE. The exact value is up to you but don't go less than 1000 or mfp complains.

The TDEE changes as you lose weight so you need to check every stone or so.

For example my TDEE results are:
Basal Metabolic Rate 1,290 calories per day
Sedentary 1,548 calories per day
Light Exercise 1,774 calories per day
Moderate Exercise 2,000 calories per day
Heavy Exercise 2,226 calories per day
Athlete 2,451 calories per day

It's the first one that's the main key - drop your calorie intake to less than that and you should lose. It's actually surprisingly low! All those things that say a woman should eat 2000 - is a hopeless generalisation, and for me is only true if I do moderate (3-5 days a week) workouts. Which fortunately I do!

fallfallfall Sun 27-Sep-20 15:42:47

Hello 😊, I’m moving over from September’s thread.
All’s well, slow and steady weight loss happening.
Totally a fan of Leslie Sansone!
With a little work, some diligence and willpower to step away from the nuts...I hope to reach 140 in October.
I’m 63, and 5’3”. Since dipping below 145 I’ve lowered my goal to 130 as my belly is totally jelly.
Thank you @TheRealHousewife
Speaking of jelly...I’ll be making some, I harvested over 50# of grapes. Thanks to FB, I’ve been able to give all but what I need away.

LaceyMermaid Sun 27-Sep-20 16:38:01

Thanks @moonbells I will do that and see what it says! I’ve done WW too. In fact I’ve done everything!

TheNewLook Sun 27-Sep-20 17:47:16

I’m in. I Iost 18lb over the summer, taking me from 11st 9lb to 10st 5lb. Never managed it before so was thrilled with myself. MFP and daily workouts. All excess weight since last baby. I’m 8lb off target. Doesn’t sound like much but I seem to have lost my edge since summer ended. Can’t quite seem to get back on it.

Come on! 8lb off in October!!!! 💪

MrsJonesAndMe Sun 27-Sep-20 20:19:21

Hi all and thanks @TheRealHousewife

I did some yoga last night, ordered batteries for the scales being delivered tomorrow, so will see where we're at for WOW.

Welcome new comers!

TheRealHousewife Sun 27-Sep-20 21:48:33


Welcome newcomers @QueenofmyPrinces @margaritasbythesea @LaceyMermaid @moonbells @TheNewLook. These threads do tend to be supportive!

Great to see you @fallfallfall @MrsJonesAndMe @FatGirlShrinking

A know we are a couple of days early starting October but I had some time yesterday to create content. Great to have a head start 😬

I need to get back to the Fast800 5:2 plan I was doing (as it suited me) and I know I’ll lose the last 7lbs or so.

Take care x

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margaritasbythesea Sun 27-Sep-20 22:11:36

Thank you for the welcome. I look forward to chatting with you all. flowers

Trisolaris Sun 27-Sep-20 22:22:49

Joining for October!

Currently sitting at 59.7kg and hope to keep tracking downwards this time!

I haven’t lost anything this month but my general fitness has greatly improved since starting C25k so I feel like my overall fat percentage is likely better and I’ve stuck to the diet.

Hope to be running consistent 5ks and under 59kg by the end of October.

RubySlippers77 Sun 27-Sep-20 22:35:30

Joining again for October as I attempt to get more organised!!

September has mainly been lost to a mountain of housework - five years with DTs around has left a lot of crap to be sorted through/ cleaned up - but I have big plans to continue C25K and eat better in general...

TheRealHousewife Mon 28-Sep-20 09:49:10

Good Morning Lovelies

Not long left for the September challenge. I for one am going all out as I’d like to see a small loss rather than a maintain for the month.

Welcome to the new comers and it’s great to see our regular posters still posting too. @SunshineCake I think you’re one of the original founding members and I seen you accomplish many personal goals. That’s inspiring, well bloody done! 🏅👏⭐️.

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SunshineCake Mon 28-Sep-20 17:21:01

Thank you *@TheRealHousewife. I always get very excited whenever anyone name checks me and praise and encouragement always mean and help such a lot.

I just checked my BMI from when I started running back in May and today's weight and while both say overweight still I have gone from a BMI of 29.3 in May to 26.8. Not that I understand the numbers and weight wise I have lost 15.2 lbs.

Today I ran 10.19km then walked 3.38km with my dog. None stop since I've been back and now I'm going to get more hoovering and tidying done.

Dinner will be backed potato with mushrooms and maybe a small bit of cheese. Hadn't planned and found the spuds in the pantry so glad to not waste them.

Have a good afternoon everyone.

fallfallfall Mon 28-Sep-20 18:24:48

@MrsJonesAndMe 👍 my scale must be needing a software update. It’s recording my weight fine and uploading it to my iPhone but not recording fat/muscle/water.
@TheRealHousewife, I’m trying for a tiny bit more by the end of the month as well. I need a lot of will power to stay out of the nut jar.

Trisolaris Mon 28-Sep-20 22:22:03

I did w7 r1 of C25k today. This felt like a hard run as my body is still getting used to the longer 25 minute sessions and I started the run with high blood sugar which always makes exercise much tougher. I completed it though so am feeling good but might give myself two days off again before doing the next run and just do walks in between.

rivierliedje Tue 29-Sep-20 08:17:04

@SunshineCake That's a brilliant change in BMI!
I am restarting today;my weight has gone up, but I am premenstrual at the moment. Just drinking some tea now, going to make a salad to take to work for lunch. Won't be home until after dark tonight, for the first time since March as I'm doing the late shift.

TheRealHousewife Tue 29-Sep-20 08:22:17

@fallfallfall Nuts can be my downfall too! I try to remember to weigh out a portion as they can be quite calorific. Nonetheless in small quantities they are good for us ... good fats, decent amount of fibre and nutritious.

One thing I have noticed is my hair has stopped shedding. When I was doing the Fast800 5:2 plan and having regular 800 or less calorie days, my hair was shedding dreadfully. During September when my cals have been around 1200 most days (a lot for me as I don’t move much smile ) it’s stopped shedding. I will be mindful not to go too low again. Yes it worked and I lost weight pretty quickly but on balance I’d rather go slower and keep my hair.

I kept to my meal plan yesterday and hope to today, left overs for lunch and roast fish & veg for evening meal. I Intend to go into the garden and potter a bit which I always enjoy (but body doesn’t)

@Trisolaris You’re making solid progress ... you do right to switch to walking for a day or two as rest days are important for muscle recovery.

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