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Anyone looking to lose 100lbs plus... - Part 5

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NoTractorsAtTheTable Thu 07-Jun-18 20:04:53

Hello, welcome to the fifth instalment (wow!) of the ‘Anyone looking to lose 100lbs plus …’ thread smile

If you want to read them (but by no means feel obliged!), the previous threads are here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

We’re a very friendly, supportive group, and all at different stages, but we’re all seeing some real changes in ourselves and our attitudes to food. It’s a long old road, but it helps to chat along the way

Collectively, we’ve lost an incredible….<wait for it> 1024lbs star since the start of the first thread in Dec 16, which is amazing! grin grin

We tend to weigh in on Fridays or Saturdays, but feel free to join in at any time, with whatever weight loss method you think works best for you. Some of us have lost more than others, but we're all in this together, so if you're losing, gaining or staying the same, it's nice to have some inspiration to keep going.

We’re always welcoming to newcomers, but as with the previous thread(s), I’ll add one caveat - we’re all here because we are trying to lose a LOT of weight. If you’re looking to lose the last half stone, or even two or three stone, this might not be the thread for you. Good luck with your goals, but you may find more support with in threads with people who have similar goals to you.

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fezzesarecool Thu 07-Jun-18 20:05:43

Shiny new thread!

notanurse2017 Thu 07-Jun-18 20:08:49

Hello everyone and thank you NoTractors for starting this thread.

For some bizarre reason loads of my messages have been withdrawn, but certainly not at my request. I've asked Mumsnet to have a look why. In the meantime KOKO everyone

nicknamehelp Thu 07-Jun-18 20:09:31

Hello new thread!

Had a lil slip at tea so went out for a walk with dh to burn some cals! And fresh air has blown the blues away.

notanurse2017 Thu 07-Jun-18 20:16:16

Oh no all my posts have gone. I'm actually really upset. My whole "diary" of my health and fitness journey has just disappeared.

NoTractorsAtTheTable Thu 07-Jun-18 20:17:01

I think I've made it clear at the end of the last thread that there is a new thread...wink but if we seem to be missing folk, I'll try to @ them, so they get a nudge to come join us smile

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NoTractorsAtTheTable Thu 07-Jun-18 20:17:53

Oh no notanurse - can you pm MNHQ and see if they can resurrect you?

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NoTractorsAtTheTable Thu 07-Jun-18 20:18:35

sorry, just realised you've done that blush

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Callmesausage Thu 07-Jun-18 20:24:52

Evening all. Thanks for the new thread. Hope you get your posts back notanurse

NoTractorsAtTheTable Thu 07-Jun-18 20:26:42

....<waits for someone to mention the NEW TOTAL>....

...<blows steam off the overworked calculator>....

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Cagliostro Thu 07-Jun-18 20:27:26

That was some good spamming there tractors grin

Oh no nurse that’s so upsetting! I’m sure they’ll still have the data somewhere in cyberspace though so hopefully it won’t take much to resurrect it. Very bizarre situation.

Signing in, thank you very much for having me. I will join in properly from now on and am pleased that my recent 3lb loss can contribute to the above amazing loss!

Starting the thread at 15st 10lb, my lightest in maybe ten years. I know I have less than 100lb to lose now but I was 20 stone at the start of 2017 so I know what it’s like.

Does anyone know about body fat %? While I had lost on the scales today, my % had increased by 1%?

hahayoulooked Thu 07-Jun-18 20:27:32

Thanks for the new thread Notractors and WOW we reached over 1000 star thanks for keeping track.

Reallylosingitthistime Thu 07-Jun-18 20:32:15

Just a little placemark to make this appear in recents 👌🏻

notanurse2017 Thu 07-Jun-18 20:49:07

New total you say NoTractors?!

Will you be able to include me - I think it was 82 lbs. Or maybe 83.

NoTractorsAtTheTable Thu 07-Jun-18 20:54:47

You'll already be in there notanurse - I take the total from the last time I did it (about halfway through the last thread) and then scroll through the posts since then, adding the losses, and subtracting the gains. I did most of it earlier, and just topped it up the this evening, so we should be fine.

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notanurse2017 Thu 07-Jun-18 21:03:57

Thank you NoTractors. Was it 82 or 83?!

NoTractorsAtTheTable Thu 07-Jun-18 21:09:45

We'll say 83 wink

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honeysucklejasmine Thu 07-Jun-18 21:29:02

Oh no nurse, can they not undo it?! That's so upsetting! I suppose you can surmise from our replies to you, but that's really shitty.

Over 1000lbs! That's amazing!

notanurse2017 Thu 07-Jun-18 21:40:59

Just seen it's 1024 lbs. Wow what a bunch of losers we are, thank you so much NoTractors.

ScaredPAD Thu 07-Jun-18 22:04:30

Waves hello!

I did some extra walking today to get some steps in (still contemplating a fit bit tupe thing but as I've struggled with eating disorders wonder if I'd become too obsessed - phone countwr seems half way point.)

Also - felt a bit low today. Husband away and always feel I ought to be filling the day with housework which I hate! So I went swimming again. Right now I'm loving it. So very aware my body is a different shape to the others swimming lengths but loved the movement and this girl can Swim!!

ScaredPAD Thu 07-Jun-18 22:10:01

Nurse that sounds so weird. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they can sort it.

Thankyou all so much for having me join your thread. I'm so in awe of how afar the longtimers have come I'm tempted to read the other threads tomorrow.

B1rdonawire Thu 07-Jun-18 22:14:39

Amazing new total!!! Very inspiring. (Notanurse MNHQ must reinstate all your posts right now <stamps foot> they have helped me a lot. Got my fingers crossed for you. Maybe they did it to the wrong username aiming for someone else?)

People who are further on than me in C25k, I have a question - just finished week 5 (whoop!). Why does week 6 go back to shorter run intervals for a bit, before building back up again in weeks 7-9? Is there some special reason I should bear in mind? Or should I just trust the process and not question it too much?

My first world problem is I need a new swimsuit and I can't afford to spend loads. I tried a couple from Sainsburys today, that were OK but not great, so wondered if you guys had recommendations? Needs to be a one-piece because I'm bound to be carrying hefty DD at some stage and no-one needs to see squashed tummy escaping in the middle. Am fairly flat-chested so no need for much structural support grin

Reallylosingitthistime Thu 07-Jun-18 22:25:18

Bird - I spotted a good looking one piece in Asda yesterday that looked like it would be flattering with a bit of a ruched tummy.

strawberrypig Thu 07-Jun-18 22:26:35

Wowsers, 1024lbs is incredible, well done losers.

ScaredPAD Thu 07-Jun-18 22:30:33

I have a Sainsbury's sports swimsuit navy with blue bits and I love it.

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