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Anyone looking to lose 100lbs in 2017 - Part 2

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NoTractorsAtTheTable Thu 04-May-17 17:47:53

Hello, welcome to the second instalment of the ‘Anyone looking to lose 100lbs plus in 2017’ thread smile The first thread is here, if you want to read it: Part 1

We’re a very friendly, supportive group, and we’re all starting to see some real changes in ourselves and our attitudes to food (at least, mine are changing!) Collectively we’ve lost 318 lbs since the start of the first thread, which is pretty amazing grin

We tend to weigh in on Fridays or Saturdays, but feel free to join in at any time.

I will make one caveat, which I think is quite important for the spirit of the thread - we’re all here because we have a LOT of weight to lose. If you’re looking to lose the last half stone, or even two or three stone, this may not be the thread for you. Good luck with the weight loss, but you may find more support with in threads with people who have similar goals.

And with that little speech done, I’ll shut up now grin

NoTractorsAtTheTable Thu 04-May-17 17:53:26

I'm now really hoping you all appear and I don't look like a pillock, alone on a new thread blush grin

MirabelleTree Thu 04-May-17 19:06:18

Thank you very much NoTractors. Back later or tomorrow,

BreakingSad Thu 04-May-17 19:21:29

I'm here Notractors and thanks for the new thread. I've come down with a awful cold, so I've changed MFP to maintain, as I need some extra calories grin as unfortunately it hasn't suppressed my appetite sad

Cultofpersonality Thu 04-May-17 19:33:45

Oooh, I'm a bit sad I didn't see this thread from the start!
I want to lose about 5st this year. More would be nice.
Lost 3 from Aug-Jan so need to find that momentum again!
Biggest vice is sugary treats and cans of pop when I'm at work so I'm going to have to be really strict and not take any money in with me so I can't be tempted!
I will be 'skinny'. One day. I hope

BreakingSad Thu 04-May-17 20:46:46

Welcome Cultofpersonality never to late to join, we're in it for the long haul and well done on the great loss so far.

notanurse2017 Thu 04-May-17 21:15:57

Thank you NoTractors for this new thread.

MirabelleTree I got my scans muddled - I'm actually having a MRI for my eyes! Doh! Thank you for replying!

Welcome CultofPersonality. There's been a few posters joining us recently smile. I've found this thread a great support. Hopefully you will too. You've already done really well.

BreakingSad hope you feel better soon, sounds like maintaining is a good way to go.

I've done quite a lot of walking over the last few days, am considering getting off the train a stop earlier in my commute home from work. Walking is my only exercise and I need to do more of it. So adding another mile to my routine can only be a good thing

ZestyDragon Fri 05-May-17 00:31:47

<leaps into the new thread>

All aboard! 😁

Welcome cult.

Aren't we all fancy pants making it this far eh? We are all doing so bloody well. This thread has been such a huge help to me. I am not sure I would have made it this far without you guys 😊

irishe Fri 05-May-17 00:45:24

Ok, I am signing on for first time. Probably have around 6 stone to lose. Terrifying. I have lost 3 stone in the past, then go off piste and pile it back on. I need long term motivation. Thanks in advance guys.

notanurse2017 Fri 05-May-17 06:15:09

Welcome irishesmile

MirabelleTree Fri 05-May-17 06:42:40

Welcome Irishe

1.25lbs off for me (week 25). Total loss 52.25lbs, 47.75lb to go.

ZestyDragon Fri 05-May-17 08:41:51

Start: 287
Loss: 3
Total loss: 53
To go: 74
Target: 160

10 pounds to my half way mark. Aiming for that by end of July.

Welcome Irishe! It's daunting but have a look at what we have lost and we have all struggled over the years. You will be fine here. Just keep posting even when you have a bad week, it will help.

Well done mirabelle!

Notanurse, great that you are adding to the walking. I swear that's what has helped me.

On other news I have tweaked the gym program with more free weights and some core. I am determined to do this right and that includes loose skin management! Very lucky my local gym had such nice and helpful trainers who are so supportive.

MirabelleTree Fri 05-May-17 08:46:27

Well done Zesty, cracking loss this weeK! Any tips on loose skin management? I am planning to join something after my op.

Cultofpersonality Fri 05-May-17 09:11:46

Ahhh a gain! sad
2lbs. Last weighed myself 3 weeks ago so it's not that bad I guess?
Definitely time to refocus!
Was going to get the bus into work when I go back on Sunday, but I'm walking in and home every single day. Whether it's rainy, or it's beautiful and sunny!

Start: 280
Total loss: 35
To go: 77
Target: 168

irishe Fri 05-May-17 14:39:57

Thanks for the welcome guys. There are some great losses here, inspiring.
I will post some stats soon!

NoTractorsAtTheTable Fri 05-May-17 14:53:37

Welcome Cult and Irishe!

Isn't it the most gorgeous day? (Well, it is here, in the central belt smile)
Alas, I've taken some time off this afternoon, not to sit outside with a book, but to clean before my parents descend on us for the weekend shock The PIL don't care at all what the house looks like (bless them) but my mother definitely does! DCs are very much looking forward to being fed all kinds of crap by them, and I will be in the kitchen. Having a sneaky break. Alone.

Still, if I get on with it now, I may still get some time with my book! Going to turn the music up and burn some calories with vigorous hoovering and bed-changing grin insights into my exciting life

Xkred27 Fri 05-May-17 23:45:26

I'm a late joiner but you guys all seem so supportive and lovely so hopefully you won't mind another newbie.

I've got about 200lbs to loose and I started WW on an app 3 weeks ago.

I've lost a lot (and put it back on!) before so I know I can do it but I guess I'm trying to keep myself in the right headspace. I had a great first week and lost 9lbs! shock since then it's been a pound a week. I guess I'm just trying to tell myself that eventually I'll get there and I just have to keep on going... but when I realise that this could take 4-5years sad

So basically I'm looking for someone smack me round the head and tell me about the tortoise and the hare! smile

MirabelleTree Sat 06-May-17 06:42:40

Hi XKred and welcome. Well done for losing 4.5% of what you need to in a week. For the rest the pounds ass up slowly and it gives time to adjust your habits. I think for all of us the problem isn't so much losing the weight, it's keeping it off so we all need to gave that in the back of our minds whether we've just started or are further along.

Are you feeling up to exercising at all? I think the figure that goes around is that it's 80% diet and 20% exercise, but I have found that 20% can make a difference e.g. Yesterday I did 14, 026 steps which burned around 2696 calories whereas Monday I did 2691 and burned 1977. That is a difference of 719 calories and if you look at that over a year it is 75lbs. That's a bit of an extreme example but shows how just walking can add up and the difference is more at the beginning. Leslie Sansone has walking videos on YouTube that are good to start. One is 5 mins and I used to do it whilst boiling the kettle. I am a complete Fitbit fan and wish I'd had it ages ago. It gives me control, I know how much to eat to get the calorie deficit I want that day or to eat at maintainable levels sometimes.

Another thing to do is wat h a few extreme dietbmakeovers on YouTube. It is obviously extreme but as you watch a few there are a few common themes. Most of them seem to dip n their second phase (we had a thread dip a month or so ago), it's about just keeping at it. And for some family members were not a help, to the extent of sabotaging their efforts. Worth watching a few.

My Fitness Pal has a great thread in the Success stories part of their forum which is a photo thread, very inspiring. Plus I linkedanother thread on our old one about things you weren't to,d about losing weight or something like that.

MirabelleTree Sat 06-May-17 06:51:46

So I went to GP for blood test results. I really dislike her and am not going to see her again unless in an emergency. She missed something DD had an op for this week which adds to my drudge.

Got the results and said I had lost quite a bit of weight and would appreciate some advice about where on the BMI scale would be suitable for me and sustainable. There was no reaction , no well done just had I looked at the BMI chart. Resisted the urge to say no i hadn't and reiterate I was looking fir her advice whereas in the range which is large, she thought would be suitable for me. Eventually she managed just aim fir the top then review it. I said any other health goals you would like me to look at whilst doing that.? Well it's all about the weight isn't it was the response,

I've noticed that since Nutracheck started doing more nutrients that my salt intake is higher than it should be which explains why my blood pressure hadn't gone down as much as I thought it should, so that's my next thing to address. My blood sugars were fine which is great as I had a scale a couple of years ago. My cholesterol is 4.5 which I need to read up on as GP just said it's better than last year. Next year doing that review with someone else . Think that's why the receptionist asks do you kind who you see when you book!

notanurse2017 Sat 06-May-17 08:02:45

To lose: 150 ibs
Loss this week 3 Ibs (week 18)
Lost to date: 29 lbs (week 18)

Very very pleased with this. Somehow to be able to say I have lost over 2 stone since Xmas means a lot to me. It sounds significant!

I walked half a mile extra yesterday, cheated a bit as decided to walk to the next train station on way home as opposed to get off the train a stop early which is a longer walk. But I had been in work since before 7 and was shattered. But I know extra walking is the way to go for me.

MirabelleTree, hope your DD is recovering well? Your GP doesn't sound great. And I would disagree with the well it's all Bout the weight comment.

Welcome xkred27 and well done on a greatvstart. MirabelleTree has given great advice. I have to take it one day at a time. I read a great quote years ago about time going by regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or not. When I joined the thread in Jan it didn't seem real that I had so much weight to lose, I couldn't envisage it. Now I can.

NoTractors hope you have a fab weekend with your PILS.

ZestyDragon, well done!

MirabelleTree Sat 06-May-17 08:33:09

Notanurse a huge well done that really is great! It is a great feeling meeting a milestone. Extra walking really helps me too.

Luckily GP is one of 3 , mine is actually decent and the other female DD referred DD in the end. AF has started unexpectedly early this morning so I was in full on PMT mode yesterday and felt slightly as if I wanted to punch her at the it's all about the weight comment. I've been eating some ham sometimes for protein as a snack plus tinned soup for lunch as been too lazy to cook batches. Am shocked at sodium content of both and now see why blood pressure not going down as hoped. Low salt stock cubes on list and will batch cook soup in the Instant Pot, which is a gadget of greatness.

Cultofpersonality didn't see you there. That gain does not in any way negate the other 35lbs you have lost and sorry to bring in the M word again but the gains are great practice for maintenance. It's about doing as you are, drawing a line and getting back to it, knowing it is easily sorted. I find walking helps me feel good. Sounds a bit hippy but being outside in all weathers helps me feel connected to the seasons and a bit grounded, that I'm aware of the rhythm of life. First noticed it when I started gardening and dog walking. I like seeing how a familiar place changes as the months go on and even getting out of soaking wet clothes with that feeling of satisfaction knowing I've done some exercise and have some air in my lungs. I will shut up now before I completely embarrass myself any further !

irishe Sat 06-May-17 12:27:11

Hi guys
Ok here goes, first posting of stats

Start 277lbs
Loss this week 4lbs (week1)
Current 274

cult & zesty I can see from above posts I am starting from a similar place to you guys, so seeing how much you have already lost is really motivating.

I have arthritis and other health crap going on which limits what I can do exercise wise, but for now I am going to concentrate on what I can change. Eating healthily!

irishe Sat 06-May-17 12:30:16

That should say current weight 273lbs, clearly I can't subtract properly!

BreakingSad Sat 06-May-17 14:06:50

Well done on the great losses.

Mirabelle you really do give great advice. It's so sad to read that a doctor could not praise you for what you've accomplished (I think you're an inspiration) and I'm sure it could have derailed some people, by the lack of support shown.

I'm nearly rid of this horrible cold and even managed albeit a shorter walk today than usually on a Saturday. I've STS as I changed to maintaining, (never would have thought of doing that, if it hadn't been for one of you ladies doing it) otherwise I would have blown it completely on MFP and had a gain I think.

To lose 113
Lost to date 38
Left to lose 75
Lost this week 0

coulditbeforever Sun 07-May-17 10:08:36

Hi everyone, I am looking to lose between 6 to 6.5 stone, May I ask how everyone is losing theirs, cal counting, SW, WW, BSD, clean eating? I am trying, I seem to start and fall off the wagon, I've just had a bad 7 months and just lost my father, I have just started walking, so I'm getting back on the wagon with my eating. Well done to everyone who has kept on the wagon and lost, you are truly an inspiration and this is why I'm posting here, any help and support would gratefully be appreciated smile

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