MAY the force of the Slenderistas be with you. Join us to lose 7lbs in a month you must

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BitOutOfPractice Mon 30-Apr-18 21:45:00

This is the month when spring with finally...erm...spring (surely), there will be two bank holidays and a royal wedding and WE WILL LOSE WEIGHT!

Here is a link to the April thread

Welcome one and all - please bring a wagon with you

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twinkledag Mon 30-Apr-18 21:52:57

Thanks for the new thread!

poorpaws Mon 30-Apr-18 21:55:33

Thank you BOOP. I reached an all time high (low) eating junk today, show me that wagon.

Hoolahoophop Mon 30-Apr-18 22:07:21

Thanks Boop hard day here (dd was awake 1.30 - 5.15am I've eaten ALL the food to get through the day.

Just rocking her back to sleep now....for the.second time this evening. sad

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Mon 30-Apr-18 22:31:01

Wagons ahoy!

My target for this month is to stop skarfing a load of chocolate at 4pm every day.

Also to either get back out running if my Achilles allows or find an equivalent exercise.

I actually haven't gained all that much this month. I was 10 12 this morning after a very indulgent weekend but I should be back at 10 10 by midweek.

I'm expecting a difficult month though. I've got a reluctant GCSE student in the house and I'm bribing her with chocolate, cake and meals out if she does enough revision. confused

hoola well done on your loss. Hope dd is ok after her jabs sad

Happy May everyone.

lastqueenofscotland Mon 30-Apr-18 23:00:57

Such a good thread title grin

BitOutOfPractice Mon 30-Apr-18 23:12:01

I'm up on the start of April. Gah! I cannot seem to make progress at all

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Namajesty Tue 01-May-18 07:01:12

I seem to have found our wagon grin

BitOutOfPractice Tue 01-May-18 07:07:11

That's most certainly the right level of dilapidation grin

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Hoolahoophop Tue 01-May-18 07:38:08

Ha, Ha. Love that waggon. grin

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Tue 01-May-18 08:11:29

Ok. 10 12.0 this morning.

Today's target is to log everything on mfp and do 10k steps.

Target for May is to get to 10 7.

I love that wagon. I'm picturing us all piling on it and all the wheels falling off at the same time grin

ponygirlcurtis Tue 01-May-18 08:44:58

Happy May Day everyone! Thanks for the new thread BOOP, I am still trying to catch that waggon - I have made some progress I think but I weighed yesterday after a friend's big birthday party on Saturday and I am ignoring for a few days in the hope it has a word with itself. 😊

Keep going everyone!

IheartCaptainHolt Tue 01-May-18 08:48:44

Argh! It's just so bloody hard!

Bloody hormones are all over the place. I'm eating really well and it's just not shifting.

Sigh. Here's to a better May than April

FizzingWhizzbee Tue 01-May-18 08:58:36

Morning all! Checking in for May - thanks for the new thread BOOP - what a fab title! I love it!

Kick - that's pretty much where I'm starting. I have definitely slipped with adding everything to MFP, thinking 'oh, it's just a tiny bit, it doesn't matter, I'm sure it won't take me much over' - but of course they all add up and you end up losing control of your calorie consumption.

Namajesty Yes! That's definitely the wagon I was looking for. I reckon with a lick of paint and a new axle, it'll be good to roll - it bloody well needs to be.

I was 12st 9.4 this morning, so a little down on yesterday, averaging 12st 9.6 for the week. That means I am still 3 Lindas up on my pre-holiday average. I want it GONE by the end of May and then some - an average in the 12st 4s would be lovely, please and thank yousmile.

lastqueenofscotland Tue 01-May-18 09:02:01

Actually laughed at that wagon grin

Hoolahoophop Tue 01-May-18 09:22:57

So I just weighed in 8.13.2 I'm really hoping for a 5.2 lb loss in May to get me to my first target weight. I'm going to continue logging everything as it's working for me and try to get on the rowing machine three times a week. My steps are going to go down now as I'm heading back to work a come of days a week this month so no more nice long walks with dd in the sling.

Softpebbles Tue 01-May-18 09:32:25

Morning! Thanks BOOP.

10lbs 7. Managed a few Linda's in April. Aiming for 10st 4 by end of May. Sounds easy. Sure it's not going to be!

Therealjudgejudy Tue 01-May-18 10:04:39

Fab new thread title @BOOP!

Happy first of May everyone. Shame the weather is so bloody crap!

May has to be the month I shed these annoying Linda's. I started with a vengeance yesterday. Gym and 1200 cals for the day. Managed an intense gym session this morning. Thankfully work should be less hectic this week because I find when I've lots of deadlines looming I turn to the crisps.

Aim for today and the rest of the week...and month is to stick to my 1200 or under cals strictly and gym 6 days a week.

Good luck for the month everyone smile

QuimReaper Tue 01-May-18 11:41:59

Thanks for the new thread BOOP, love the title grin

So next week my boss has asked to meet to catch up, I'm pretty sure he wants to go out for lunch, and has suggested Tuesday or Thursday. I think I said at the end of the last thread that I have a 5-day indulgence fest coming up this weekend (4 day holiday followed by my sister's birthday) and then 3 days to combat the bloat before my birthday celebrations begin. So now it'll be only 2 days! Argh!

I hate it when my ratios spiral out of control! I'm thinking maybe I should put him off until the following week just so I can be sure my dress will do up blush Is that too stupid for words?

BitOutOfPractice Tue 01-May-18 11:56:23

Not stupid no quim I hate that "being stymied at every turn" feeling. I think I need to go into a nunnery or something. I cannot string more than two golden days together at the moment

Aim for today and the rest of the week...and month is to stick to my 1200 or under cals strictly and gym 6 days a week

Me too Judy. Me too. Come on BOOP FFS!

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FizzingWhizzbee Tue 01-May-18 12:02:12

This is something I really struggle with. How do I maintain a social life and still lose weight (or at least, not put weight on)? Thin people seem to manage it. What do they do that is different to me? Always order salad? Is that what I have to do? How very depressing. I mean, I actually really like a nice salad, but they don't leave me full enough.

QuimReaper Tue 01-May-18 13:15:27

It's so annoying - every time I feel like "ah well, next week won't be golden but never mind, it's my birthday / holiday / whatever" I end up with more and more things piling on and get stuck in a total clusterfuck. It never seems to be just one thing, it'll be a whole insane month or six days on the trot.

I love that wagon picture grin

QuimReaper Tue 01-May-18 13:19:11

Fizz it sucks, doesn't it! I think socialising can be worked into maintenance, but it does set back losing. I've never ever mastered the art of socialising and being good at the same time (i.e. salad ordering) but I do find that as long as I strike a good ratio of "good" to "bad" days I can at least (more or less) maintain. I tend to try and swerve midweek social events and bunch it all up at the weekned, although of course it isn't always possible...

BitOutOfPractice Tue 01-May-18 13:33:42

I've been maintaining for 9 months now effectively. Socialising at weekends and then cutting back in the week. Shame I still want to lose 10lbs hmm though at least I know I can do it when the time comes

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keeponkeepinon Tue 01-May-18 18:38:01

Aha! You found the wagon I've been looking for! Just hoiking my be-hind on right now. April effort was pants. But really enjoyed it!

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