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New Year, New Wagon: the Slenderistas Resolve to Lose 7lbs in January

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BitOutOfPractice Mon 01-Jan-18 08:13:49

Sorry about the crap thread title. I’m afraid my head hurts rather a lot!

Welcome to the best™️ Thread on MN where the Slenderistas help and support each other in their weight loss goals (and other stuff as well). Join in and lose the Lindas.

Link to the December thread here

KikisReindeerDeliveries Mon 01-Jan-18 08:44:06

Thank you Boop! Impressive to see this here at all so early grin

It's a shiny new thread for a shiny new year.

All aboard the wagon train!

Softpebbles Mon 01-Jan-18 09:15:37

Morning Slenderista's. Happy new year. 😬

Haven't weighed today as away. Back on it tomorrow. X

twinkledag Mon 01-Jan-18 09:49:52

I'm here! Too scared to weigh though!

Scrambled eggs for breakfast, start the day off nice and healthy!

splatattack Mon 01-Jan-18 10:00:45

I don't think I'm going to weight myself for another week!! Give myself time to crawl back on the wagon....

lastqueenofscotland Mon 01-Jan-18 10:00:56

Sigh. 11.5 this morningZ my best friend is getting married end of march and I will lose 1.5 stone by then.

Not2bObvious Mon 01-Jan-18 10:03:37

I’ll attempt to join you guys (again!) if you’ll allow it. I’ve jumped in a couple of times in the past but never managed to make any inroads into the first/second/third batches of 7 pounds I need to shift. Or I should say I lost/regained the first batch in 2017, oh well you have to keep going. If I’ve learned anything I’ve learned giving up ain’t the answer. I don’t have an official weigh in start point but I was 11.6 the Friday before Christmas & I’m around 11.11 now I reckon. Today won’t be perfect but I have no hangover for the first New Year’s Day in my adult drinking life & that has been the most brilliant start to the year (I get the most horrific hangovers) Going for a walk with the family soon as it’s a lovely bright day here. Looking forward to great successes for us all - Happy New Year!

TheDonald Mon 01-Jan-18 10:08:53

Morning all. Happy New year and happy New thread to you all.

I weighed in this morning at 10 11. That means I lost 1lb in December. I'm taking that as a massive victory!

January's targets are to lose 4lb and to hit 10,000 steps every day.

Anyone got any other health-related resolutions?

beela Mon 01-Jan-18 10:18:58

I'm joining please, if that's ok.

I weighed in this morning at 62.9kg. I was 61.9kg before Christmas (but 80.1kg this time last year!) so feel ok with that. I'm aiming for 60kg - around 7lb to go.

I've started well with a hiit session and then scrambled eggs and spinach. I'm doing dry January too.

Bring it on grin

IheartCaptainHolt Mon 01-Jan-18 10:20:06

Morning all!

I'm in for this month. Weighing in tomorrow so not starting until then as it's my birthday today!

Think I'll have gained 4lb over Xmas so not bad really. Would like to lose another stone by beginning of March which shouldn't be too much of a problem

ponygirlcurtis Mon 01-Jan-18 10:46:46

Good morning fellow Slenderistas (and fella Slenderistas). Welcome to all wagoneers new and old, Happy New Year to one and all.

I braved a cheeky Jan 1 weigh this morning and am amazed to discover that I am the same as I was before Christmas! Can only think that I have decreased food consumption as the alcohol intake has increased. I am 2.5lbs away from my first goal point and I would love to reach it by the end of the month.

Thanks for the shiny new thread BOOP. My head is a bit hurty too. fenvy <-- not envy

keeponkeepinon Mon 01-Jan-18 10:51:46

Good morning and happy New year! I am precisely the same today as I was this time last year. At least it's not a gain but this year it has to go down.
Here I am sitting wondering how to move forward. Join the low carb boot camp? I do struggle to stick to it though so perhaps plain old calorie counting would be best. Maybe try 1500 to ease in and see what happens.

BitOutOfPractice Mon 01-Jan-18 10:55:32

Morning all and a happy new year.

Welcome to Not2bObvious and Beeta. Welcome aboard the wagon

I'm Not starting till tomorrow

BitOutOfPractice Mon 01-Jan-18 10:56:12

Oh and happy birthday IheartCaptainHolt 🍰

cottonwool125 Mon 01-Jan-18 11:04:05

Good morning! Joining please smile weighed myself this morning. 12st 1lb. Heaviest I have ever been sad

Aiming to get back to my post baby weight of 10st 2lb. Although I would be happy with 10 and a half stone at least smile

Started my day off with one slice of whole meal toast and a scraping of light cream cheese, some grapes, a few slices of wafer thin ham and a Muller light. I find mornings the hardest!

BeyondAssignation Mon 01-Jan-18 11:05:30

Choo choo, all aboard!

Weighing in at exactly what I started December at (changed my mind about weighing today). Some of that must be water, so I'm saying that's a win.

Unfortunately DH has been to the shop this morning and got stuff for roast, and pain au chocolate. So I'm having one and counting it!

BeyondAssignation Mon 01-Jan-18 11:06:39

Oh and happy new year!!

lastqueenofscotland Mon 01-Jan-18 11:16:01

10k in under 54 mins to start the year.

ponygirlcurtis Mon 01-Jan-18 11:44:24

Brilliant last! that's about how long it takes me to do 5k

HappyGowerGirl Mon 01-Jan-18 11:46:56

lastqueen that is a killer time!

I'm dragging my hungover ass back on the wagon (thanks for the new thread!).

Aims for the month:

* Address my love affair with 🍷
* Keep on running!
* Get back to 59kg

HappyGowerGirl Mon 01-Jan-18 11:48:45

Oops posted too soon!

Currently weighing in at 9.6, so need to shift 2lb to get back to 9.4 (=59kg).

NewYearNewNiki Mon 01-Jan-18 12:26:59

Afternoon! Not weighing myself until I have been at the gym a few times and been back on the wagon.

lastqueenofscotland Mon 01-Jan-18 12:34:27

Annoyingly when lean skinny and fit I can do it in 45 envy motivation to get back innit

BeyondAssignation Mon 01-Jan-18 12:34:32

I have just over two stone to get to my first little goal of sub 200lb/Bmi under 30.

comeagainforbigfudge Mon 01-Jan-18 13:02:52

I'm joining this month. Weighed myself this morning. Only put on a few extra pounds over christmas but gosh do I feel it. I have about 2.5stone to shift.

Don't have a set plan other than drink more water, eat more veg and stop drinking fizzy juice again

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