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Lose a stone by Easter- thread 2

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FireflyGirl Tue 15-Nov-16 20:07:26

So, just over 2 weeks in. Thanks for starting this I'mabeardedlady.

Stats so far:
Imabeardedlady: S:10'6; 1:10'4
AdoraBell: S:65; 1:
AteRiri: S:87; 1:
Bibs2014: S:10'13; 1: 10'11; 2: 10'12 Loss to date: 1lb
comeagainforbigfudge: S: 1: 2:12'12; Loss to date: 3lb 2oz
FireflyGirl: S: 11'12.25; 1: 12'3(?); 2: 11'8.8 Loss to date: 3.5lb
FleshEmoji: S:8'13
Fortunate Piggy: S: 11'2; 1:
GoodQueenWenchEatsLess: S:11'; 1:10'12.25; 2: 10'12 Loss to date: 2lb
happypoobum: S:12'13; 1:12'8; 2:12'5 Loss to date: 8lb
Ice3: S: 172; 1:168.6; 2:167.0 Loss to date: 5lb
MillieMoodle: S:12'; 1:n/a ; 2:11'10 Loss to date: 4lb
Notsoskinnyminny: S:10'; 1: 9'9.75; 2:9'8.75; Loss to date: 5.25lb
RandomBob: S:140.2; 1:138.6; 2:134.6; Loss to date: 5.6lb
R3ALLY: S:11; 1:
readyforsunshine: S:10'9; 1:11.05; 2: 10'7; Loss to date: 2lb
Scarzo: S:69; 1:68.2; 2:67.5 Loss to date: 1.5kg
ScuttlbuttHarpy: S: 1: Loss to date:4.5lb
SmellTheGlove: S: 1:+1; 2: - 3lb Loss to date: 2lb
wejammin: S:9.7; 1:9'7
YouMeanYouForgotCranberriesToo: S: 1: 2: Loss to date: 7lb
Zizzi: S:12'8; 1:12'6 Loss to date: 2lb

CateGory8 Tue 15-Nov-16 20:29:16

Thanks for sorting out the list Firefly
Update on my stats
S: 12,8
1: 12,4
2: 12,0
Total loss to date: 8lbs (haven't been well, no appetite), expect to slow down to sensible rate from now on.

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Tue 15-Nov-16 20:33:56

Thanks for starting the new thread.
My stats are S: 73.8, 1:72.5, 2:72.2. Total loss 1.6kg.
First fast of the week for me today, stuck to my 500 cals for dinner and have managed at least 10k steps everyday. Hoping as scales didn't budge much last week, to have a good loss this week but we shall see. I'm finding I am sleeping better having cut down the alcohol.

Bibs2014 Tue 15-Nov-16 20:53:44

Thx for new thread.

Today's menu was:

Shredded wheat and ss milk
Latte from Nespresso machine.

Lunch was salad, rice, lamb and beef minced kebab and onions with houmous, chilli and garlic mayo. From the street food market near me, was delish.

A sliver of Victoria sponge.

A Naked Pot chow mein

Fruit and yoghurt.

FireflyGirl Tue 15-Nov-16 21:37:41

Sorry for the short comment at the end of the last thread. Was trying to do a million things at once.

Wench MFP is telling me to eat more as my daily calories were under 1000 even before exercise. This is not normal, otherwise I wouldn't need to be on a weight loss thread grin

I am juggling a lot of plates at the moment, and the upshot has been up early, forget breakfast, go out, first thing to eat is lunch at about 3. Tea is at 5.30 with DS then been going to bed about 9 as so tired. I actually eat really healthy, home cooked meals; my problem has always been snacks!

Missed breakfast again, oops
L: Chicken salad with balsamic vinegar, carrot sticks and ricotta stuffed cherry peppers, followed by an apple and satsuma.
T: hoisin and sweet chili turkey stir fry in lettuce wraps - lots of veg in this!
Supper (as I've been out, and hungry when I got home): a wholemeal pitta bread with hummous and 6 mini Daim bars.

Came to a total of 1370 cals. MFP tells me if I did that every day, I'd lose 7lb in the next 5 weeks.

SmellTheGlove Tue 15-Nov-16 22:30:03

Wow very impressed at the logging of the stats! I have been weighing myself every day and I'm actually down another pound but I'm leaving that til 'official' weigh in on Monday in case it fluctuates again. Feeling quite proud of myself for sticking to it actually. Been walking everywhere like a lunatic mind you - even walked 40 mins each way to Aldi yesterday just to get my steps up!

MillieMoodle Wed 16-Nov-16 07:27:41

Thanks for starting the new thread Firefly!

I've discovered that the 0% fat actimel has 31 calories per bottle, whereas the normal stuff has 75. So have switched to the fat free one from today, which will save me a few calories!

Breakfast today will be actimel, tea and mini choc weetabix. Am still sticking to having the cereal after school drop off which is helping me to get to lunch time without snacks.

Based on yesterday, MFP tells me I should be 11.25 st in 5 weeks. If I can get to 11, I'll have lost a stone before Christmas and will only be 1lb over my pre-DS2 pregnancy weight of 10st 13lb. Fingers crossed!

GoodQueenWenchEatsLess Wed 16-Nov-16 08:03:58

I'm struggling with logging everything on MFP - I just find it so tedious and time consuming. How does everyone else manage?

Yesterday was a complete right off, food wise. Today I've just had boiled egg and soldiers so hoping that will keep me going until lunchtime (with my mid morning skinny latte to look forward to in between) Not sure what lunch or dinner will be yet .... cupboards are getting low and I'm seriously lacking inspiration!

Ice3 Wed 16-Nov-16 09:25:35

Thanks for the new thread Firefly

I eat a lot of the same things. I found it slow at the start but after a week or so I had 70% of the things I eat already in the 'recent foods' section so it sped up. Do you use the meals option so you can save meals you have regularly?

Scrambled eggs for breakfast again this morning.

Ice3 Wed 16-Nov-16 09:28:49

Oh! I went into Primark yesterday to get some cheap exercise clothes and bought size 14 clothes for the first time in years! I know they are stretchy but I've worn size 18 for a little while now so I'm really happy.

Lapinlapin Wed 16-Nov-16 09:48:43

Thanks for starting the new thread Firefly and for your amazing work in compiling the stats. Must have taken you ages!

Here are mine. I weighed in this morning. I started a couple of days later than everyone else, so weigh in day for me is Weds.

Start weight: 11 stone 13
Week 1: 11 stone 11
Week 2: 11 stone 10.

So a loss of 3lbs in total. Not brilliant, but at least the numbers are heading in the right direction. For years I was between 10 and 10 1/2 stone, so that's what I'm aiming for. I'm hoping to see a 10 on the scales again by Christmas!

Lapinlapin Wed 16-Nov-16 09:52:44

Good I don't manage with mfp! I keep thinking it will be helpful, but like you i find it so tedious and time consuming I just give up. I also struggle to know what to put for the things I cook - the calories in some of the suggested meals on there vary so wildly I haven't got a clue which one to pick!

I do eat a lot of the same things though so as Ice says, perhaps it will get better if we stick with it.

TheresAlwaysTimeForTea Wed 16-Nov-16 10:08:39

Fallen off the bandwagon slightly and had some maltesers today but in my defence, I came into work this morning to find a giant bloody rat under my desk. I'd reported signs of mice a few months ago so they had left traps out and there hadn't been any further sign of mice from that point ... until today.

I had been at my desk for a good 45mins oblivious to anything unusual when I poked my head under my desk to move my bag and there were two big eyes looking at me! Horrific. Anyways I'm hoping the shock has burnt a few calories. Thought I'd share and give you all a laugh!

Bibs2014 Wed 16-Nov-16 11:20:43

A rat - ewww! That would've driven me to chocolate too!!

Scales showing 1lb down - must keep going!

Eggs on one slice of seeded toast this morning.

wejammin Wed 16-Nov-16 14:29:45

Had a difficult morning at work and was up with DD with an ear infection all night. I was on my way to Pret for a huge veggie Xmas baguette but made a detour into Itsu instead for a salad box (proud!) and a chocolate rice cake instead.

DH is making mushroom pie and mash for tea and I will try very hard not to eat DD's leftover pastry.

Breakfast was Dorset Cereals Gingerbread Porridge (divine) made with oat milk.

I also struggle with MFP, I find I'm more tempted to buy ready made food with barcodes on because it's so much easier to log, but these aren't necessarily healthier or cheaper than "ingredients". A lot of recipes from recipe books are stored on there which I find really helpful when I'm meal planning.

It's worst when I go out to eat in a non-chain place. I end up totally guessing (eg last night I went to our local Italian and had a pizza with veggies but no cheese, so I ended up logging "homemade pizza base", "pizza sauce" and then all the veggies individually, whereas if I'd just gone to pizza express I guess it would have the pizza there all ready to be logged).

Having said that, I find it a great help overall, especially around 8pm when I'm bored peckish and I tell myself I've had my allowance for the day so I don't end up raiding the cupboard.

Lostmyunicorn Wed 16-Nov-16 15:12:04

Oops I posted in the old thread. My stats are height 5'2
Start weight: 66.9k
Current weight: 65.5k

MillieMoodle Wed 16-Nov-16 16:12:56

I find MFP can be a bit tedious for adding all the ingredients separately but like a PP I tend to eat the same things so stuff shows up on my recent meals quite a lot.

Had crackerbread, cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes for lunch and a coco pops cereal bar for a snack this afternoon (85 cals).

Chicken stir fry for dinner.

Have not done many steps today as it's rained nearly all day so I've struggled to move from the sofa apart from to collect DS from school and stick some washing on.

How's it going Wench?

Ice3 Wed 16-Nov-16 17:11:11

DH came home on Sunday and I found myself slipping. I was eating more and wasn't exercising as much. Back on track today. I did c25k before he was even awake and walked for two hours too. Pretty sure gardening and scrubbing the kitchen used up more calories though!

I've eaten much better too. Scrambled eggs, protein shake, chicken and veg, laughing cow and an apple.

Notsoskinnyminny Wed 16-Nov-16 18:29:39

Thanks for the new thread Firefly

I cook a lot from scratch and I've stored some frequent meals on MFP. The bit I find hard is when I take leftovers for my lunch and I've forgotten to save the meal and its not listed in previous lunches so I just log it as dinner.

I've been to the theatre with 150 kids and in dire need of wine but will resist as the winegums I had have left me with 38 calories and settle for a milky coffee and a tangerine (I've not had a drink all day so haven't used my milk allowance.

happypoobum Wed 16-Nov-16 19:08:59

I have been really busy this week so eating very little as no time during working day. However, next two days I am teaching at another college and will be provided with, gulp, a buffet shock

Hopefully I will be OK when I step on the scales again on Sunday.

MillieMoodle Wed 16-Nov-16 19:22:40

Change of plan, pork chops for dinner as they go out of date today. Will have it with sweet potato chips, broccoli and cauliflower cheese. Will be slightly under my calorie allowance for the day but The Missing is on later so I can't guarantee I won't have a biscuit! Also had a dark choc digestive and cup of tea when DH got in from work.

DS1's school have sent home the pre-Christmas letters wanting cakes made, donations for the Christmas fair, raffle tickets, decorations made etc so I will hopefully notch up some steps in the next couple of weeks from all the last minute trips to Tesco I will no doubt have to do!

FireflyGirl Wed 16-Nov-16 19:24:34

I'm still early days with MFP (day 5 today), but I'm not finding it too bad. But I used to have to keep track when I did SW anyway, and at least a lot of the stuff is already saved onto it. I'm saving everything I make into recipes instead of meals - is that wrong?

Congrats on the size 14 workout pants Ice! That must be such a great feeling!

3lb is still a good loss over 2 weeks, lapin. Disappointing if you were hoping for more but they'll soon add up!

I definitely feel the Maltesers were warranted in those circumstances, TimeForTea. Did anyone come to your rescue, or did you have to fish it out yourself?

Well done Bibs flowers

Bet you felt very virtuous having your salad, wejammin. Bit naive as I've only just started with MFP but in the instance of eating at an independent restaurant, could you not have entered the details for Pizza Express? Were they vastly different?

I'm impressed you got through that experience just on wine gums, skinnyminny!

I've had a good day so far today, despite baking gingerbread with DS. I even overestimated how many calories were in the recipe just to be sure, and used the little cutters so they are small pieces.

B: shredded wheat with almond milk
L: Chicken salad with balsamic vinegar dressing and stuffed cherry peppers
T: courgette and a small portion of pasta, with a sausage and fennel sauce.

Snacks: satsuma, blueberries, 1/2 carrot, 3 small pieces of gingerbread.

I don't feel deprived like I expected when I joined this thread, which has been nice. I also think that my jeans feel a little bit looser... that could just be wishful thinking, though grin

Lapinlapin Wed 16-Nov-16 19:26:05

Off topic a bit, but wejammin are you veggie too? What's your mushroom pie recipe? Sounds yummy!

GoodQueenWenchEatsLess Wed 16-Nov-16 19:46:33

Ok so MFP tells me I'll be 230 calories over my recommended 1200 allowance but I'm happy with that as I'm certain 1430 is still less than I used to eat in a day.

I've had butternut squash soup for lunch (on its own - resisted the bread and butter) and then a chicken with roast potatoes and lots of veg for dinner.

MillieMoodle Wed 16-Nov-16 20:09:26

Well done wench, 1,430 is still really good!

I was still 11st 10lbs this morning (I can't resist the urge to weigh myself every day) but I feel like my stomach is a little bit flatter today. Am trying to strengthen my stomach muscles again by pulling them in whenever I remember. Have also been applying moisturiser and stretch mark cream to it every day in the vague hope it will look less saggy one day!

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