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How can I lose 10lbs before my holiday on, er, Monday?

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WhatsGoingOnEh Tue 12-Aug-14 23:47:51

In a panic. Was meant to start diet in May but one thing (or rather, one pizza) led to another and now I've got less than a week.

I'm 5'6" and look great at 9st 7. This morning I was 10st 11! Shiiiiiiiit!

What can I do? I really REALLY need to crash some of this off. I don't care if it's unhealthy, it's only for a few days and I can do it properly when I get home.

Any and all ideas MASSIVELY gratefully received. What are your tried and tested tricks? Thank you!

KingJoffreysBloodshotEye Tue 12-Aug-14 23:51:12

Drink lots.

Sleep lots.

Cut carbs.

Don't eat after 5pm.

Try to do some excercise (or at least some stretches).

Snatchoo Tue 12-Aug-14 23:51:15

Erm......a pound of rancid beef?!

MargotLovedTom Wed 13-Aug-14 00:00:36

Slimfast or something like that?

RedErik Wed 13-Aug-14 00:02:33

Chop a leg off? That should do It.

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 13-Aug-14 00:03:18

Food poisoning is a good idea. Sadly I cooked tea earlier and DIDN'T lick the bag the raw chicken had been kept in. It's exactly that kind of short-sightedness that's got me fat! <slaps forehead> <forehead keeps wobbling afterwards>

I've got the Ripped In 7 DVD. I could do 4 days of that. So I won't be ripped, but I might get slightly Torn. ??

OhGodOhGodOhGod. This is rubbish. NOTHING fits. I bulge over my jeans like I'm made out of PlayDoh.

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 13-Aug-14 00:05:08

Does Slimfast work? Isn't it all carby? I'm so confused with diets now. I think I should be eating bacon rinds and eschewing fruit but that CAN'T be right.

greyhoundgymnastics Wed 13-Aug-14 00:05:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Didactylos Wed 13-Aug-14 00:08:14

amputate something?

[Unhelpful emoticon]

deakymom Wed 13-Aug-14 00:14:02

slimming knickers and eat a snickers grin

ThisFenceIsComfy Wed 13-Aug-14 00:16:07

Eat a pack of raw sausages.

Await poo-valanche of slimming proportions

PrimalLass Wed 13-Aug-14 00:17:10

Try the Jason Vale juicing thing. Then report back please. There is a thread:

ladypete Wed 13-Aug-14 00:17:42

Ok, unhealthy and not sustainable but will help you out short term wink

Go carb free, have no salt in your diet whatsoever, no fizzy drinks at all, eat breakfast within half an hour of waking, lots of green tea and asparagus as they're diuretics, green tea before bed is good too. Drink 2.5+litres water a day to help flush out any water retention, use a sauna/steam room if you can.

Go crazy with a body brush each morning on your thighs and bum. Eating earlier in the evening should help give you the appearance of a flatter and less bloated stomach too and will mean you wake up hungry and feeling slim and encouraged to continue .

And a little fake tan never hurt no-body grin

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 13-Aug-14 00:43:34

Thank you for your tips! Yes, fake tan is a must!

I'm thinking of doing the infamous lemonade diet as it's easier than fruit-juicing, is cheap, and my brother has done it so I can ask his advice...

SallyMcgally Wed 13-Aug-14 00:51:12

Cabbage soup diet is designed to make you lose 10 lbs in a week. It's horrible, but I lost a lot of weight on it. before putting on a shed load more

Skinheadmermaid Wed 13-Aug-14 00:51:32

45 min jog everyday
50 x push ups, sit ups & squats
Stick to 1500 calories a day, all clean. No junk or white carbs. Replace carbs with vegetables. No more then 2 pieces of fruit a day.
You'll lose 5-7 lbs. If you drop to 1000 calories a day you might lose 10 but it will be harder to maintain.
Diet alone won't work.

SallyMcgally Wed 13-Aug-14 00:52:09

Oh sorry - meant to strike through not underline . . .

FrankSpencer Wed 13-Aug-14 00:53:06

Eat loads of raw veg, OP.

and sorry, I'm not trying to take the mickey outta your situation but your posts are quite funny!

Fluffyears Wed 13-Aug-14 00:55:30

Dukan diet week one, you eat only meat and no veg I lost 11lb in a week. Felt miserable though and went back to normal eating.

MrsRuffdiamond Wed 13-Aug-14 01:07:06

When I was desperate to lose weight (I was about 25 and didn't really need to, then), I went on a Diet Coke and apples diet. That was all I consumed during the day, then I ate a proper (though reduced quantity) meal in the evening. I managed to stick with it for about a month, and did lose weight, before deciding that it was slightly unbalanced (in every sense!)

FrankSpencer Wed 13-Aug-14 01:13:44

Oh yeah I just realised! I lost loads of weight by eating nothing but eggs and bread. It was predominantly fried eggs with a single slice of toast. I had butter on the toast but that was what I'd eat for brekfast, lunch and usually dinner, too and absolutely nothing in between. It was ok actually and the weight just fell off.

Eminybob Wed 13-Aug-14 04:07:51

The 3 day diet. Google it. There is also an app.

temporaryusername Wed 13-Aug-14 04:56:09

OP, I completely understand you feel better at a lower weight and wish you luck with your holiday prep!

Just wanted to point out for the record that you are not technically overweight.

PenelopeLane Wed 13-Aug-14 05:02:09

The only time I've lost weight quickly has been from getting really sick. Reminds me of the quote from The Devil Wears Prada "I'm only one stomach flu away from my goal weight" grin

SenatusPopulusqueRomanorum Wed 13-Aug-14 09:07:40

Low carbing will make you lose some of your glycogen stores and your body will look a little tighter, even if you don't lose lots of weight.
You can also cut sodium to lose water.

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