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Lassies of Fraser's Ridge - Outlander Season 4, there's spoilers in them thar hills.

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Lessstressedhemum Mon 05-Nov-18 11:20:39

A new adventure awaits us in the New World. It's going to be savage!

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crumpet Mon 05-Nov-18 11:56:15

Thank you 😊

JuneFromBethesda Mon 05-Nov-18 12:08:45

Thanks Less good title grin

blibblibs Mon 05-Nov-18 12:16:49

Found you, heading home soon to watch, although I've seen the first 20mins while waiting on the bus.
And a msg from DH disgusted that I'd started without him 😁

SleepySofa Mon 05-Nov-18 12:30:14

Just watching it now. They're changed the theme song a bit! I miss the old one.

CoolCarrie Mon 05-Nov-18 13:38:55

I heard the new version and it’s very Dolly Parton style, very blue grass and fits with the series, but I don’t like it at all.
Where can I watch the new series? Amazon Prime UK and Amazon USA don’t work here, in South Africa, I watched the earlier two on Netflix and bought the third on DVD.

susurration Mon 05-Nov-18 14:25:02

I've just watched the first episode. Its so lovely to have Jamie back! The end of the episode was interesting. Caitriona acted the end beautifully.


I wonder why no Duncan, and where will Murtagh appear? They've shifted the timeline of Marsali being pregnant too, which seems a little strange. Looking forward to seeing Bree and Roger.

blibblibs Mon 05-Nov-18 14:41:31

Just finished the episode so there may be some spoilers ahead!
Well if I'm honest I was a little bit disappointed. The gci on the riverbank was awful and yet again the wigs are terrible. It all seemed a little bit hammy, in fact I kept thinking it was all a bit plastic but I think alot of that is my own fault for watching too many spoilers on the run up.
That said Im glad I have them back in my life and will continue to watch religiously and hopefully it will be better on the second run through tonight with DH.

quirkychick Mon 05-Nov-18 14:46:43

Having already watched a review on YouTube, some of it I knew already, but still good to see maybe quite a few times. So, they've switched around the rings, so Bonnet has Jamie's ring, not Frank's. I thought Jamie's ring (in the show) was made from the key to Lallybroch, so not "valuable" as such. I don't remember if in the book Stephen Bonnet also stole Claire's medical chest and the jewels?

snozzlemaid Mon 05-Nov-18 15:18:37

Found you all on the new thread.
I watched it this morning. It's so good to see new episodes rather than watching previous ones over and over.
Those of you asking about Duncan, can you remind me where we first meet him in the book please. I really can't remember.
I'm wondering where we will see Murtagh again.

Piffpaffpoff Mon 05-Nov-18 15:23:52

Agree the cgi on the boat was laughable but I was too busy giggling about the captain being Grant Stott!

A good start though. I’ve not read the books so this is all new to me.

crumpet Mon 05-Nov-18 16:39:24

Yes, as I said on the other thread it’s not without imperfections (the cgi was a bit much - although I do wonder how much I would have noticed it if I hadn’t read about it beforehand, as I loved the scene itself. Also Claire’s delivery was a little ponderous at times), but to me the tone of the episode was on the money.

mateysmum Mon 05-Nov-18 17:26:26

So if neither Duncan nor Murtagh are there, I reckon that Murtagh will reappear and replace Duncan as Jocasta's future husband. Wonder if he will already be at River Run? He knew Jamie's mother so Jocasta's would have been a natural place to go once his indenture had ended.

Loving Rollo.

Jamie looks much better when hie hair is off his face.Get that man a comb.

Flaws aside, I really enjoyed the episode, it's just scene setting at the moment and the strength of book 4 is Jamie becoming the Laird he always should have been. The whole Roger and the indians plot line I don't like in the book, so it will be interesting to see how they handle that.

Smsmeeesmeghhhehead Mon 05-Nov-18 17:57:43

I didn't think it was a great episode tbh.
I think were I to start watching now I would think it was some hammy American pish like the Waltons. As it is in pleased to see Jamie back.
Issues with the casting of Stephen Bonnett also...i can't take him seriously as all I can think about is drippy footman Jimmy. Seriously miscast...he's too feminine.

snozzlemaid Mon 05-Nov-18 18:11:40

DG has said on Twitter that Murtagh won't be replacing the Duncan character.

Lessstressedhemum Mon 05-Nov-18 18:32:28

I've never seen Downton abbey, but I do think he is a bit fresh faced and pretty looking to be Stephen Bonnet. He isn't very menacing, but perhaps that side of things will come out as time goes by. He. Was certainly very cold when he slit lesley's throat.

The CGI was bad, but not all of the river was cgi'd, so that's OK. I was open mouthed at Grant Scott. It was hilarious. He will always be the See you, See Me and Scotsport bloke to me.

I think it's setting the scene nicely and I thought Gabhainn's caithris was lovely. The acting at the end was fab, you could feel the shock and fear.

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WhoGivesADamnForAFlakeyBandit Mon 05-Nov-18 18:48:38

As I said on the last thread, little Jimmy also looks far too much like Young Ian - they need a different hair colour/style. And he's too young to be that nasty.

Also Rollo is 1. not catching fish and 2. less hairy and mangy than I had pictured him.

Mhw02 Mon 05-Nov-18 18:52:44

Do I need prime to watch it? Last year I just bought the whole season and the new episode appeared each week, but I've just bought season 4 and episode 1 isn't appearing in my video library?

sonjadog Mon 05-Nov-18 20:13:34

I enjoyed the episode. It was less ridiculous than the final Caribbean episodes. But I think Jamie is almost a bit too buff now. It looks too much like he works out in a gym.

JennyfromtheBroch Mon 05-Nov-18 20:28:12

Overall, I felt it only got going towards the end, although I think the ring was a really clever change- Brianna has to know it's her mother's ring. Otherwise it could be any old gold band. Poor Claire, CB was amazing in the last scene, she looked so distraught.

Rollo is altogether too pretty and clean!

I like Ian. Last season I felt the actor had a bit of the wide-eyed stage school look but I think he's got better.

Glad it's back! Feels like winter again!

DryWhiteagainW Mon 05-Nov-18 20:58:18

Watching episode for a second time (many more times this week I bet)
Agree about bad cgi.
Didn’t mind S Bonnet actor......but now you’ve reminded me where I’d seen him before .
Think it’s clever that they have switched the rings that SB takes....don’t think he intentionally takes Jamie’s that is certainly less valuable than Frank’s gold band, but love the symbolism.
Murtagh will come in later....can’t wait. Didn’t expect him in the first episode.
Rolo is perfect.
I love the teasers during the opening credits.....Bree touchingbthe stones......
Happy to see wrist warmers and knitted shawl.....who was knitting last season? Less?

I do feel Claire was a bit ungrateful for the beautiful ruby necklace....didn’t even say thank you . If Jamie had presented me with a bloody great ruby necklace I wouldn’t have been so cool [😄]

crumpet Mon 05-Nov-18 21:00:19

The necklace wasn’t for her though, was it? It was made to show it off to a potential buyer

susurration Mon 05-Nov-18 21:45:21

The necklace wasn't explained very well, but they basically have a series of gemstones and are trying to sell one to gather money for travelling back to Scotland. That's why Jamie has it set in a necklace, specifically to sell it to the Baron who is a bit of a magpie.

LonelyOversharer Mon 05-Nov-18 21:45:23

Ok, I loved it!!

Sticking with my prediction start s3 that Murtagh will be sort of Innes...DG is generally a bit red herringy I think. And always pissy when they change her bonkers plots to make it slightly sane and believeable (I stress the slightly). And I thought SH was a bit too buff in s3 for c18, now he looks like pure muscle on a lean frame-people just didn't eat or train like that then! Not that he isn't terribly pretty, of course.

Poor Claire when she realises she's coughed up Frank's ring! V well done CB. They covered the rings value by Stephen Bonnet going on about loving the symbolism of rings.

Didn't know about the cgi, will get it on a rewatch...have been trying to avoid you tube spoilers (and failing a bit).

Sad, but we've got the non characters of Leslie and Hayes out if the way...they were never going to be Rupert and Angus, so good call writers.

Loving Rollo, thats a fair sized beast. Yes to Ian and Stephen looking terribly alike. Tbh he was a bit of a nasty piece of work in Downton too.

Now to wait a week....waiting...

DryWhiteagainW Mon 05-Nov-18 21:46:23

Ahhhh I see....

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