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The Crown - series 2 on Netflix

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southeastdweller Mon 27-Nov-17 08:12:57

Starts next Friday - anyone else excited?

Trailer here:

GeekyBlinders Mon 27-Nov-17 17:46:59

I'm really looking forward to this! I hope they release the whole season so I can binge on my day off.

Housewife2010 Mon 27-Nov-17 17:58:52

I'm very excited and will be renewing my Netflix subscription for it. I think it's too good to binge watch. I'm going to savour it over the month.

NapQueen Tue 28-Nov-17 21:50:10

I was steadfast that i was going to save it for the Christmas break.

But I may cave. I dont want to cave

Tigresswoods Wed 29-Nov-17 22:19:50

I can't wait. S1 was sooooo good that S2 has great promise.

Raisedbyguineapigs Wed 29-Nov-17 23:34:43

Can't wait! I wasn't going to binge watch series 1 but couldn't stop watching! I wish they would release the episodes weekly. I can't resist!

jay55 Thu 30-Nov-17 14:07:05

Can’t wait. There’s naff all on over Christmas that I want to see on normal telly. This will fit the bill perfectly.

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt Thu 30-Nov-17 22:50:10

I can't wait either. Needs to be savoured.

Rainatnight Thu 30-Nov-17 22:51:32

I can't wait. DP not a fan so am banking on decent DD naps to binge enjoy it.

BlessedBeTheFruit Fri 01-Dec-17 16:59:30

Yes, looking forward to this!

WipsGlitter Fri 01-Dec-17 17:54:59

Looking forward to it too. Glad me to see if DH wants to watch the first series as he didn't watch it.

myrtleWilson Fri 01-Dec-17 18:07:33

oh I can't wait - and am trying to persuade my sister to watch S1 to be up to date with me!

NapQueen Fri 01-Dec-17 18:44:26

Anyone had any thoughts on casting for S3? I know Olivia colman has been announced. Watching Motherland the other day i thought the lead in that may make a decent P.Margaret - Anna maxwell martin?

No clue on P.Philip though. I dont think anyone will beat Matt Smith

tribpot Fri 01-Dec-17 18:53:23

Really looking forward to this. I also can't imagine who they can get for Philip who will seem more Philipy than Matt Smith (short of the real Philip but he's too old to play himself anyway!).

Here's the Radio Times speculating - of their list I would go for Paul Bettany.

BlessedBeTheFruit Fri 01-Dec-17 18:59:48

I hadn't heard that Olivia Colman is taking over. Quite interested by that as so often she is the mumsy, relatable, "real" one and the Queen is very much not that!

RhiannonOHara Fri 01-Dec-17 19:35:48

For Queenie, I'll be interested in how Olivia Colman plays it –she is cast somewhat against type. Having said that, Claire Foy does a wonderful job of showing the 'relatable, "real"' individual behind and beyond the persona and role she has been somewhat moulded into, so there is a 'nice' side to the character, I think.

I think Tobias Menzies has that slight arrogance/unlikeability that's good for Prince Philip, but I'm not sure he's physically imposing enough. Maybe David T – also has an unlikeability, but is (or at least seems) a bit taller and more looming.

I really want Paul Bettany to do it, but that doesn't mean much because I'd happily watch him hanging out his laundry.

Margaret... hmm. I love Anna Maxwell Martin but, not to be horrid, I'm not sure she's beautiful/sexy enough to be Margaret. I think the current actor is wonderfully cast in terms of looks and manner, as well as her performance being brilliant.

southeastdweller Fri 01-Dec-17 20:22:45

My pics are Iain Glen as Philip and Minnie Driver as Margaret.

myrtleWilson Fri 01-Dec-17 22:23:30

ooh interesting suggestions - how about Rachel Weisz, Suranne Jones, or Dervla Kirwan for Margaret season 3?

Raisedbyguineapigs Fri 01-Dec-17 23:29:02

Hmmm I cant see Iain Glen as Philip. I like Paul Bettany too. They must be having a difficult job of casting it. I cant see who else counld play the part as well either, whereas there are loads of brilliant older women actors to replace Claire Foy. Olivia Coleman I think will be great.

NapQueen Sat 02-Dec-17 08:08:47

What about Nigel allen? His face would suit, no idea about his ability to nail the accent and the swagger.

southeastdweller Sat 02-Dec-17 08:36:48

He's way too young and Netflix would probably want more of a 'name'.

Nigel Allen

Raisedbyguineapigs Sat 02-Dec-17 09:31:29

I think series 2 takes us to Prince Edward's birth so Phil was over 40 I think. They would need an actor to play 40-60 so probably someone late 40's. Olivia Coleman is 44.

southeastdweller Sun 03-Dec-17 19:41:29

I always forget the Queen was in her late 30's when she had Edward. Philip was 42.

The hype's building up more and more, think I'll watch the entire series over a few days like I did with the first one. It's ten episodes, as with the first series.

southeastdweller Thu 07-Dec-17 12:26:19

Day before it drops bump smile

isittheholidaysyet Thu 07-Dec-17 12:30:04

I'm organising a big event tomorrow night. But as soon as I get home I am hiding away for at least an hour.

Sod the after party, I've been waiting ages for this.

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