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Giftwithpurchase Sun 14-Feb-21 11:01:49

I just wondered if anyone would be interested in discussing the beauty gifts with purchase/offers which come about on Cult Beauty, Space NK and the like every few months. I loved the advent calendar threads and thought this might be similar. If there's already a threat on this apologies & I'd appreciate the link! As you can tell I'm a little addicted and find them hard to resist and would love to compare with like minded pp. We could even do swaps if pp want.
I just cracked and bought the recent Cult Beauty 'Self Care' goodie bag - couldn't resist the name as I'm in desperate need of some self care after a rough few months (isn't everyone?!). I haven't opened it yet as haven't had the time with a 6 month old - but can't wait to have a peak. I also forgot what I bought for the £170 required purchase. But think I snuck in a few bit of makeup which isn't like me as I stick to my favourite makeup and usually just buy skincare and body stuff. Anyone else purchase it? What did you think? Be great to get notifications when other sites/retailers have good offers to!

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Luvacuppatea Thu 18-Feb-21 08:15:19

Liberty GWP live now! It’s a mini Marlborough tote together with an assortment of beauty goodies with stated value of £793 for a £250 spend. I just might have indulged. I went for the grey tote. (I think they had a similar offer back in December but I dithered because I already had the advent calendar and it sold out in an instant). I’ve ordered a ‘five minutes peace’ kit for an upcoming birthday; a couple of bits from Votary (to replace advent calendar ‘finds’ I have used and loved) and a couple of hair styling bits. So looking forward to it arriving... something to look forward to in these grim times........

MarzipanMadness Thu 18-Feb-21 09:18:03

Luvacuppatea - I’m trying to get that offer, but the bloody thing won’t appear in my basket despite having spent the right amount in beauty. Did you have to perform some kind of witchcraft?

Luvacuppatea Thu 18-Feb-21 09:33:30

Do do indeed have to perform witchcraft @MarzipanMadness 😂. Start to checkout and under your order a box appears saying something like ‘chose bonus items’ . Click on that and you will be taken to a page where you can scroll down and pick the colour tote you want 😊. Hope this helps. Took me a while to figure it out too.....

Luvacuppatea Thu 18-Feb-21 09:37:08

@MarzipanMadness - Just checked - click ‘checkout now’ followed by ‘choose bonus products’ on next page. Happy shopping 😊

MarzipanMadness Thu 18-Feb-21 10:01:53

Ahh! Thanks so much @Luvacuppatea. I have chosen the burgundy, but that was so much harder than it needed to be, would it have killed to include an obvious down arrow!

We should check back in when we have them and discuss

Luvacuppatea Thu 18-Feb-21 10:37:48

Definitely not the most straightforward process @MarzipanMadness - I wonder if Liberty will lose any sales because of it? I’m certainly up for a discussion once they arrive 😊


Bananaman123 Thu 18-Feb-21 18:32:46

This website it brilliant deals

I didnt go for the cult gwp this time but will probably get one later in the year.

Luvacuppatea Thu 18-Feb-21 18:54:15

That’s where I look for upcoming offers @Bananaman123. The GWP’s seem to be getting more frequent these days - blink and you miss one 🤣

Luvacuppatea Thu 18-Feb-21 19:02:53

My Liberty haul is arriving tomorrow 😊😊😊

LizzieMacQueen Thu 18-Feb-21 19:32:03

You lot are a bad influence. The Liberty offer must be exhausted now as I couldn't find it, even using the instructions above. Annoyed with myself cause I placed an £120 order there last week on beauty things. I'll sit on my hands and wait next time. Did you get an email about it?

Pomegranatespompom Thu 18-Feb-21 19:48:44

I ordered the Liberty as well, no dispatch not yet though.

Luvacuppatea Thu 18-Feb-21 20:16:29

Yes @LizzieMacQueen, I had an email at 17.40 from dpd saying that they will deliver my Liberty parcel tomorrow 😊. I know how you feel about placing an order and then having a GWP come along a few days later. So annoying. Now, unless I’m really desperate for something (which is usually never as I have such a big stash 😂) , I hold off ordering until a GWP appears . They seem to come along very, very often these days.......

Luvacuppatea Fri 19-Feb-21 12:15:02

It’s arrived 😍! Apologies for hurried dark photo. The bag is so much bigger than I imagined it would be 😊. Will (hopefully) unpack this and all my other goodies later today or first thing tomorrow. Love days like this.......

Pomegranatespompom Fri 19-Feb-21 13:42:00

Ooh that’s so exciting - I can’t wait for mine !

LordEmsworth Fri 19-Feb-21 13:56:06


You lot are a bad influence. The Liberty offer must be exhausted now as I couldn't find it, even using the instructions above. Annoyed with myself cause I placed an £120 order there last week on beauty things. I'll sit on my hands and wait next time. Did you get an email about it?

I am signed up to Liberty emails but no, I didn't get one. However I have worked out the pattern - Cult Beauty GWP comes first, then Liberty a couple of weeks later, then Space NK 1-2 weeks later; and I know there's usually a GWP around March, so I kept an eye on Really Ree as I knew there was stuff I wanted. And nowadays I try not to buy unless there's a gift!

Really Ree has Space NK GWP down for March so imminent... though I do think Liberty do the best gifts!

AprilLady Fri 19-Feb-21 14:23:04

Hoping my Liberty GWP will arrive tomorrow too!

Agree that Liberty do great GWPs. The catch though is that the range of products at Space NK and Cult Beauty is better.

I had been building up a wish list for GWP purposes, and only 2 of the 14 or so items on my list was actually available and in stock at Liberty. Instead though, I do have some lovely treats to look forward to, such as a large Diptyque candle smile

MarzipanMadness Fri 19-Feb-21 20:14:34

Mine’s coming on Monday. Can’t wait!

Pomegranatespompom Fri 19-Feb-21 20:37:53

Monday for me too 😊

Luvacuppatea Sat 20-Feb-21 06:45:50

I think I’ve solved the ‘mystery’ of the larger bag haha. Both Really Ree and the Beauty site linked by @Bananaman123 above, describe the bag as the Mini Marlborough Tote , which is a small cross-body bag. What I have here (and assume everyone else will receive) is the Little Marlborough Tote. This bag is larger, has no cross-body strap, but I actually really love it! I do tend to cart a load of clobber around with me when I go out in ‘normal’ times though, so more than happy with the larger size. Interested to hear what others think.........

Luvacuppatea Sat 20-Feb-21 06:47:52

Oh yes, I now need Liberty to re-introduce this bag with their next GWP, so I can nab a different colour (eyeing up the burgundy) 😂......

AprilLady Sat 20-Feb-21 09:09:42

Mine arrived first thing this morning. Feels like Christmas grin. Very pleased with the bag, which is a good size for me. Also happy with the grey.

Other than the Margaret Dabbs and Aurelia (which has become almost as ubiquitous in GWPs and advents as Eve Lomhmm) I’m also pretty pleased with the other GWP contents.

Pomegranatespompom Sat 20-Feb-21 09:16:51

Just had an email to say mine is coming today too ! I prefer that bag@Luvacuppatea

Pomegranatespompom Sat 20-Feb-21 09:18:31

@AprilLady I’ve so many Margaret D products and don’t really rate them.

MarzipanMadness Sat 20-Feb-21 09:29:20

Mine is now arriving today! Happy days.

I really like the Margaret D nail and cuticle cream, so hope it’s that one (I deliberately tried not to look too closely). My nails are definitely liking it and I was planning to repurpose

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