Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: Ce n'est pas bon de faire du lèche-vitrines avec de l'argent en poche

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botemp Wed 19-Feb-20 19:34:53

Lovers of Parisian style and fashion with a conscious mindset and lots of chatter in between. Feel free to join in smile

Favoured Parisian addresses:

Second Hand Shops


Favoured London addresses:

Charity Shops, Dress Agencies, and Outlets

Favoured NYC addresses:

Consignment shops, Vintage, and Restaurants


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MollyVolley Wed 19-Feb-20 19:43:06

Am ridiculously long time lurker on these thread and am going to say hello 👋

botemp Wed 19-Feb-20 19:44:07

Hello Molly 😛

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MollyVolley Wed 19-Feb-20 19:51:33

Hello @botemp smile am so tired I can't even think of anything to say apart from this thread has made me really think about how I put clothes together and added a load of of shops to my wishlist . I bought one of the officer sweaters from detoujours already smile

botemp Wed 19-Feb-20 19:56:39

That's lovely to hear, Molly. Hope the officer sweater is living up to expectations.

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MollyVolley Wed 19-Feb-20 20:02:10

It's pretty gorgeous on although way too warm to wear in work so need to keep it for colder weather

XingMing Wed 19-Feb-20 20:10:53

Just booking in for my window seat!

banivani Wed 19-Feb-20 20:29:17

Merci pour the noveau thread!

I'm kicking off with old thread recap:

All the skirts over dresses you lot post are proper fashion, I love them. My version is more cba. wink Luckily for me I found a long black dress today in a charity shop (H&M basic, nothing fancy) that will do nicely for another dress over trousers moment. grin It’s a sort of hijabi look that I’ve always fancied, I’ve always liked that layered sort of dressing. But I’ve considered getting a long tight minidress and wearing like a tunic, which would give that dropped waist look going. I am mostly considering it all to cover up trousers I own that fit badly around the waist. <eyeroll> But it’d be the effect of the Céline pics Bo posted - the reddy trousers with black/white vest top.

However, speaking of proper fashion, there was an article in the paper today about Oliver Saillard and his haute couture made of over-sized t-shirts. I’m head over heels with this look. Head over heels. It’s in the paper because there’s an exhibition in Stockholm at Sven-Harry’s art museum so I’m thinking of going - it’s work from Saillard, Bea Szenfeld, Diana Orving (what’s the word when you see something and then you keep seeing it? I’d never heard of Orving until last week when I was looking at a dress of hers on Ebay, and now I keep seeing the name), Astrid Olsson (who?), Wilhja and Henrik Vibskov (who?), Martin Bergström (again, whooooo?). I am so ignorant.

I do know who Gazza is. But we’ve moved on.I’d rather know Saillard, on the whole. wink

My hair is unhappy, but I can’t claim curls. I might have to splurge on Kerastase shampoo and con, but I hate the bottles. angry. I can’t afford professional dyeing jobs, undyed it looks just old and dirty (not grey enough), dyed it looks box job, and it’s gone coarse and strawlike, while feeling greasy at the same time. <eyeroll>'

NIF: I looked at Minju Kim’s stuff on Net a porter but it’s a lot of money for polyester! I still think she has a good, identifiable style. I hope she can find some commercial success. The programme on its own didn’t manage to go much beyond fluff sadly. For all the diversity claims (did I write this already?) the two finalists came from the top London school and the team of black women lost because paler people explained street style to them. I liked it better than Project Runway though. And I binged it?! But I am a bingey person.

I’ve loved the Paris stories and shopping finds. So glad you’re happy with the coat, Bo! The silk Chanel dress looks amazing on you Elle and I love how Bo bigged it up grin!

As you may remember I know full well the agonizing over picking a wedding outfit… blush One of my dreams is to never have to think too much, just automatically know and pick something great. I’ve had my bride day, I want to be noticed for looking good anyway now that I’m only a guest grin I love the sound of that Perry Ellis, Xing, provided you can eat on the day without it becoming suddenly and painfully constrictive. (I was at a wedding once in control top tights (back in the days when I thought I was fat and didn’t know what I was talking about) and they gave me such terrible gas I had to go and loiter in the gardens for ages during the dancing.)

They have a few interesting pieces in Zara atm but our local shop seems to be stocking feck all and I’m so tired of the order-to-try-on thing I don’t bother. Good thing: I save money. That drapey top is very “sidekick in Picard” though. Corporate space ranger is hilarious!

Redandblue11 Thu 20-Feb-20 07:13:22

Checking in! I am away atm but will catch up when I am back.

Floisme Thu 20-Feb-20 09:53:16

Hey new thread, new people! Thanks as ever bo and welcome Molly

Well it's austerity time for the next couple of months in the House of Flo - not as in can't pay the bills but there won't be much cash in my poche. I have a couple of vouchers still from Christmas so small amounts of fun are possible but anything else will have to be either very judicious or insanely bargainous.

To show how serious I am, I haven't done a smash n' grab at the new Uniqlo U launch, not even the curved trousers back in cotton at last (and modelled full length again I see although personally I still prefer a bit of ankle). I did waver cos my old blue ones are starting to look tired but I'll re-dye them instead. I'm feeling so halo I'm having double chocolate with my coffee as a reward.

There are some other really good shapes but as you said, bani (I think it was you?) what's with all the muddy pastels? The colours in the men's range are far more vibrant.

And is it me or is Zara having a good spell?

banivani Thu 20-Feb-20 09:56:45

I believe I used the term "sludge". You are very saintly Flo!

I am wearing the long black t-shirt dress I got yesterday over grey trousers. Not feeling it. Looks like I got dressed in the dark/pulled trousers on under my nightie. Dress too long. Only six hours to go until I go home and escape the indignity...

quirkychick Thu 20-Feb-20 10:05:15

Just checking in.

quirkychick Thu 20-Feb-20 11:06:47

molly, hi and welcome. Your sweater sounds great, I have their breton cap.

bo, I think I read somewhere that marine collagen is more easily absorbed, but I'm not entirely sure of the science behind that. I thought it was good to switch it up a bit from time to time, at the very least.

ToEllewithIt Thu 20-Feb-20 12:17:42

Quick check in and hello to Molly

botemp Thu 20-Feb-20 13:16:36

Oh Bani, I love, love, LOVE the Sven Harry museum. I have pictures of architectural details of the staircase I took that I frequently still drool over blush and the rooftop is bonkers but the best Swedish type of bonkers. Until when is the exhibition? Your description has made me desperately want to go now and my new Margaux Lonnberg coat is called Sven, if that isn't a sign to defy Greta and fly on over, I don't know what is grin

NIF: the streetwear episode was weird to me as I wasn't convinced 'the drama' was real or not. It's reality TV after and all and to me it really felt like this crafted Diet Prada moment for woke points (and I'm not anti woke where it matters, the issue it brought up had teeth but it was dealt with abysmally by only signalling it weakly and exploiting it for dramatic tension). The guest designer especially felt it important to emphasise how his designs were stolen by Louis Vuitton all the time and it all just felt a bit odd. The guest stylist had some very odd internalised opinions that really should have been challenged.

I thought the constant judges criteria of it has to be what's coming next was an odd one in conjunction with the casting, hence why from the get go it was pretty obvious it would be the Asian or Brits team due to style and schools they went to and what would sell to the NAP audience. I think Minjun actually studied at the Antwerp fashion school which is more conceptual and the top school for thst.

It was also rather silly with their being ahead of the curve talk as they made some remarks that were very dated by the time it aired, like 'I can see that on the Calvin Klein's runway,' meant complimentary when Raf Simmons was still there but not so much when he abandoned the post after a few questionable (unknowingly) final collections. Similarly, it was mentioned that they could see something selling out at Barney's, now being sold in scrap parts following bankruptcy 🤷

I also just about died laughing when a teary Tan France said something like, 'We understand, Alexa and I are designers too.'

I'm prattling on too long, but back to browns at the end of last thread and sludge colours. The local Elle magazine here had a feature on spring summer colours (heavily gleaned from my advent colour) with the addition of green and purple. I really liked the collages they provided and my Sven coat fits in seamlessly halo

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botemp Thu 20-Feb-20 13:19:55

And here's the purple and a collage of all the colours together (made by my phone so it's kind of crap but does the job) as posting in two sort of makes you lose the flow of them.

Also there was an article on a Danish photographer in the Guardian today that seems to be the same colour palette, I need to see if I can get hold of that book as I do love a good photography book.

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XingMing Thu 20-Feb-20 16:13:35

Hello Molly: good to see another recruit to the thread.

quirkychick Thu 20-Feb-20 18:19:00

Those are gorgeous spring colours, bo.

I have been on a massive clear out, as our carpenter starts putting in new fitted wardrobes on Monday and I need to clear the bedroom. The current "cupboards" have plasterboard over the alcoves (around the chimney breast), with just a small door, no hanging room and lots of dead space. There will be lots of mess to start with, but 2 new wardrobes and lots of storage in the end grin. Our dining room now has a shoe box mountain.

Thinking ahead to spring, I need to replace my red, leather trainers which are only fit for taking dd2 to the park in now, perhaps some brogues too. I'm going to look out for a trench coat, maybe secondhand, having got rid of my blue one which was too blue and too shiny - I used to put it on and take it off again. Not a good sign.

banivani Fri 21-Feb-20 13:25:21

Bo, here’s the link to the museum page on the exhibit www.sven-harrys.se/en/utforska/kommande-utstallningar/art-fashion (but maybe you’d found that already) - it’s on until last of May. I think I might go tomorrow provided nothing crops up at home. So funny that you love the place and I’ve never even been (barely heard of it but sure I know nothing ever and never do anything haha). If you do pop over, in defiance of not Greta but the planet <tuts>, let me know anyway!

While all the spring colours are lovely, as evidenced by that nature photo, I get a bit anxious because very little of it is stuff that suits me - are the shops going to be overrun with that shade of lilac now? It’s a real Scandinavian older lady colour, suits that sort of tall blonde woman very well. But not me.

Forgot to say hello to Molly - welcome!

quirkychick Fri 21-Feb-20 13:38:23

bani, I think you have to go for the shades of a colour that do suit you. So, I would go for purples rather than lilac. I have an animal top with various shades of purple and greys with lilac mixed in, as it's diluted it's easier to wear.

botemp Fri 21-Feb-20 13:46:44

Sorry, Bani, yes, I realised there is such a thing as Google, and I know how to use it, after I hit post blush Let me know if it's worth the trip for the exhibition, the rooftop is a guided tour thing, so if you have the time, go for the bonkers experience.

I did spot this from London fashion week that had me go ooh purple, whilst ignoring the fact she's so going to catch a cold with that outfit if London weather has been resembling the weather here lately. Did see a lot of purple at Cos, not the wishy washy lilac stuff but proper purple, the brighter stuff though, not the mother of the bride/Queen Beatrix stuff. It's a nice offset with the sludge colours. I think aside from the bright purple I have most of the s/s colours already, I kind of want to have a root through my stored away clothes right now to see the potential.

CGM chatter:

My diffuser arrived yesterday (ordered on Monday) and I tried it out last night. I'm quite pleased with it, I used it on maximum settings out of curiosity as this would give me Einstein levels of frizz without a diffuser and my hair did not move all, looks similar to how it does air dried (bit more root volume but that's probably down to drying upside down), I was done in under 15 mins which was a bit of a record, slight bit of frizz but I think I really need to switch out my gel for something stiffer. Very positive about it so far, the biggest advantage I've found vs. a standard diffuser is that I can get much closer to the roots as there's no 'fingers' in the way.

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banivani Fri 21-Feb-20 14:27:49

Ah no worries Bo, I just thought by the time I'd answered you'd have looked yourself ;) so I felt as if I was "writing you on the nose" as we say in Swedish.

The homepage is saying nothing though about guided tours of the roof? There's a guided tour of the exhibit on SUNDAY. Typical. I might have to go on Sunday then?

banivani Fri 21-Feb-20 14:28:58

*! obv.

botemp Fri 21-Feb-20 14:33:34

Rooftop is a completely unrelated to exhibitions thing. I'm not sure if I should tell all as it's kind of a spoiler if you know what you're being led to. It just seemed to be at several times a day and limited to a set number of people so potentially not that accessible on the weekends. It was a bit long but it was all in Swedish so that probably made it seem longer as I caught about one word a sentence, they have some translation gizmo but it didn't work.

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botemp Fri 21-Feb-20 14:38:37

Found it, the schedule is here and not overly spoilery.

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