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Bonne année, Parisiennes de Mamansnet! C'est Le nouveau thread full of nouveau ideés!

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TossDaily Thu 28-Dec-17 11:00:18

Excuse the franglais.

Here it is - the third thread in the series, where we add a little je ne sais quoi to our lives, inspired by the style of our souers across the Channel.

Thanks to our top contributor and style guru Botemp, we are finding ways to lift ourselves out of the style doldrums with a slash of red on the lips, a touch of white where it counts, an insouciant scarf or even an over the knee sock or two for the brave among us.

Take it as far as you dare, Mariannes!

TossDaily Thu 28-Dec-17 11:01:32

I've started a new thread, but have no idea how to link to it, sorry.

TossDaily Thu 28-Dec-17 11:02:01

Argh, wrong thread. Doing well here.

<beret slips>

botemp Thu 28-Dec-17 11:07:33

Thread one

Thread two

TossDaily Thu 28-Dec-17 11:08:55

Thank goodness you're here, Bo.

CatherineMaitland Thu 28-Dec-17 11:19:43

May I join you?

I have been lurking on the previous threads and wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of the ideas and tips and inspiration (especially botemp.) I have managed to lose 3 stone nearly this year so have been needing wardrobe updates, partly because old clothes are now comically big and partly because I didn't feel I deserved anything good (I know that sounds stupid) so I didn't have anything worth attempting to keep.

I still have a stone to go so don't want to invest in too many clothes now but I do have a question - where do people go for stylish but comfortable nightwear? I bought one pair of pyjamas from La Redoute in the summer but they already have a hole in them, so I could do with another pair or two, I don't mind spending a bit more for something that will last. I am between a size 12 and 14 at the moment so they could keep me company for a bit.

AgathaMystery Thu 28-Dec-17 11:49:20

I'm going to join in too! Still reading the other threads.

ChangoMutney Thu 28-Dec-17 11:56:05

Hooray - I have £100 to spend on myself from DM and can't decide what to get. I'm considering a necklace, cashmere v neck or good ballet flats I can add to the budget but not sure which to get. As I sew I only want to buy things I can't make for myself.

AuldAlliance Thu 28-Dec-17 11:57:28

The question about pyjamas reminds me about Bo's query re flannel ones. Yes, they used to be cotton. I still have an ancient pair from Gap, bought in about 1991, which are at my parents' and I therefore wear once in a blue moon.

CatherineMaitland, Hush pyjamas are good quality (unlike a lot of their other stuff). At least they were a year or so ago.

ProperLavs Thu 28-Dec-17 12:09:15

I know this might elicit gasps of horror, but I'm going to say it anyway. Primark. Primark is great for PJs. The men's ones are 100% cotton too.
The ones I've got from there have lasted years and there aren't covered in rabbits and love hearts.

Swimminguphill Thu 28-Dec-17 12:10:04

John Lewis do great cotton pjs, I bought loads in the sale last year: white with pink stars red check and if you want a more classic look, not in sale blue dobby spot I prefer them to Hush as they are less stiff/thick and I find them more comfy to sleep in. I’m a pyjama snob!

AuldAlliance Thu 28-Dec-17 12:21:21

Bo, these ones may be cotton, though it says "to be confirmed." Not sure whether uncertainty as to their composition fully explains the bloke's terrified face...

Pinkpeppermintteaforme Thu 28-Dec-17 12:30:45

Laura Ashley always do lovely brushed Cotton Pjs (in the sale now!)
Gorgeously soft and cosy.
Have also never been disappointed by Cyberjammies other than the terrible name.
I wear the chemise in the summer /brushed cotton pjs in the winter.

TossDaily Thu 28-Dec-17 12:34:02

I love Hush pjs.

Cath Kidston are great too, if you can get past the slightly twee prints.

ilovecherries Thu 28-Dec-17 12:44:29

Oh, lovely, a new thread. I just loved the last one - still need to read the first one in full. I am today sporting red lippy, white long sleeved tee shirt, grey merino jumper (DH's but he's gone to work fgrin), black slim leg trousers and black ankle boots. Will shortly be donning my grey cashmere beret and some sadly unchic outerwear to walk the dog. Chanel also sent me a sample of coromandel perfume with my new lipstick. I'm wearing that as well and had almost decided that it was going to become my winter scent till I saw the price. That might need to wait!

AdelicaArundel Thu 28-Dec-17 12:45:11

Bonjour mes amies!
J'ai reçu des Gift Vouchers pour Christmas....for a local v nice shop with tous les brands comme Net-a-Porter and from Next (sublime to ridiculous).

I am feeling trés lazy this morning...but inspired by all of you, I am going to get everything out of the wardrobe today and have a good cull.
There is a lovely thread here also (Sartorial goals 2018 or something like that) which I think is a great idea. I have occasionally cut pages from magazines when I saw a look that I like, but I need to do more of that.
A visual way of knowing what I am aiming for.

Thanks again Toss for the new thread.

CatherineMaitland Thu 28-Dec-17 12:47:09

Thanks everyone, some new places to try!

I don't know why but I just don't seem to like the look of Hush PJs very much.

Methenyouplus4 Thu 28-Dec-17 12:55:06

Ilovecherries- I am also on the look out for a signature scent. I want something that smells 'clean' or I quite like unusual scents (had a tomato based one in the past which I loved). I'm after something that lasts well but that where perfume house/parent company don't test on animals. Happy to pay up to about £45.

I am on the hunt for a totally different type of bra. I have been wearing super padded t-shirt bras to try and reclaim my pre-breast feeding shape. I am now looking for something more subtle, a gentle boost but perhaps with a lace trim to wear under the image shown here or a cami- the idea being that if you do get a subtle glimpse of bra, it's something a bit sexy.

I have been measured both in-store an using online guide recommended on here and come out as a 30D but while they fit, they look silly as there is no fullness in upper breast so very much a small teardrop shape.

Methenyouplus4 Thu 28-Dec-17 12:57:02

Adelica- presumably you know about pintrest which is a great rabbit hole of inspiration.

ilovecherries Thu 28-Dec-17 13:14:05

Oh, I do have a question. We are going for some winter sun, end Feb, beginning March. Not sure where as it's a birthday treat but I've been told expect about 25-28C. It may be near a beach, but won't be a beach holiday because DH knows I'm not keen on them. As I've lost 4 stone this year, nothing I have for warm weather fits. I'm about 7lbs off a normal BMI, and want to lose at least another 7 after that. I'm currently in a 12 on the bottom, and14 on top, I think another stone will take me to a 10 bottom/12 top but I don't anticipate that I will have lost all that stone before we go on holiday, and I'm fine with that - it's crucial that I avoid a 'diet' mentality so I'm good with slow but sure. Can anyone suggest a chic capsule holiday wardrobe, in styles that will be forgiving in terms of whatever my exact size is by then? After years of having to wear 'fun' prints in stretchy polyester, I want chic while comfortable. I quite fancy something fairly monochrome. Everything needs to be trainer/flatform friendly because I've had a lot of orthopaedic surgery after an accident. I also have a lot of scarring on one of my legs, so don't wear shorts (I'm fine with showing knee downwards as the scars on the bottom are just neat surgical scars, but the top half of my leg is grim). I need everything - even my shoes and sunglasses are too big! I'm 5'7", I'm a 34JJ chest and I burn easily. Help me look effortlessly gorgeous, please!

AdelicaArundel Thu 28-Dec-17 13:38:57

Methen thank you, yes, I know of Pinterest.

But, (contrary to my posting here) I am trying to reduce my social media use....I don't do personal Facebook, am trying to write more letters than emails/texts.

I love doing an inspiration board at the start of the year....when I do one, I find myself more satisfied at the end of the year. It keeps me on target. If I let it slide into mid-January, I tend not to do it well, and am less satisfied with the use of my time.

I am doing my goals for 2018 and thought that a board of "looks" would be helpful for me. This thread has been so useful in learning what and why things work on my shape. (hat-tip to bo).

MrsPestilence Thu 28-Dec-17 14:05:04

Adelica wardrobe 2 is empty, there may now be 20 dresses hanging around the edge of the room blush am hiding downstairs with a cheese toasty. Wardrobe 1 was fine, coats, suits and long dresses. Checked over and rehung after cleaning the inside of the wardrobe. Rescued a long forgotten fave top that had hidden under shearling coat.

Methen try a half cup or balconette bra.

AgathaMystery Thu 28-Dec-17 14:15:26

I wanted to say Hush PJ earlier but was too intimidated to post in case they're not chic enough. blush

Anyway. Since thread one started I've bought a fab YSL red lipstick and am wearing it almost daily. The YSL woman was amazing and we tried loads before I got the right shade. She was awesome. Not wearing it for work though as would be ridic frankly.

ProperLavs Thu 28-Dec-17 14:36:14

well, they'll be a damn sight more chicexpensive than Primark. I'm not really after chic when it comes to nightwear though wink

quirkychick Thu 28-Dec-17 14:41:57

Another who would recommend hush pyjamas, I think they were originally a nightwear company iirc.

ilovecherries would somewhere like tkmaxx do, as you could buy nice things for less?

I'm feeling very pleased that a long white striped shirt I thought I'd packed away for spring, I have left out. I'm trying out the white(ish) shirt under a navy jumper today with folded back cuffs, I would normally wear it with a long cardi, so it's nice to have a new way to wear it. Thanks, bo.

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