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🐌 Fantastic Skincare: In the Garden of Wisdom there is always room for Cicaplast ❤️

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botemp Sun 10-Jun-18 08:39:52

Thread 1 Thread 2 Thread 3 Thread 4 Thread 5 Thread 6 Thread 7 Thread 8 Thread 9 Thread 10
Thread 11 Thread 12 Thread 13 Thread 14

For those who are taking a peek and wondering what this all about, we mostly discuss a bit of advanced skincare here with a perspective of seeking out the right ingredients (rather than the latest new shiny product and all its empty promises) for our particular skin needs. Distinguishing the acid toners from the actives whilst avoiding the truly unimpressive and harmful ingredients with a hope to achieve a bit of anti-ageing, alleviate irritation and sensitivities with some idle chat in between. Newcomers are always welcome but please note the following:

Questions and asking for help on this thread is encouraged, however, we can’t give you a specific routine to follow and hope it works out for the best. There are no overnight miracles in skincare whether it be in the form of products or techniques. It’s about perseverance, understanding your skin, assessing its needs and responding to that in a diligent manner.

These threads were created to help those who want to learn for themselves. We’re a group of interested and invested skincare nuts happy to offer tea and sympathy and dole out advice. Everyone’s journey with skincare is different, what is universal and binds us is that through actually learning about the different active ingredients it helps us get to know our skin and help us adapt as it will change many times throughout our lives - with seasons, hormonal changes, ageing, genetics etc. It's in everyone's best interests to get to know their skin and to keep reviewing those changes with the confidence that comes from the gathered knowledge here. We really encourage you to spend the time reading through previous threads and linked info sheets that the many contributors have taken the trouble to share.

By no means are we experts, we're only a bunch of amateurs that can only respond by suggesting what we would do in your place, for any severe conditions please seek out professional help.

Ahem, and finally a little note on spending. I'm well aware these threads cause many to reach for their wallets and spend with wild abandon. There can sometimes be a bit of a frenzy surrounding the excitement around a newly discovered product or on the back of great improvements when someone reports back. This is all great, it doesn't however, mean everything that's a sudden miracle for one will be it for you. Usually, it's a lightbulb moment for connecting the right skincare ingredient with an individual experiencing a specific problem. Take your time to mull over decisions and question whether it's right for you too. Skincare is highly individual, it's a slow game that should cost mostly in patience, input, education, and perseverance. Please don't make it cost you financially needlessly.

I am very slowly working on consolidating the gathered information from previous threads into easier to read formats but it’s slow going. I would suggest reading thread 1 and at the very least the following info sheets (provided they apply to you):

Where to Start

Basics of an Actives Routine

Skin Types vs. Skin Conditions Info Sheet

Anti-Ageing Info sheet

Adult Acne Info Sheet

Understanding Which Sunscreen(s) to Buy

Do I Really Need to Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day of the Year?

A Damaged Skin Barrier - Now What?


So You Want To Buy A Retinoid - A Guide

JUNE 2018: We successfully got the Frezyderm Frenzy into the MN Swears By!!!!!!!! So, once more for the MN bottom line:

In other news we’re excited by the launch of Garden of Wisdom at Victoria Health and several posters are already in full on testing mode.

Also, thread 15 shock, who is going to get me some crystal? Preferably not meth

ChesterBelloc Sun 10-Jun-18 10:07:23

Thank you for the new thread, and the new cheat-sheet, bo! I've read it, and in its honour, I have a retinol-related question:

Has anyone used the Medik8 Retinol 3 TR serum?

Skinoracle has it for £25.99 with free delivery, which seems a good deal. It sounds like it might actually do something for my forehead lines. My skin isn't sensitive, and is fairly 'normal' and stable, but I will obvs build up use slowly.

Another question: can I use it in conjunction with the CeRave PM lotion? I assume it will be cleanse, serum then lotion.

Thanks all thanks

botemp Sun 10-Jun-18 10:15:32

Chester, I haven't used the Medik8 3TR, but I think you should be good with it. Keep in mind with its appealing price, it's only 15ml. That does have its advantages as it's an entry level Retinol so you'll be building up use slow and a 30ml product may significantly lose efficacy by the time you're halfway through it.

Yes, you can use the Cerave PM over it but you may not need to, as it's an oily serum. You also may want to consider leaving a bit of time between the two products.

ThenCameTheFools Sun 10-Jun-18 10:16:33

Hello Bo!

Was just about to post this on the other thread but saw it's up to 996 posts so thought I'd leap in here!

The Vichy Vit will I know when it's gone off? I think mine might be on the brink- or even over, but I've been using it for over 3 weeks and the first 10 days it wasn't in the fridge! There was a definite metallic twangy scent to it this morning. (or maybe because it's Sunday and I'm not rushing round I noticed the scent that's always been there but I'm usually too busy to notice!)

Still loving the frezyderm.

I suddenly spotted last weekend a weird "scratch" like mark above each eyebrow, which on investigation looked like broken blood capillaries- I think I'd be over-zealously facially-massaging, blush especially given sinusitis 24/7.

botemp Sun 10-Jun-18 10:23:54

Colour mostly, Fools, it goes yellow then orange. You may also see a bit of white deposits on the bottom. The scent you describe is pretty classic Vit C -also described as hot dog water envy <-- bleurgh.

On the subject of Vit C, tried the GOW Vit C this morning on the face for the first time. Was a bit stingier than expected, but tolerable (also think I used a bit too much product). I think it's a good one for summer as it's a bit stronger but I may just revert back to the Vichy in winter as it's a lot milder to use.

ThenCameTheFools Sun 10-Jun-18 11:06:51

Urgh to hot dog water, but yes, I can see that. grin

Mine is sort of light wee coloured right now, so am guessing it's on its way out. I have loved it though, and will probably repurchase anyway. Am trying to use up all my half bottles of toners/serums etc at the moment, but hitting the UK for 2 mths very shortly so compiling big shopping lists (between this thread, the perfumistas, the look-expensive and the French baguettes grin the list is very loooooooong.

Nofilter Sun 10-Jun-18 12:42:53

Thanks Bo for the Retinol sheet... lots to think about and decipher...

Sounds like a great product if you use it correctly...

I’ve got some Aesop facial cleanser to use up do u think that’s ok for my skin as I think it has enzymes in it...?

I never even imagined I could treat my Rosacea or improve these capillaries... next stop GP call in morning and go from there.

Has anyone any experience with blocked bumpy pores?

Nofilter Sun 10-Jun-18 12:47:01

Frezyderm and La Roche Posay Derma Cleanser just arrived grin

Shop Sun 10-Jun-18 12:51:00

GOW eye serum is good so far, only a few days in but pleased with how it’s been sinking in. Goes well under makeup and only need a really tiny amount for both eyes.

SophieLion Sun 10-Jun-18 13:29:52

Bo, thank you 🙏🏻 The retinoid sheet is great and so informative. It must have taken a lot of work to put together.

I can definitely vouch for the "getting worse before it gets better" for tretinoin (for acne)!! Got a follow-up with derm this week so will see what she says.

TantricTwist Sun 10-Jun-18 14:22:37

I've been looking for a simple eye cream for a while as I don't need a work horse as such so I've bought this at a reduced price of £5 in Sainburys Nivea Q10 lets hope it's just what I need, I'll let you know

SophieLion Sun 10-Jun-18 15:01:19

Gorgeous photo on the other thread Ollie. Love the colour of your dress.

Mint, Chester, Violet and whoever else was talking about Frezyderm and eyes: I've wondered about this for a while. I do think that Frezyderm runs more than other SPFs in hot weather/sports. So it may not be the case that the Frezyderm irritates the eyes more than other SPFs, just that it seems to end up closer to the eyes (and therefore causes irritation) because it runs.

Violet18 Sun 10-Jun-18 15:24:33

@ChesterBelloc I'm planning on ordering the Medik8 3TR but was going to buy direct as you can return if the product within 30 days if you don't like it. I have sensitive skin, so it's reassuring.

Not sure if Skin Oracle have the same returns policy, but will check before I order.

Violet18 Sun 10-Jun-18 15:36:22

@Bo, thanks for the new thread and the info sheet, will check that out!

Also, I've ordered the Rosette Ceramide Gel that you recommended, will report back. In the meantime I'm trying the Facetheory relaxing night cream, but using very sparingly as I see what you mean about the texture - I think it is a bit rich for oily skin but ok at the mo, but not for everyday use.

I'm having an actives break for a couple of nights due to dehydration on my forehead (where on earth did those lines come from?!? Ffs!), think it might be the BHA which I am using alternative nights. I really love the stuff so really have to remind myself not to go overboard blush

TantricTwist Sun 10-Jun-18 15:50:11

Olli I love that dress

Ollivander84 Sun 10-Jun-18 16:29:27

Thank you. I also borrowed a male model grin and got some amazing duo images

mintmagnummm Sun 10-Jun-18 16:56:37

Sophie thank you but I don't think that's the case with me because it happened as soon as I'd done my routine so no time to have got hot and sweaty for it to have run, my eyes are fine now and have been out in the heat and in a stuffy car so surely if it was because of running my eyes would be worse now?? I'll see if my eyes continue to sting over the next few days, it hasn't been consistent and I've been using frezyderm for a while now so am wondering.....

SallieSallow Sun 10-Jun-18 17:47:11

Wow can't believe we filled that last thread so fast shock

Thank you for the new one Bo and the retinol info.

I'm a bit wary about the GOW Vit c now, might just stick with AF as it's the only one so far that hasn't made me itchy.

Nofilter it's very likely that the blocked, bumpy pores are symptoms of your rosacea but see what your GP says.

Gorgeous photo Olli ❤️

JDSTER Sun 10-Jun-18 18:57:37

Thanks bo for new thread, new info sheet, which I’ll read later and your advice on silica. I bought the brand you recommended but one with silica and biotin in. Realistically I need a capsule- I’d never take it as a drink between meals. I’ll soon find out if it causes spots!

Tant I don’t use balm cleanser (or rarely) and I find they irritate my eyes so I do like a separate, preferably non oily, eye makeup remover. Is Nivea oily?

mint I didn’t see your question, sorry. Just for you here’s a lineup of my current SPFs. My absolute favourite is BioreUV bright milk. I use LRP if I’m in strong sun/holidays etc. I’ve just bought the non tinted version too. I haven’t tried the LRP spray yet, it’s for top ups

JDSTER Sun 10-Jun-18 18:59:09

Forgot to say mint, I used frezyderm today and my eyes are stinging on and off since this afternoon. I haven’t been hit and sweaty at all but it’s obviously migrated.

miffy2 Sun 10-Jun-18 19:23:58

Olli fab photo!!!

I am using frezyderm every day and have no eye stinging issues. However pollen count is very high and my DH and my mum have both had stinging eyes lately - mum thought it was her LRP SPF but I told her to take anti-histamines for a couple of days in case it is pollen. (DH is taking them and finding they help; I take Piriton every night to keep post nasal drip at bay and a side effect is no hay fever symptoms at all this year!)

mintmagnummm Sun 10-Jun-18 19:25:12

Thank you JDSTER are the biore ones fragranced? Also is the non tinted lrp xl in the same type of packaging? Only the one I saw was in a weird type bottle with a spout thing (I'm crap at describing lol). That's weird about your eyes too! Mine are sore again this evening!

mintmagnummm Sun 10-Jun-18 19:27:40

Miffy I've been taking piriton daily for my antibiotic rash but my eyes are wrecked!
My skin is also a mess at the moment, lots of little whiteheads and red spots! Still waiting for the dreaded period! Poxy hormones!

mintmagnummm Sun 10-Jun-18 19:28:48

Sorry JDSTER just realised ur lrp is the anti shine one, I used to love and swear by that but they changed the formula and now it pills on me no matter what I do!

Kewcumber Sun 10-Jun-18 19:41:16

I'm 53 and it's about itme I started looking after my skin (at least a tiny bit). I'm going to start with daily spf.

I'm interested in the frexyderm mentioned on that last thread - does anyone know how it compares with ultrasun face?

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