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Perfumistas 14: Perfumery High and Low. (Warning: this thread sabotages credit cards)

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OCSockOrphanage Tue 01-May-18 13:24:01

Here we go again... A merry whirl of things of things that smell delicious (and sometimes not).

OneNightTimeMenaceStrikesBack Tue 01-May-18 13:32:28

marking my place!!

UnnecessaryFennel Tue 01-May-18 13:38:19

Gosh, thread 14! Marking my place.

pestilentialboundary Tue 01-May-18 13:44:48

Reporting in and contemplating just how classified the fruit is going to get for tomorrow.

MrsGruber Tue 01-May-18 13:45:05

Thank you OC. Not sure if the link works (might just be my phone)?

pestilentialboundary Tue 01-May-18 13:46:36

Link working for me.
Here's the Old Thread

MissMorkansAnnualDance Tue 01-May-18 13:49:41


I'm going to namechange in a minute, I've decided to namechange every new thread, at this rate it will be weekly before long!

I am in vintage Paris. You can probably smell me from there. grin

ThenCameTheFools Tue 01-May-18 13:53:28

There we go.

In honour of the song I'm currently listening to.

Coffeecoffeebuzzbuzzbuzz Tue 01-May-18 14:17:13

Marking my place too.

VioletWillow Tue 01-May-18 15:44:48

Goodness, a new thread! Everyone has been busy. Today was JHAG Mad Madame, from the discovery set - I had high hopes for MM but it isn't for me I don't think. I have covered myself in Dirty Honey to drown out the smell 😂

OCSockOrphanage Tue 01-May-18 16:04:53

Bidding low. SoTD is PP Sahaara Noire. I love this but never smelled the (discontinued TF) original. It's not springlike, but then, nor is the day. It's grey and windy and feels like autumn.

CountFosco Tue 01-May-18 16:07:23

MrsG rhubarb is a stalk

contemplating just how classified the fruit is going to get for tomorrow

Well I think we'll probably want to go culinary definition rather than botanical because wearing banana, coffee or chilli fragrances on a berry day might blow my mind, never mind anyone else.

Anyone ever had a banana perfume?

ThenCameTheFools Tue 01-May-18 16:58:01

Eurgh at banana perfume. Everyone had the banana conditioner from the Body Shop in the 80s, didn't they? I do sometimes think oudy perfumes smell like rotting banana.

auberginesrus Tue 01-May-18 17:03:29

Also place marking and [grim] at banana perfume. If I do fruit it will have to be citrus.

auberginesrus Tue 01-May-18 17:03:52

Ha at my Freudian slip there!

Motoko Tue 01-May-18 18:59:29

I used to love that Body Shop banana conditioner!

MrsGruber Tue 01-May-18 19:16:28

Go bananas...we need Calm to tell us about Sira des Indes.

MrsGruber Tue 01-May-18 19:20:48

I'm transmogrifying too...PM me if in any doubt (no doubt you'll guess). Is this the Perfumista version of Time Lord regeneration grin.

CountFosco Tue 01-May-18 19:23:04

Bat also has banana listed as a top note. Anyone had any of these?

CheapTarnishedGlitter Tue 01-May-18 19:31:16

I think Banana perfume would just remind me of that Banana Splodge stuff the dentist gave us as kids...

Fruit sounds good though and If the weather's as nice tomorrow as it was today then choosing a citrus will be perfect.

SotD was ELDO True Lust.

UnnecessaryFennel Tue 01-May-18 19:34:11

Where are floofy and fancy btw?

MrsSettergren Tue 01-May-18 19:39:12

Only Bat. SotD was White Queen. wink

So are stalks allowed tomorrow - if so R&C Cologne could be a contender? If not, Babylon Sunset. Interviewing all day in a small room so will need to be slightly careful about dose.

Maybe we should have a side competition for the most interesting/obscure fruit note?

MrsSettergren Tue 01-May-18 19:40:58

And JSW and Green and MrsS? Do PM me if you are them and I've just failed to keep track!

LibertyBlue Tue 01-May-18 19:51:18

Thanks for new thread smile

SOTD is Floral Street Iris Goddess- thinking about asking for a FB for my birthday.

I’m in for fruit tomorrow. I have something I’ve wanted to try for summer - it’s a relative cheapie

I’ve also been wondering where everyone has gone. Come back! Also big welcome to any newbies.

LibertyBlue Tue 01-May-18 19:56:37

Yes - there’s a big banana note in Zoologist Bat. It’s amazing but also a bit yucky

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