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Slimming world support thread #6 2017

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BasinHaircut Tue 11-Jul-17 22:21:30


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BasinHaircut Tue 11-Jul-17 22:25:11

Been to my personal training session tonight and apparently lost 1.2% body fat last week! Not sure how accurate that is though.

Good day today all round good-wise and I've prepped all lunches and dinners till Friday lunch now. I forgot DH was away 2 nights/3 days and had a 500g pack of mince out so I've made naked tacos x 2 and spag Bol x 2 plus an extra portion of bolognese for the freezer.

Will be sick of mince by Friday night!

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BasinHaircut Tue 11-Jul-17 22:25:29


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FoofFighter Tue 11-Jul-17 22:40:23

Thanks for making thread basin, as a relative newcomer I didn't feel it was my place blush

Groovester Tue 11-Jul-17 22:54:40

Thanks for the new thread. Signing in. Back on plan for 2 days. I weigh in on Thursday morning. Was going to skip it this week having been away but decided to face it instead. Still struggling a bit but determined to get over my blip. I expect a gain this week again but with being back on plan, I'm hoping that it will start coming off again for next week. Bought digital scales due to amazon prime day. Probably a silly thing though as I will weigh daily...

TurquoiseOwl Tue 11-Jul-17 23:01:41

I know this is an odd post, but having the group helps massively, doesn't it!? I feel like after every weigh in/group I'm starting my diet again, instead of feeling like I've been doing it for years. I feel so positive about this! It's so weird that I started at 20:2.5 and in a week am now kind of close to being in the 18s! Well, I'm closer to the 18s than the 20s, so I guess it counts...

Groovester Tue 11-Jul-17 23:11:09

You've had a brilliant start turquoise - Well done! I do feel like the group gives me the boost I need to keep going. That and the scales going down too, of course. I've been rubbish for a month now and think I'm missing the impetus that losses on the scales gives you. There's always next week!

Groovee Tue 11-Jul-17 23:18:25

Hello, 5.5lb on. Not sure how the next week will be as surgery on Friday.

Was at Burlesque tonight and I made it on the chair! Huge achievement

TurquoiseOwl Tue 11-Jul-17 23:27:34

@Groovester - thank you so much smile 5.5 lbs isn't too bad for a holiday! I normally do 10 lbs and good luck for the surgery smile

Oh, I forgot to say. I need to have my gallbladder out - I've had sepsis from it and was in hospital for a while (I wasn't diagnosed at this point) and it got like that because I refused to go to a doctor because I was so self conscious sad my consultant hasn't mentioned my weight (but he does specialise in weight loss surgery too, so probably doesn't register to him grin) but I wouldn't feel comfortable having general anaesthetic at this size tbh - especially as you have to be naked!!! That's another reason I want to lose weight. I only just fit in the MRI scanner! He says 18 is young to have gallstones (I've had attacks since 14!!!) and really worry it's because I'm obese, but he hasn't said that...

I don't know why I'm sitting here thinking about so much tonight grin I just hate being fat confused

Groovester Wed 12-Jul-17 00:15:27

Groovee you will bounce back after your surgery. Be kind to yourself. Well done on your Burlesque victory!

turquoise remember that doctors see bodies as bodies. They've seen it all before plus more. I have had my gallbladder removed. Worth it to avoid the crippling pain. I was lucky in that I only ever had two attacks and then it was removed. I didn't have stones, just an inflamed gallbladder. Worse pain than childbirth, I swear!

TurquoiseOwl Wed 12-Jul-17 00:23:19

I'm getting both of you confused grin

Yeah, the pain is awful, I wish I had went and got it looked into when I was younger. My mum used to think it was period pains angry I used to keep saying it was nothing like it! Both her and my sister kept saying it was and that they knew because they were older hmm that's why my mum wasn't too worried!!!

That's the only reason I'm glad it was proved it was something else.

That time it turned to sepsis was horrific, although I doubt I'd have ever got seen if it hadn't. I was practically collapsed, so they just pulled my top up themselves sad

I have cancelled the pre op appointment (that was for a stone removal though as there is a big one lodged (showed on the MRI)) as I'm doing okay. I had an attack a couple of weeks ago, but thank goodness it was quick. Just as I took the oramorph, it went away. I don't think the oramorph helps anyway...! I might ask to be re referred, but I'd like to lose some more weight smile

TurquoiseOwl Wed 12-Jul-17 00:27:10

@Groovester - not to sound gross to ask, but do you get an upset stomach every time you have something fattening? That scares me the most I think about having it out.

Groovee Wed 12-Jul-17 04:26:46

I had my gall bladder out in 2010. Best thing I ever did. I was bigger than I am currently but it did help give me back my life as I couldn't eat anything without triggering an attack including water.

FoofFighter Wed 12-Jul-17 07:18:36

Gall bladder pain is one of the worst. I had my first attack at 18, it runs in my family I recall my mother almost dying she went as yellow as this fella confused
I would have been only 4 or so so she was mid twenties.

Anyway I was misdiagnosed for over ten years before they scanned and by that point I was blacking out almost every other day. Had it out and never looked back smile

FoofFighter Wed 12-Jul-17 07:19:18

Off to weigh in at 9.30, when sh me luck it's going to be horrific after my binge blush

Tigger83 Wed 12-Jul-17 07:44:38

Still on track so far! I have just found out I'm pregnant, very early days and after 2 miscarriages I don't want to get my hopes up.... I'd like to still follow the diet as it seems to just be healthy choices and I need to be focused to be as healthy as I possibly can... is there anything I need to change?

IvorHughJarrs Wed 12-Jul-17 07:58:30

Hi folks, I posted on the last thread to say hello as a newbie to SW and ask a question but got no replies, it must have got lost in the chat, so wondered if I could ask again?

I'm going to a group as I know I cannot do this alone but the group is not how my last one was (that was years ago). The leader takes ages over weighing so we sit about for 3/4 - 1hr or so after the start time, she then gives any notices, tells us the recipe of the week from the website, goes through the losses, awards SOTW and that is it. There is no motivation, no informative talk, nothing. Is this normal now? The time suits me and the same woman does a lot of the other local classes anyway but it is winding me up every week and I am getting more info and recipe ideas from online

Having said that I have lost 1st 11lb in 10 weeks so am pleased with that (although I am very large so it's not as big an achievement as it sounds!)

LavenderRainbows Wed 12-Jul-17 08:00:19

groovee that's not a bad gain for a fab holiday. That's what holidays are for! You will get that off in a couple of weeks.
turquoise don't beat yourself up, you are doing something positive about your weight now which is brilliant. My GP has never mentioned my weight despite the fact I was almost 19 stone. I don't know why some are more bothered than others.
groovester come on twinny you can do this! grin
tigger I hope things work out for you this timeflowers I'm not sure but think you can have extra HE''s? Someone else will confirmsmile
I have WI today but went out on a celebration meal last night and had sticky toffee pudding blush hopefully it won't register yet!!

PositiveAttitude Wed 12-Jul-17 08:01:31

Congratulations and good luck Tigger

So chuffed at WI last night. After my massive, humungous 7 course blow out on friday I did until yesterday as SP. It only worked miracles, didn't it??? I lost 2.5lb!!!!!!!!! grin The most I have lost for ages. Only 2lb for my 5 stone award now, so I am hoping for that in a couple of weeks time.

Staying to group certainly keeps me on track. Our group is dwindling rather a lot. Loads get weighed, but most dont stay. Last night there was only about 10 of us (over 70 get weighed!). I do like our consultant, but when we had a stand-in when she was on holiday it was brilliant. She was so encouraging and like a breath of fresh air. I find the normal group very samey after 13 months of going.

LavenderRainbows Wed 12-Jul-17 08:04:33

Welcome ivor that sounds like my takes an age to go through everyone's gain/losses
There are tips and chat on the way but I stopped staying to group as it took too long.
I still pay to be weighed as it's the only way I stick to it!
Well done on your loss so far!!

LavenderRainbows Wed 12-Jul-17 08:06:14

Fantastic PA star

I hardly ever try sp days. Might give it a go grin

PositiveAttitude Wed 12-Jul-17 08:08:38

Ivor x posted with you. Sorry your question got lost on the last thread - it does move quite quickly here and I do skim through if I havent been on for a few days!

Our group is a bit like that. I have learnt to time it to get to the WI bit later, then I wont be sat around while another 69 people are weighed. Our consultant does the SOW, online recipes bit then goes round each person to chat about how they have done etc.. The group is best when this generates discussion and I have picked up good tips and things from what other people have found helpful - or not! I feel it is still not really "my thing", but I persevere for the sake of keeping up the weight loss and getting a kick up the bum each week when I have wandered off the path a bit. DO you get chatting with other people there? I have just started being a bit more confident at our group and find it far more friendly now that I am talking to more people there.

ibuiltahomeforyou Wed 12-Jul-17 08:12:47

Congratulations Tigger! Fingers crossed for a sticky bean flowersflowersflowers

There is an extra leaflet detailing what else you are entitled to when pregnant/breastfeeding, if you're going to group. You'll also need to OK it with your midwife. Whilst you're pregnant you get two HEXAs and two HEXBs.

I'm breastfeeding and get six healthy extras which is pretty good!

FoofFighter Wed 12-Jul-17 08:13:25

Ivor, our group is similar but she doe limit it and says at the start if thins are going well and you don't need any help then let's moe along so we can get to those who do need it. Works well, but in part a group is only as good as it's members, if you have the misfortune to have a Bowels Brenda in your group, well you can kiss half an hour goodbye taking about her movements angry

You need a good heplful and sociable group alongside the SW consultant for it to buzz I feel.

My group now is certainly the best I've been to, even though she's forced to do that godawful team fun tech shite.

Could you visit another group and compare?

FoofFighter Wed 12-Jul-17 08:15:26

Tigger, congratulations, fingers crossed for you x your midwife will need to sign a form giving you permission to carry on, so I wouldn't mention it to the group just yet if I were you as they won't be allowed to have you until you get that form. AM sure someone here will help with how many hexes you get until such time as you can get that sorted smile

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