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Slimming World Support #3 2017

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ALemonyPea Tue 07-Mar-17 21:50:41

Rolling into March, welcome oldies and newbies.

ALemonyPea Tue 07-Mar-17 21:52:11

Well done on the loss PA. I'd have been emotional eating as well. Good for you getting back on it tomorrow. Hope the 4 weeks go quickly.

Groovee Tue 07-Mar-17 21:52:56

Whooo, placemarking for tomorrow x

Shamoffour Tue 07-Mar-17 22:04:06

Hello all!
Crap day hardly eaten anything as I feel awful full of a cold. What I have eaten is not good though. Im hoping I may get away with it as I've eaten so little!

ClashCityRocker Tue 07-Mar-17 22:15:11

Placemarking, whee new thread!

Just had tea - pollock mash brocolli and cauliflower, not particularly inspiring but filled a hole.

Have relatives coming up at the weekend, after much deliberation I've decided to cook at home - gonna do an Indian so will be Syns for curry paste, and going to have chapati instead of a naan. Will no doubt be well over Syns for beer though!

I could make sw curries I guess but I'm dubious and we live near a rather marvellous curry spice shop...

still, lots of syns saved on not eating out. planning on making beef rogan josh, seafood patia, chicken madras, vegetable coconut curry, bombay potatoes and tarka dhal. i may have bitten off more than i can chew...

OwlinaTree Tue 07-Mar-17 22:16:31

Well done all the losers, especially groovee! I'm delighted that I've lost 2.5lb tonight! Well chuffed with that. Makes up for 2 weeks of sts. Also reached my interim target of being officially not overweight. Bmi now 24.6!! Next target is 4lb to get into the next stone bracket.

harverina Tue 07-Mar-17 22:17:34

Hi everyone,

Lost 2lbs despite my scales at home telling me I had gained 😀
So I will 100% not be going on my scales from now one. It wasn't worth the stress. I am disappointed I didn't get a big week 1 loss but I don't think I can expect that since I had been followed my fitness pal just before. But delighted to have a loss.

Today I've had

B two sw cereal bars

L pasta n sauce (0.5)

D leek and potato soup, salmon, syn free chips, corn on the cob. Muller light yogurt.

Syns - 2 cereal bars (6) salad cream (1)

So a good day!

harverina Tue 07-Mar-17 22:19:13

Well done to those with losses! All this weight loss is really inspiring me!

emwithme Tue 07-Mar-17 22:21:31

YAY! Thank you for the new thread. And thank you Waitrose for Belgian Chocolate Froyo.

Am waiting for a scan at the EPU tomorrow morning because of bleeding today (if I'm totally honest, I think it'll be bad news although I am hopeful it's just one of those things) so I've spend this evening on the settee working my way through a load of recorded stuff off the Sky+ and a tub of froyo.

TheImprobableGirl Tue 07-Mar-17 22:22:34

Well done harv in the end! no- it wasn't worth 35 syns hmm

Facefactsnow Tue 07-Mar-17 22:22:48

Can I join... lost 1st and 0.5lb since Jan... have 11.5lb to go. Tonight was only 0.5lb off and really disappointed as I'd tried so hard this week. Came home and wanted to binge...

OwlinaTree Tue 07-Mar-17 22:46:12

Thinking of you em.

Lulooo Wed 08-Mar-17 04:57:53

Shamoffour, I always tell myself there's no such thing as a bad day. Just an allowance day. It makes me feel more positive and upbeat about my lapses. Generally speaking (if you're not doing SW), if you eat well 80% of the time you can have what you want 20% of the time. So whenever I eat off plan I count it as my 20% and don't feel too guilty about it. It's really helped me keep myself on track as when I tried losing weight previously, about 7 years ago, I'd have a bad day and then go into emotional eating melt down and binge for another couple of days as I felt such a failure. Now, I just wave it off and think 'okay, that's my 20% done so I need to eat well for the next 10 days'. It works for me.
Whereas previously I would have 2-3 bad days every 7-8 days, I now have had only about 4 real moments of weakness in the past 2 months. I believe it's my positivity about it that's helped and also SW's syns system where we have a little of what we want each day really helps in preventing a build up of a craving.
Just put it behind you and eat well for the next week. You'll still see a loss.

Lulooo Wed 08-Mar-17 05:04:49

em hope you're okay and it's just a false alarm. Are you pregnant?

facefact, welcome and 0.5lb is okay. You'll do better next week.

Well done harv, and Clashcity that sounds like one of my menus for when guests come over. I usually always make at least one SW friendly dish though and have lots of that myself with a little tiny of the rest to avoid feeling deprived. Then I syn the whole meal at 15.

BasinHaircut Wed 08-Mar-17 06:43:31

em thinking of you this morning. Fingers crossed flowers

clash I've done a couple of SW curries out of the recipe book and they were divine. A madras and a balti - totally free.

Well done losers!

Groovee Wed 08-Mar-17 06:51:07

Well done Owlina and Harver with your losses.

We were in a different room and there were some issues with lots of gains. I was surprised to lose so much.

Making chicken goujons for tea. But I've woken up with a cold and feeling so ill. Need to struggle through work and brownies today.

Groovee Wed 08-Mar-17 06:51:48

Em, sending hugs x

FaithAgain Wed 08-Mar-17 07:05:44

em flowers I hope it's good news. I do know several people (including myself) who had some bleeding in the first 12 weeks and the scan was good news. Hope it's the same for you.

ClashCityRocker Wed 08-Mar-17 07:24:12

Sending hugs em and everything crossed all is well xx

whereareyousleep Wed 08-Mar-17 07:41:19

Thinking of you em hope everything's ok.

ALemonyPea Wed 08-Mar-17 07:55:54

Thinking of you today Em 💐Hoping it's just one of those things. My sister bled every pregnancy.

Welcome to all the newbies.

Some great losses going on. Hoping to lose a lb a week, 1.5 would be good. Only 13.5lb to target, although might lower that.

par05 Wed 08-Mar-17 08:04:51

Hi just started slimming world! Doing it on my own tho, and just finished first week and have lost 4lbs! Am qalking loads as well and trying to do 30 day shred! So glad good first week! And I did cheat a little bit on Saturday so very happy! Only thing I get really bloated at night! So hoping that will go !

OrianaBanana Wed 08-Mar-17 08:34:22

Good luck Em, thinking of you today x

harverina Wed 08-Mar-17 08:34:25

Em hope everything is ok flowers

OrianaBanana Wed 08-Mar-17 08:36:20

I am loving the Hawaii inspired mullerlights!

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