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Anyone want to join the breakup club?

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Herewegoagain22 Sat 13-Feb-21 15:00:30

So today, my partner of 3 years ended things with me. Deep down I know it was for the best (for both of us) but it doesn’t stop it hurting like hell. There genuinely is no going back. It’s just going through this horrible period of looking for his texts, wondering what he’s up to, missing him in general and generally just feeling lost that I can’t stand

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GotBeatenUp Sat 13-Feb-21 20:08:46

It stops hurting. It takes time.

Itstimetoquit Sat 13-Feb-21 20:19:38

It gets better each day op x

ThisTooShallPassOneDay Sun 14-Feb-21 06:26:25

I'm in! Day 8 for me and it is getting a bit easier although today being VD will suck. Sending hugs x

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