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Lets have a bit of Summer Lovin' - Dating Thread 133!

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Jaxinthebox Thu 03-May-18 07:29:04

Dating thread rules:

1. The first rule about the dating thread is you don't talk about it with people you're dating.
2. Develop a thick skin.
3. Do not invest emotionally too soon.
4. It's all BS until it actually happens.
5. Trust your gut instinct.
6. People vanishing, lying & being generally weird is not your fault.
7. You are the prize - they should be trying to impress you.
8. If it's not fun, stop.
9. Loo update is mandatory.
10. No dating the thread

And a reminder - you don't know them until you know them!

Jaxinthebox Thu 03-May-18 07:29:59

thought Id best start a new one to save vet and the fact I posted the final comment.

Its May, we are the prize and we are dating with confidence. grin

Thenewphaseofmylife Thu 03-May-18 10:19:32

Hello All.

Happy dating and we are all the prize!

Lots of chats and a few dates but still being friend zoned a lot!

pudding21 Thu 03-May-18 10:26:53

Thanks Jax for the new thread smile

pie good advice from you, from now on, work out what each outcome could mean from me and lay my cards on the table. Not so happy about being compared to 1DAD2KIDS he was like the biggest w**ker out there! There is a whole reddit thread about him ;) Pahahahah!

Lovemusic33 Thu 03-May-18 11:33:22

Thanks for the new thread Jax

I’m trying to play it cool today, I’m secretly missing Mr Tinder who I haven’t seen since Saturday, I’m not letting him know that and I’m trying to remind myself about all his annoying habits that I noticed when he stayed over last weekend, I don’t think I really miss him, I would just like some company (which could probably come form anyone). Now the weathers getting notice I want someone to sit outside with in the evenings, someone to share the hot tub with but this will never happen with someone who works nights sad

piethagoras Thu 03-May-18 11:44:17

oof! No, I hadnt seen that pudding. My sincere apology, no offence intended.

pudding21 Thu 03-May-18 12:01:30

pie don't worry, I saw some of his posts and thought he was alright then I read a thread about him and delved a bit further. Hahaha!

I have text my ex FWB to see if he is about tonight, take my mind off Mr French who seems to have backed off again.

I had a tinder conversation with Mr I know I am hot and asked him what else he had to offer. He simplye replied "big cock". If that is all he has to offer, Im not interested ;)

VetOnCall Thu 03-May-18 12:30:03

Thanks for the new thread Jax. Just checking in, work has been crazy and I've been away so not been concentrating on dating at all. Still talking to a few people, including Mr DiamondMine, but no actual dates coming of it at the moment.

MinnieMul Thu 03-May-18 12:57:09

I am feeling a lot more relaxed now compared to earlier in the week so hopefully that lasts. Keeping myself busy and have the mindset of whatever happens will and I can force / overthink anything.

I normally have lunch at my desk but as its not raining I am going to pop to the shops for an hour or so smile

SpringtimeSun Thu 03-May-18 13:49:09

So after having no dates in ages I managed to squeeze 2 coffee dates into 3 hours this morning grin

And the one that I wasn't expecting to be attracted to but who sent great messages was actually way better looking than his pics.
Going to upgrade him to Iron status grin

ThirdTimeUnlucky Thu 03-May-18 16:22:48

Spring - I have found that often the case. I don't think men pay too much attention to their photo's, don't know how to pose etc.
So an update on the STD issue.
MrWoW (my b/f grin) finally got his results. He tested as having been exposed to the virus (blood test rather than swab as not showing symptoms). So if we avoid DTD if I have symptoms, then we are all good to go! Sounds funny thinking this is a good thing but it would have been awful if he hadn't tested as being exposed already, if that makes sense? One thing for sure, I don't think either of us will be looking to date anyone else. Good job we like each other, lol!

dancemom Thu 03-May-18 17:03:44

Checking in!

TomHardysBitontheside Thu 03-May-18 17:28:03

I'm also checking in.

RunsforCake14 Thu 03-May-18 17:42:05

Checking in. Nothing exciting happening for me.
Having a nice chit chat via WhatsApp with an iron last night when he suddenly decides it's bedtime.
I have a look on POF and he's on there so I guess someone else caught his attention. Will see if he decides to message me this evening. Shame if he doesn't because I quite liked him and we had a possible date booked for next week.

Lostlily Thu 03-May-18 19:09:07

Checking in also 😊
Hello all....I'm stuck at the moment as far a dating, I just feel drained with it all. I've had a crappy day and massive fall out with my dd, she's gone home with her dad and I just wish I had someone cuddle and give me some support. I actually really missed my ex husband last night and got quite tearful. I don't know if I'm in a very good place right now

pudding21 Thu 03-May-18 20:27:48

thirdtime Mr Wow sounds sensible and nice, hope it works out for you.

lostlily I get like that. Big hugs ( )

love you are sounding in tune with what you are thinking which is good I guess.

So I left a message on whattapp for Mr French saying I was sensing he was losing interest and to tell me if he was. i also said I was feeling like I was chasing (I am not but feeling like I am), and asked where he was at, and that I was cool either way but just wanted to know. As yet he hasn't listened but he's been on whatts app and hes liked a couple of my pics on instagram. In his court now.

Also text ex FWB this morning, he is coming tonight, it'll be interesting to see if there is any chemistry still, but I know where I stand with him atleast. Looking forward to catching up with him too, its been 6 months of barely any contact. He is a cool guy, very honest and the best sex I ever had. But everything with him is transparent, so its all ok.

Feel a bit more empowered tonight smile

CoverMeLads Thu 03-May-18 20:48:48

Checking in, waves at Ignoring

Sweet FA going on here; am doing a passable imitation of a nun. But CBA with online so zero chance of me going back to it any time soon.

As you were.

Jaxinthebox Thu 03-May-18 21:14:45

Hi all, Ive not heard from mr Snog at all today, and he hasnt turned up unannounced... so think he has got the message.

mr french gets the rota tomorrow so I will know when I can see him again.

Thats it from me. Nothing else to report.

Lovemusic33 Thu 03-May-18 21:25:23

Mr Tinder has just called me to ask me what I’m doing tomorrow morning, his plan is to come here after work, this will involve him using my bed to sleep in as he will be tired hmm, I told him I will be going to the gym in the morning (no way I’m staying in bed with him whilst he snores). He also asked what I was doing Sunday and if I wanted to go to a event with him, this involved leaving at 5am so I had to say no as my kids are here until 10am, a few days ago he had decided he wasn’t going to go and was going to spend the day with me so not sure why he changed his mind, anyway, apparently he’s still spending the day with me. I’m wondering if he is secretly pissed off that I can’t go with him to the event but it’s too early on for him to say so, he’s being a bit too nice about it.

Jaxinthebox Thu 03-May-18 22:00:02

love do you want to see him again?

Chocmallows Thu 03-May-18 23:35:47

Checking in.
Mr Cute's messages are so brief, rarely chatty usually a few words. I don't want to be stuck on my phone, I work 24 hr a week and have 2DC so busy, but it's frustrating to not have some chats between dates.
If things are new and you like each other usually there is a fair amount of messaging, say on evenings when both in?

Jaxinthebox Fri 04-May-18 07:26:29

for me, yes choc - is it that he is busy or just doesnt like texting? Maybe a phonecall would work better for you both?

MrFrench - we talk more at night when he is finished work. We have brief messages during the day depending on how busy we both are, but there is always some communication.

Lovemusic33 Fri 04-May-18 07:27:24

Jax he turned up at 3am, I did want to see him, just finding his work hours tricky. He will be going home in a bit. Was nice to wake up being cuddled this morning.

Jaxinthebox Fri 04-May-18 07:32:59

love . yes that is nice and I am finding it tricky with Mr French working hours too... but we will work it out.

Thenewphaseofmylife Fri 04-May-18 07:33:33

I need to be handed a dating grip please!

Am totally over invested in MrTeacher. We have been texting, video calling for about 2 weeks. Due to meet for the first time on Sunday.

I need to deinvest emotionally otherwise I'm going to be hurt / disappointed / likley to change my Standards to fit in with his.


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