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DH has died and MN Aunties are keeping things ticking over (Juan)

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TheWorldHasGoneToCake Sun 16-Jul-17 20:40:29

Just starting a new thread on Juan's orders. She'll be back when she feels up to it.

Thinking of her on Sunday/Monday as always.

bookbook Sun 16-Jul-17 20:48:40

signing in
yes, sending best wishes Juan 's way
rather warm here - just about to re- start the knitting square - wish me well, I must make sure the pattern is central -

bookbook Sun 16-Jul-17 20:50:02

forgot my manners - thanks Cake !

JaneJeffer Sun 16-Jul-17 20:51:37

Thanks Cake
book* good luck!

Chasingsquirrels Sun 16-Jul-17 21:12:15

Thanks cake (place marking)

YourselfOrSomeoneLikeYou Sun 16-Jul-17 21:17:53

That's ok ladies. Good luck with the knitting book

I'm in bed now as Nothing on telly, but not ready to sleep either.

2 1/2 days of school left to go!

SelenaValentina Sun 16-Jul-17 21:26:52

Thank you cake and much love to Juan and everyone else.

Best of luck book, I find crocheting so much easier (it's quicker!).

My, well DH's, paper mountain is almost conquered. Oxygen now required whilst I recover. smile

magimedi Sun 16-Jul-17 21:59:16

Thank you, cake.

Have been busy with stuff, tennis & somewhat keeping off the internet as it so helps with my anxiety problems. I am off to see PFGC early tomorrow so won't be around for 10 days or so.

Just checking in & much love to all.

Willow2017 Sun 16-Jul-17 22:03:46

Thanks cake.
selena I hate paperwork hope it's over soon. Maybe a glass of wine would help😉

All washng and ironing sorted (no adventures today book😀) DS1 did a couple of chores to earn money for his game but he will be surprised to find there will be more tomorrow 😀 bless him but I ain't paying him more than I get an hour.

Had some silly times with ds2 he is bonkers and so funny. His head is a weird weird place😀
Have a good night all.

bookbook Sun 16-Jul-17 22:22:24

Well, knitting going well now - a bit of concentration does the world of good . I wanted to knit this , as its a special square for a blanket for Woolly Hugs ,and I prefer to knit those . Selena - I tend to crotchet now - definitely quicker! But, I stop at 10, otherwise I will go wrong again .And well done on tackling the paper mountain!
magi - enjoy the trip to see PFGC - I bet you can't wait smile
Willow gah - reminding me of the washing pile .....
Sleep well all
Thoughts and Prayers

DramaAlpaca Sun 16-Jul-17 23:19:31

Thanks for starting a new thread Cake.

Had a quiet day today, watching tennis and the Tour de France. Then I press ganged everyone into helping with a big house clear up so the place looks more under control now. We even got some ironing done!

magi have a lovely trip to see the family, hope you have a wonderful time.

Thinking of Juan today, as it's Sunday/Monday. We'll all keep the thread warm for her.

bookbook Mon 17-Jul-17 10:36:00

Morning all
Glorious day here.
Juan - thinking of you this Monday .
Drama -if you are like me , a tidy house = a quiet mind. Glad to managed to get everyone to help smile
Quiet day for me today - had a bad nights sleep - too warm for me, and sitting down all afternoon with the tennis didn't help!
So, I have slobbed a bit this morning and finished off the knitted square, so that can be posted off. Just need to get to the shops, and pop and dig some vegetables for the next couple of days. And iron...... Trying to conserve my energy for tomorrow as have DGS for the last time before they go on holiday on Friday - then its school holidays, and 'big boy school 'in September. Feel a bit odd , so hope we can have a lovely day tomorrow doing all his favourite things. And all the family for tea.
Have a good day all

TheWorldHasGoneToCake Mon 17-Jul-17 11:52:17


Nearly slept in typical, up with the birds on the weekend and rushing on a school day Got both children into school and both littlies and I went to town for a wander and saw the soldiers.

Both having a snooze now then lunch and the normal afternoon stuff.

magi enjoy cuddles!

hugs to all

JaneJeffer Mon 17-Jul-17 12:43:57

Hi all

Finding it hard to get going today. Just got a couple of loads of washing done. Lovely sunny day here.

TheWorldHasGoneToCake Mon 17-Jul-17 13:49:42

If there's nothing else that's pressing, then just don't worry about it!

I've just done the basics to survive and a complicated thing about funding head hurts now! Think it's all sorted.

Willow2017 Mon 17-Jul-17 15:26:43

Hi all

Lovely day here too.
Been in town with ds2 got food shop and school jumpers for both and school joggers for d's. (Ds2 has extra extra small jumpers and they are still too big 😀) Nearly done i just need to see if I can rescue ds1 school trousers, got some hem web as they are frayed but rest are ok. Fingers crossed😀

jane just have a potter day, housework will wait enjoy the sun instead😀

book I didn't sleep well either maybe its the heat, was really hot last pm and over night, plus when I did sleep had weirdest dreams, even for me!

Enjoy the sun folks thinking of you all.

Chasingsquirrels Mon 17-Jul-17 17:27:10

Lovely day here - and been in the office all day.

Ds2 had local-Olympics against the primary in the next village (they started it when it was London 2012 and have continued), it was their turn to host so I dropped him there on the way to work and they were walking back at lunchtime.
He was in the running and relay, but he was 3rd in the school heats to chose who competed so I don't suppose he was placed. I think he's been 3rd in his year running race at sports day pretty much every year! Consistency. (There were only 7 boys in reception, think there are 9 now).

bookbook Mon 17-Jul-17 18:59:22

Evening all
actually not a bad day - managed to gear myself up and get a bit done ,stripped the bedding off the spare bed, including the mattress protector - not due anyone visiting anytime soon now.- though the ironing pile has now still got a duvet cover and two tablecloths left on it ( I love getting into freshly washed and ironed bedding, just hate ironing it ) these always get left until last ...
The courgettes were building up, so have tried out a new recipe I was given - courgette , pistachio and lemon drizzle cake , ready for tomorrow. I have already cooked some courgette brownies, and another courgette lemon drizzle recipe- that was okay, but I have been promised this one is amazing.We shall see...
Easy evening due - up early in the morning smile
Willow - you do seem to be on top of the school uniform stuff - but don't yours surprise you and shoot up over summer? I don't seem to remember dreams , luckily!
Chasing its lovely they still do running races - and 3rd is pretty good!
Have a good evening all

Willow2017 Mon 17-Jul-17 19:56:19

book it won't matter if he had a growth spurt for the jumpers he will have to turn up the sleeves as it is😀😀
Ooh courgettes, they had courgette things on Sunday brunch yesterday including cake. Might give it a try as not a fan of them normally.

squirrels hope Ds enjoyed the Olympics 😀

Chasingsquirrels Mon 17-Jul-17 21:27:05

Sound good book, John's best friend makes a courgette cake. It's his only cake recipe smile.

I must order uniform ...

Don't know how ds2 did as they are at their dad's tonight. I'll message ds1 and ask him.

TheWorldHasGoneToCake Mon 17-Jul-17 21:40:59

Luckily DS's school sells jumpers at the desk and DD's logo stuff still fits. As for trousers/polos and shoes, I will hold on until mid/end August.

I want to try and make a beetroot/chocolate cake at some point.

Hope everyone sleeps well, seems a bit cooler this evening.

Good luck for tomorrow book - hope you have fun together. magi I hope you're enjoying cuddles, Jane I hope tomorrow is a more productive day for you. How's the garden coming along Squirrel? Hope the boys are behaving willow

Assembly tomorrow morning. DS getting a prize, don't know what for! Then need to go into town to sort prescriptions/appointments etc and then clean as we may have friends stopping by after school....

bookbook Mon 17-Jul-17 22:35:46

Evening all
we shall see tomorrow with the cake smile - I have done a beetroot cake before - a proper red velvet one, not just food colouring. It was nice, but nothing special to my mind apart from the colour.
Jane - hope you have got over the Monday downer - its hard to get back into a routine when it has been disrupted by tennis.
Chasing - is it a good recipe? always on the look out grin
Cake - oh it's lovely when they get a prize , the pride! . Those days doing lots of bits always seem to get away from me, and fill up hours.Nothing like visitors to up the tidying/cleaning regime !
Willow - aw, I have a picture in my head now - both mine did a fair bit of growing, but the 'first day 'picture of them ready for a new school year always shows them in skirts a bit long - and clean shoes ... well for one day anyway!
I tend to put courgettes in quite a lot of things , not surprising really...
Well, that's me done for the day
Sleep well all
Thoughts and Prayers

JaneJeffer Tue 18-Jul-17 00:33:08

Well my Blue Monday got even worse! I managed to do some hoovering and sorting out laundry and made a start on emptying out the hotpress as we have a plumber coming to do some work soon.

I then rang DM to let her know my auntie is coming to visit tomorrow and she ended up having a major go at me and I was very upset and DH was raging at the things she said. I will have to try and smooth things over tomorrow I suppose. She is very stressed out because DF needs a lot of care but she refuses to get home help. I am not much help because of my own health issues but she is very dismissive of that. She has never been the easiest person to deal with in any case.

DS1 missed all the drama because he had taken himself off to bed after returning from his weekend away. DS2 gave me a lovely hug to cheer me up.

Anyway I will go now before I write a book! Sorry to be on such a downer today. Hope you are all well.

TheWorldHasGoneToCake Tue 18-Jul-17 06:38:31

Oh no, families can be horrid to each other, especially under strain. Sorry she took it out on you Jane

7 hours sleep and off we go (DS had 10)

Thinking of you all

bookbook Tue 18-Jul-17 07:42:17

Morning all
quick dip in - DGS just eating weetabix as I speak smile
Jane - hold hand - there is nothing as upsetting as family arguments , especially when it's undeserved. I think they always have a go at the closest - they know they can and you will still be there. Hope you can have a nice calm chat and sort things out ( though should it be you trying to smooth things, not your DM ?) Sounds as though you need to make her appreciate she needs help- you don't have a close aunt or family friend who could help with that?
Cake - wow - is 10 hours a record?
Lovely and sunny here , so going to do our little trip around the market later -DGS loves to look at all the stalls, though the toy stall does have a certain all consuming attraction grin
Have everyone is well - so have a good day

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