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Sausage1990 Wed 24-Mar-21 10:18:51

Hello ladies,
So I thought I'd put together a new thread for us (as you've probably seen in the main group). I thought this could be like a sub group (or side car as Haiyaa suggested) so we can chat about all things pregnancy without feeling that maybe we're overwhelming the TTC board.

I definitely don't want to leave the main bus and I know you all feel the same as we've created a amazing community of women supporting women... most people have said their ok with pregnancy chat but I know some are struggling with it and the shift in proportion of TTC vs BFPs, and we all know how hard it is to see too much pregnancy talk sometimes, especially if the journey has been long, as it has been for some. So I thought, lets be sensative to everyone's needs and have another option flowers

I'm cautious about setting up a bus given I'm so so early but as I suggested it, I thought it best come from me smile I am happy to set up the threads but I dont have a great urge to be the bus driver (haha) so if anyone else wants to chip in setting up subseqeunt buses then I'd be happy yo share the responsibility!

Please tag anyone that I may have missed - I tried to go through the board to get any recent BFPs but I could have missed someone easily and theres ALOT haha.

Let's have a little update on everyone to get started...

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Sausage1990 Wed 24-Mar-21 11:06:22

Im currently 13dpo, I having had my 1st BFP on at 10dpo, and nice line progression at 12dpo. I could pretend im done POAS but we all know thats not true and will continue to do so until I get a dye stealer and 3+ weeks on the weeks indicator tests ahaha

I will be 4 weeks tomorrow and my EDD for my rainbow baby is 2nd December 2021.

(for any newbies who wish to join us having not been on the previous therad, this is my 3rd pregnancy having previosuly had a chemical in Jan 2020 and a MMC in September 2020)

Today i did a femometer hcg test which came back with a much stonger line, the last few have been so faint you can bearly see then as they're 25ul, so seeing that get stronger was reassuring smile

Over to you ladies...

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Kirky658 Wed 24-Mar-21 12:26:53

Heyyy @sausage1990 thank you for setting up ❤️

So a bit about my story. I'm 15 weeks today, first time mum. I have endometriosis and have had two surgeries, the most recent one being last June. I was cleared to start ttc straight after as the consultant said there's no better time than after a lap & dye test, but we didn't officially start till August as I had to wean myself off some painkillers I'd been taking for 3 years first. At first we thought ttc was fun, I wasn't tracking anything, had a rough idea when I ovulated due to pain from my endo so we kept going. Got to about mid November and I was so disheartened, my cycles were so short and I was confused why it wasn't happening when I was now supposedly 'super fertile'. Wanted an August baby as DH is a teacher, that didn't materialise so we had Xmas sort of taking a relaxed approach, having some drinks etc, and we started using conceive plus. Then I got my BFP 11th Jan!! ❤️

Haiyaa Wed 24-Mar-21 13:35:47

Hello ladies and thank you @Sausage1990! Tentatively jumping on, AF not due for another few days but have seen some good line progression so staying hopeful! Still can only get the invert to show anything on the Femometer one though. 11 DPO today, due date should be around 4th December but will likely have section at 38 weeks.

Oooh @Kirky658 will they listen for heartbeat at your 16 week appointment? They did with me but I know they don’t do it in every area plus stupid covid! Have you felt anything yet? I had a feeling like an elastic band being twanged really low down from around 15 weeks and midwife said that was the baby which was so cool.

Kirky658 Wed 24-Mar-21 14:01:45

@haiyaa I believe so, the midwife said at my booking appt that she would if I want to so hopefully that's still the case 😊 I can't really tell tbh, I think I've had a couple of like ripple type feelings but hard to say. I think it's just hun saying it's hungry as I am constantly eating still 🤣

Fx for your line progression lovely x

Justanothercyster Wed 24-Mar-21 17:00:17

Thanks for setting up the side car @Sausage1990 😁 such a good idea so we don't feel like we're rubbing it in anyone's faces x

Ttc 18 months before my bfp in feb, going through fertility treatment due to pcos and male factor double whammy, surprise! Currently 7+3.

Oh. And I'm STARVING. Always. Beats feeling sick all the day like I did last week though 🙌🏼

Justanothercyster Wed 24-Mar-21 17:21:33

Ooh forgot to say, due 7th Nov supposedly.

Is it safe for me to take paracetamol?

Kirky658 Wed 24-Mar-21 17:37:46

@justanothercyster paracetamol fine, just try and take sparingly. I take one at a time. No ibuprofen or codeine x

Gem176 Wed 24-Mar-21 17:54:59

Hola ladies 😊

Thank you @Sausage1990 for our sidecar!!

Tried catching up on the other thread and it was all food talk which made me more hungry so ended up over here for a distraction to stop me emptying the fridge and found you all 😂

I'm 14+1, bfp on 14th January after about 9 months of trying. In the beginning I was very relaxed about it all and naively thought sex without contraception would produce a bfp in no time! Turns out there's a wee bit more to it than that 🙈

Don't know about anyone else but all i want to do is sleep and eat!

lucyrp Wed 24-Mar-21 18:00:04

Hey girls,

I'm 19+2 now and 20 week scan next week which is exciting ! BFP after ttc for 16 months with a MMC 7 months in which then messed up my cycles until I started taking seven seas ttc tablets the month I got my BFP! Second time mum, already have a DS who's 6 in 2 weeks🥺

Sausage1990 Wed 24-Mar-21 18:27:11

Heeey girls glad you're all here 😁

@lucyrp 20week scan is so exciting! I know you're keeping baby's gender a suprise tho and I love that. Do you have anything nice planned for DS's birthday?

@justanothercyster @gem176 hungry seems to be a common one it seems... Unfortunately I think I'll be heading the other way into the territory of food aversions which I'm gutted about 😂 I love food.

Last time I was hungry and couldn't get food off my brain but when it came to eating it was just 🤢 and I could only eat like half a child's portion of food. I did make up for it with savoury snacks lol. I have started to go off breakfast already so I'm sure the rest will follow...

So I decided to do a week's indicator test and as I'm 13dpo I was expecting 1-2 weeks but it's come up as 2-3weeks. I don't know why... Maybe earlier implantation, maybe got my ovulation a bit wrong... Either way im pleased. I'll do another next week to make sure I think. 🤔

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lucyrp Wed 24-Mar-21 18:29:54

@Sausage1990 going to have a good peep though to see if we can see Anything tell tale! Just going to do a little tea party as can't do much else and decorate the living room for him as I always do with balloons etc 🥰 can't believe he's going to be 6. Also today I got told we're back wt work normal hours now so can't do the school run to or from school anymore now until mat leave so got upset about that 🥺

Gem176 Wed 24-Mar-21 18:30:25

@lucyrp I can't believe you are almost half way there!! So exciting!

lucyrp Wed 24-Mar-21 18:30:43

@Sausage1990 yay for 2-3 though!!

Sausage1990 Wed 24-Mar-21 18:32:42

@haiyaa and yeah I've only had super faint ones on femometer ones until today. I'm feeling really positive for you and your line progression 😊 are you testing again tomorrow at 12dpo?? X

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lucyrp Wed 24-Mar-21 18:34:02

@Gem176 yesss so very close! Todah had a bit of a scare my DS shoved me in the stomach at the school gates because I'd forgotten my mask and it really hurt and have had cramps that side since. Rang the MW but no answer so left a message and now waiting for a call back

Sausage1990 Wed 24-Mar-21 18:36:57

@lucyrp a tea party sounds lovely even tho I'm sure you wish you could do more. It'll be lovely I'm sure 😊 my little niece has her 2nd birthday in a few weeks and is having a dinosaur tea party... My SIL is a bit gutted because now she's had her 1st & 2nd Birthdays in lockdown 🙈 but it will be lush anyway.
Ohhh hun that's so disappointing about the school run & work situation. That's going to be wierd for both of you not being together 😔

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Kirky658 Wed 24-Mar-21 18:54:13

@sausage1990 woohooo that's fab 2-3 weeks! Apparently the weeks are based on hCG levels rather than actual conception anyway so it's only a guide. Pretty cool though hey! Very good sign ❤️ also a dinosaur tea part sounds amazing?!

@lucyrp I hope you're okay hun, I did some reading up on bumps to the tummy as I was scared as the dog jumped on me dead heavily and it mostly said not to worry and take it steady. Let us know what the mw says.

I keep getting stretchy time pains around my belly button. It's not painful just an odd sensation. Bit worried but realise it's probably nothing.

lucyrp Wed 24-Mar-21 18:57:34

@Sausage1990 he had a bouncy castle party booked for his birthday last year which obviously got cancelled and I stupidly said don't worry you can just be like the queen and have two birthdays we will do your party later in the year. Poor boy a year later and he still can't have a birthday party 🥺😭 it's going tk be horrible, I don't normally get to do it so it has been nice doing it the last few weeks and whenever I can during lockdown and the weird going ons etc.

@Kirky658 yeah I don't think I need to worry as they've moved since but obviously wouldn't say no to being checked over either. Thought they would have called back but will try again in the morning if the pain persists and I haven't felt them much

Kirky658 Wed 24-Mar-21 19:03:52

@lucyrp yeah would be good for your peace of mind wouldn't it really. Have they given you an out of hours number in case you can't get the midwife?

I have just been reading up about the pains I am getting by my belly button. It sounds like it could be scar tissue stretching.. Yay. I guess that's why I have to see a consultant in May.

lucyrp Wed 24-Mar-21 19:06:08

@Kirky658 the number I have to ring to be out through to the midwife is a 24 hour number anyway and the midwife rang me whilst my phone was dead so I rang back and she didn't answer and that's as far as I got. Think I feel better now pain wise but hard not to worry

Thinkingandblinking Wed 24-Mar-21 19:06:35

Evening loopy lot! Getting on the bus but still cautious. Circa 5 weeks, not working out the due date just yet!

As recap, I have two DCs and then have had 3 miscarriages in a row, 2 singles 1 twin 😥 at 12wks / 9wks / 11wks! followed by 2 failed IVF’s, had started down regging for one last IVF shot when got a BFP! Terrified of scans so still reluctant to get excited in any way...! On clexane for first time, asprin and progesterone....when I read this back I think I must need my head read...but I can’t let go and say I’m done!

You guys have been amazing support already x

Sausage1990 Wed 24-Mar-21 19:14:06

@thinkingandblinking hey lovely. I understand your caution given your history, I can't imagine what you must be feeling having had 3 losses. Take each day as it come I think it best. So far my anxiety hadn't been too bad as the line progression has reassured me, I think it's the next bit and scans that will be hardest... It always is harder when scans haven't been good news in the past. We're all here to hold each others hands and pray for our babies & rainbow babies 💕🙏🏻🌈

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Justanothercyster Wed 24-Mar-21 19:21:27

@Kirky658 thanks! Oh god I'm so paranoid about stretch marks haha. Already been moisturising even though I know in reality it won't make a difference 🙈

@Gem176 sleep and eat is my life haha.

@Sausage1990 oooh that's good!

@lucyrp awww 6! I'm sure you bub will be fine, from what I can tell they're fairly resilient. Have you felt kicks?

@Thinkingandblinking totally understandable that you're worried. It's all just so scary and out of your control. Just try and keep as positive as you can x

Thinkingandblinking Wed 24-Mar-21 19:30:24

@Sausage1990 thanks 🥰 yep each day as it comes!

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