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Scottish Mamas Due March - July 2021

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TheDaydreamBelievers Sun 08-Nov-20 20:21:36

A group for all Scottish mumsnetters who are pregnant and due between March and July next year!

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swiftt Sun 08-Nov-20 20:25:31

Thanks for the new thread! smile

barbiemummy20 Sun 08-Nov-20 20:25:57

Thanks for organising 💓👶🏻💙

TheDaydreamBelievers Sun 08-Nov-20 20:26:50

I'm NHS GGC, currently around 11 weeks and est due date 02 June 2021 smile

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Mrsmch123 Sun 08-Nov-20 20:29:10

Ohh can I join, I'm nhs ggc. I'm currently 6 weeks with a wee icsi baby so very early🤞🏻😁

TheDaydreamBelievers Sun 08-Nov-20 20:46:50

From the last 10 pages of the last thread,
calling, calling:


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TheDaydreamBelievers Sun 08-Nov-20 20:48:52

Welcome @Mrsmch123! What health board are you in? We have a mix here across the healthboards and everything from first time mums to seasoned Pros

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GrandTheftWalrus Sun 08-Nov-20 20:50:24

Hello. Cheers for the new thread.

Due 11th May. Nhs lanarkshire

singleandttc Sun 08-Nov-20 20:58:06

Thanks for the new thread!

due 29th May. Forth valley

I'm having a good couple of days sickness wise and its freaking me out! Its still there, but it's so much better! I can eat and drink! Still not anywhere near normal, but not dangerously low levels anymore, and I'm not sleeping all day anymore. I'd just picked up anti sickness tablet number 4 from the pharmacy and then it got better so it's still sitting in the bag. I'm 11 weeks now so hoping it's not a bad sign. With my first I had a "good week" about 12 weeks and then it came back worse and lasted until 32 weeks so I'm hoping this isn't the eye of the storm again...

sunnysideup3 Sun 08-Nov-20 21:03:54

Thanks for the new thread!

I'm 9 weeks, due June 10th, NHS GGC 😊

sunnysideup3 Sun 08-Nov-20 21:05:40

So glad to hear that you're having some good days without sickness @singleandttc. Hopefully it stays that way!

Mrsmch123 Sun 08-Nov-20 21:10:52

@TheDaydreamBelievers I'm NHS GGC.

Gaxy1 Sun 08-Nov-20 21:12:24

Thank you for new thread.

I’m currently 7 weeks, due end of June. I’m GGC.

xoxochellexoxo Sun 08-Nov-20 21:14:23

Im 6 weeks and estimate due date 6th july im east lothian

TheDaydreamBelievers Sun 08-Nov-20 21:15:34

Anyone else around 11 weeks and have a stiff lower back/upper butt? I'm not sure if this is pregnancy or running!

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Fruitloops34 Sun 08-Nov-20 21:28:52

Thanks for the new thread.

14 + 5 - Due 4th May.

NHS Ayrshire & Arran.

Buffbeag Sun 08-Nov-20 22:05:39

@TheDaydreamBelievers I am nearly 14 weeks and I keep getting lower back pain and around the bum. It's like twinges and I keep calling them growing pains lol

Symphony87 Sun 08-Nov-20 23:49:58

Oh can I say hello? 😁 I’m due the 21st of March so just turned 21 weeks. Been in England for the last 2 years but heading home to the Highlands soon.

HeyDW96 Mon 09-Nov-20 06:10:08

Thanks for the new thread!

10 + 5, due 2nd June, NHS Grampian!

Hope everyone is well, I feel like a new woman this week, quite symptomless but not concerned due to seeing baby on our early scan.

@TheDaydreamBelievers I had a day of catching up with all of the house work and training our boisterous retriever yesterday and my lower back was very stiff in the evening, still is now!

TheDaydreamBelievers Mon 09-Nov-20 08:08:57

Thanks @Buffbeag @HeyDW96 - I might just need to add some yoga in for lower back! Also getting the odd... pubic twinge. Not sore but clearly things changing! blush

Welcome @Symphony87 smile

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Kaboomba Mon 09-Nov-20 08:32:10

Hello! I'd love to join!

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and in Ayrshire smile

PinkRoses20 Mon 09-Nov-20 08:38:08

Hi ladies, would love to join this group. Expecting our rainbow baby in April, just over 19 weeks and in NHS GGC area. Hope everyone is doing well 💗

TallulahTaboo Mon 09-Nov-20 08:56:01

Ahh brilliant! I was hoping a thread like this might appear.

First baby, due end of Feb, from Edinburgh. Very excited but also nervous given everything.

Hope everyone's pregnancies are going well ❤️

CardiganBlobby Mon 09-Nov-20 09:30:07

Thanks @TheDaydreamBelievers for the new thread.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend - went in for the 12 week scan on Friday but I will be going back again as I was slightly earlier than expected. I'm about 11+3(ish) I think just now - next scan booked for a week on Tuesday.

Queenbee95 Mon 09-Nov-20 09:37:40

3rd baba, due 30th April. Lothians 💕

@TallulahTaboo I’m Edinburgh too!

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