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Pregnancies due April 2018 *Edited by MNHQ*

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Shanners123 Thu 10-Aug-17 20:06:38

Hi ladies.. early days but thought I'd start a group for everyone due April next year... see how we're all doing!

Shanners123 Thu 10-Aug-17 20:07:23

Meant April 2018! Doh!

ScarletSienna Thu 10-Aug-17 20:08:34

You can report your post to MNHQ and they'll be able to amend the date grin

Cloudwalk Thu 10-Aug-17 20:09:06

I'm in! Think (based on NHS calc) due 11th April!

AuntieStella Thu 10-Aug-17 20:09:23

Thread is here:

Cloudwalk Thu 10-Aug-17 20:09:32

When are you due @Shanners123

Lambly Thu 10-Aug-17 21:12:51

Me too! Also due 11th April Cloudwalk!

We told all our families this evening too. They were very shocked! Not sure why, I'm 33 and in a long term relationship but it was clearly a bit of a shock to them all.

How is everyone feeling?

lisara79 Thu 10-Aug-17 21:20:19

Hello! Please can I join.... I got my BFP Yesterday... Due April 14th... not told anyone yet - not even my partner! We had an early miscarriage two months ago so just want to pass that marker before I tell him and it's real.... we have been trying for 6 months, I'm 37 and he's 48... we're old for pregnancy! This is #1 for me and #2 for him. Both excited and terrified!

Shanners123 Thu 10-Aug-17 21:59:08

Hey all, I'm due around the 10th too, although that's TBC! Got a doc appointment on Monday to get the ball rolling. Any symptoms for any of yas?

charlie0692 Thu 10-Aug-17 22:35:25

Hey I'm also due 11th April with our first, so excited but also a little nervous. I don't seem to have any symptoms yet other than being tired 24/7 xx

IslingtonHels Fri 11-Aug-17 07:31:15

I'm due about April 12th. First hospital appointment today. I'm 38, this is my first pregnancy and it was quite a shock as b/c failed. Despite living with my partner, he has not taken it well, told me last night he doesn't love me enough to be a family and asked me several times to get a termination. I could not go through with an abortion but glad to have found this thread because all I feel is scared and sad right now, and I want to share in other people's happiness.

ally62442 Fri 11-Aug-17 08:15:26

Hi ladies I'll be due the 18th of April. It's mine and my partners firsts. I'm so excited but so scared at the same time. I'm sure you can all sympathise with us all be so early.

Yesterday would have been the arrival of af if my period hadn't arrived and I woke up with period pain which made me worry instantly. But it never arrived thank god. Which it obviously wouldn't but it didn't stop me worrying.

What DPO did everyone find out? I was 9DPO when I got the faintest positive on a first response. Which has gotten stronger as the days have gone on.

ally62442 Fri 11-Aug-17 08:18:48

Sorry to hear that your other half isn't being supportive @IslingtonHels if he doesn't love you enough to start a family then I'm sorry he doesn't deserve you and you shouldn't be with him in the first place. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but you don't need the added stress he is giving you especially in these early stages of pregnancy.

ally62442 Fri 11-Aug-17 08:20:48

@Shanners123 where you on the August bus over on the conception thread? I remember your name. I've not been having too many symptoms tbh just period style pain.

IslingtonHels Fri 11-Aug-17 08:20:54

Hi Allly62442, I found out the day of my missed period, (not sure DPO as it was not planned). Took a Clearblue test which said I was pregnant. Went to Doctor 2 days later and test was negative! I didn't believe him so waited 24 hours and took another first thing in the morning, and sure enough it was positive. The doctor is not always right! smile

IslingtonHels Fri 11-Aug-17 08:24:41

Thanks Ally, I Don't think you are being harsh, I agree with you. I know life doesn't always pan out as we expect but I had always imagined having a family unit with a partner. I know I will be a good Mum but I'm feeling pretty down about his reaction, especially as we have been living together over a year.
Nervous about the hospital today; anyone been for their first appointment yet? I'm worried it's rather early for my first appointment.

ScarletSienna Fri 11-Aug-17 08:37:55

We don't see our GP at our surgery. I think the first midwife appt is between 8 and 10 weeks which is a while off for me yet. I'm still really anxious so thinking of getting an early scan booked in privately.

ally62442 Fri 11-Aug-17 08:38:45

You never know @IslingtonHels he might changed his mind and it could have just been the initial shock. Which is by no means an excuse for the way he's treated you. It's unforgivable! Men can be the most selfish creatures alive sometimes.

How many weeks are you do you know? I'm making an appointment with the early pregnancy unit today. As I've got a blood condition so need an early scan to confirm there's a heartbeat! Which makes me worried in itself. But fx. Then I've got to start on daily blood thining injections once it's confirmed.

ally62442 Fri 11-Aug-17 08:40:57

How many weeks are you @ScarletSienna how do you go about going for an early scan? Does everywhere have somewhere you can pay for one?

ScarletSienna Fri 11-Aug-17 08:46:45

I'm 4+5 from ovulation (5+5 from LMP). I've found an ultrasound place 45 mins away from where I live that does the early scan package-check heartbeat and therefore viability and will date the pregnancy etc. It's my nearest place but some parts of the country seem to have much more choice. It's £75.

ScarletSienna Fri 11-Aug-17 08:48:42

This is it. Actually just noticed it is £70 mot £75!

ally62442 Fri 11-Aug-17 08:53:59

That's a good price @ScarletSienna definitely worth the piece of mind! With my blood condition I'll be having a scan at about 7 weeks anyway so there would be no point for me to pay for one.

ScarletSienna Fri 11-Aug-17 09:03:34

Hope yours goes well. I had lots of early scans with DC1 through the NHS as I miscarried his twin and bled on and off until week 14 so I am seeking the reassurance I think.

I'm also tempted to pay for the panorama test as I'll be 36 on due date.

ally62442 Fri 11-Aug-17 09:09:17

Thanks @ScarletSienna sorry to hear about your miscarriage. One of my friends had the same situation and lost her daughters twin.

With your early scans did you have to have an internal one? Or did they pick it up on normal ultrasound?

ScarletSienna Fri 11-Aug-17 09:14:06

Until 8 weeks, I think I am remembering this right, it was internal as it really is so much clearer but then they switched to trans abdominal. It wasn't painful at all-a long narrow ET's finger shaped probe with loads of lube.

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