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First Time Pregnancy (4)

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mrsjkerry Sun 23-Jul-17 19:46:00

Time for a new thread. Hope you all find your way over ok xx

ValentineFizz Sun 23-Jul-17 19:50:24

Hi @mrsjkerry, thanks for creating the new thread 😀

TheLionQueen1 Sun 23-Jul-17 19:52:59

Helllooooo...thanks MrsJ, we've got through a lot of these threads so far haven't we! Wondering how many we'll be on when baby makes an appearance!

ew1990 Sun 23-Jul-17 20:00:16

@TheLionQueen1 I was thinking the same, this little one has being doing backflips all day

TheLionQueen1 Sun 23-Jul-17 20:03:12

Ew it's very odd isn't it?! I watched baby do what I can only assume was a Mexican wave when I was in the bath! He wriggled completely from my right to my left side, was very very weird to watch! I keep thinking, if he's already running out of space what's he going to do for the next 11 weeks 😂

WaitingTillJuly17 Sun 23-Jul-17 20:07:24

Hi everyone 👋🏻 I've just worked up the courage to dip my toe into a pregnancy thread! It's still early days (hence the nerves) but I'm officially late for AF so here I am. Currently 4 weeks, officially due on 31st March according to dates, however due to a previous operation it has been recommended that I have a c section at around 38 weeks so looking at the middle of March sometime.

It's my first, conceived on first month ttc so am in a permanent state of shock! Have been getting lots of nausea, tiredness and low back aches. I'm a bit concerned about the back aches, I've had them since about 8 dpo on and off almost daily. Anyone else had this?

mrsjkerry Sun 23-Jul-17 20:11:07

Hi @WaitingTillJuly17. One of my earliest symptoms was back ache. Like a terrible ongoing period pain that lasted for weeks. It disappeared around 8 weeks and has recently popped its head back up! I'm 24+3 now.

ew1990 Sun 23-Jul-17 20:15:39

@TheLionQueen1 I can only describe it as feels like she's doing the worm 😂😂 I've had the bath experience it was very weird to watch I had to get out of the bath 😂😂

@WaitingTillJuly17 congratulations. The only symptoms I had early pregnancy was period like aches, I know how scary they can be but I'm currently 24+1 now so try not to worry

TheLionQueen1 Sun 23-Jul-17 20:25:04

Congrats and welcome WaitingtillJuly!

mrsjkerry Sun 23-Jul-17 20:27:49

I can't see any movement really but definitely lying in the bath and certain positions on the sofa feels like a fish flopping in my stomach!

WaitingTillJuly17 Sun 23-Jul-17 20:29:40

Thanks everyone, that's reassuring to hear! Lucky me, with all of you further ahead you'll be able to answer all my questions!

lydiangel83 Sun 23-Jul-17 20:58:06

@WaitingTillJuly17 welcome and congrats!

I've not had any baths to date but will have to do so now just to see if I can get a Mexican wave / worm movement going on :-)

ew1990 Sun 23-Jul-17 21:34:08

I can't remember who said about stomach going into a point of you lie down and tense - but mine has just done it when I went from lying down to sitting up in the bath, looked like a cone

MSH2010 Mon 24-Jul-17 06:09:48

New thread!!
I've hit 29 weeks and turned into a beach whale 🐳🙈 got stuck on my sofa twice yesterday!!
Finally bought my hospital bag stuff. Now for the manic washing spree to begin. Half is at my parents. Coloured stuffs at mine as still keeping the sexes a secret. 8 weeks to go!!

BabyB8991 Mon 24-Jul-17 08:20:15

Hi everyone! I'm really new to this so please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place. I just want to find out if anyone has been in a similar situation to me. My first blood test was done 2 weeks ago and I had an eqivocal result meaning there was not enough hcg to confirm pregnancy. My doctor told me I should wait a while and then take another. However on Friday morning I woke up to terrible cramping and bleeding. My husband took me straight away to hospital where I had another blood test done. This time my hcg levels were 351 and they confirmed I was 3-4 weeks pregnant but diagnosed me with "threatened miscarriage". My appoontment with my obgyn is only tomorrow and I am so so worried. I would really love to hear some positive stories to make me feel a Bit better as those words threatened miscarriage are so scary. And the waiting game is so frustrating

Missonhartbaby Mon 24-Jul-17 18:48:40

@babyb8991 welcome to the group smile
We are all pregnant for the first time so no question is silly, we're all in this together. However I have no experience with your story I'm afraid, all I can say is keep strong and have faith smile And as far as I'm aware a threatened miscarriage doesn't always mean it will end up as a miscarriage, it probably meant that you hcg levels dropped so much that you nearly did but then little one came back fighting! Anyways, wishing you all the luck!

Missonhartbaby Mon 24-Jul-17 18:50:17

@Ew1990 mine does that now and has done for a while (the cone shaped belly!) and it is so freaky!!

TheLionQueen1 Mon 24-Jul-17 20:38:12

I totally hadn't see the cone shaped belly before, and have just done and that's hilarious, amused me far too much!

Anyone following what fruit or vegetable size baby is?! I become a winter squash tomorrow!

Bobbiepin Mon 24-Jul-17 20:43:22

Hi everyone, i'm 26 weeks with baby number 1 (and how this preg is going she might wind up being an only child!) I'm a teacher so I've got some time off for the summer and I'm so thankful for that, I'm just so tired right now.

Missonhartbaby Mon 24-Jul-17 21:47:47

According to my app baby is as big as bunch of bananas! I'm 27+6 though so excited to see what he'll be tomorrow! Also I've attached a bump pic... I can't decide if I'm huge... Or if it's quite neat?! What do you think? And show me yours!!

TheLionQueen1 Mon 24-Jul-17 22:18:12

I'm 28+6!

Missonhartbaby Mon 24-Jul-17 22:26:42

@lionqueen Ah only a week ahead!! We could end up having babies on the same day smilesmile also I don't think we're far off the same sort of size to be fair!

TheLionQueen1 Mon 24-Jul-17 22:30:13

I thought that, very similar bumps! The countdown is well and truly on now isn't it!

mrsjkerry Mon 24-Jul-17 22:47:14

Here's mine at 24+4. I feel like it hasn't grown all that much lately!

mrsjkerry Mon 24-Jul-17 22:47:53

I've gained much more substance around my bum and thighs than in the actual bump 😄

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