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I hate having kids

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Throughautomaticdoors Tue 13-Sep-16 18:04:38

I love them but I hate being a parent. It's dull, it's relentless, it's worrying, it's thankless, it's demanding, it's monotonous, it's exhausting.
I'd throw myself under a bus for them but being a parent has made me totally and utterly miserable. My first one didn't sleep through until he was 4 and a half and the second one is also a terrible sleeper. I'm starting to think it's something I've caused as everyone else I know has had at least one good sleeper.
I can't wait for them to grow up.

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Klchi Tue 13-Sep-16 18:07:26

Am I on this one with you today! I've had an awful day and feel like running away tonight! wink---- roll on when the little sods are in bed! winewine

OhtoblazeswithElvira Tue 13-Sep-16 18:10:00

I could have written your post OP
Pass the wine Klchi

ButEmilylovedhim Tue 13-Sep-16 18:11:38

I hear ya flowers You love them, but by Christ it's hard. I look on in disbelief as some have child after child after child... I must be made of entirely different stuff.

Msqueen33 Tue 13-Sep-16 18:12:08

Yup with you on that. I've got three and two have autism and the youngest doesn't sleep at night. I feel like I'm half the person I once was.

Klchi Tue 13-Sep-16 18:12:10

Ohtoblazis. Sending us all a bottle!! It's going to go down all to well tonight!

CakeNinja Tue 13-Sep-16 18:13:32

How old are they OP?
It's hard, no doubt about it. Can you chuck them in the bath for an hour to waste time before bed? Chin up, tomorrow is another day flowers

Throughautomaticdoors Tue 13-Sep-16 18:16:12

They are 7 years old and 8 months so totally different needs. The 8 month old has caught a bad cold. The 7 year old wakes up the baby when she finally goes to sleep.

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HonkHonkNose Tue 13-Sep-16 18:20:36

Completely understand OP. I had a child to enrich my life but actually I sometimes don't like who it's turned me into.

My relationship with dp is pretty fucked as well! sad

We don't have any family support to help us, and I think that's why we find it hard. We never get a break.

My dd is 2.2. I work pt in a professional job and enjoy my job. But can I deal with my toddler's tantrums and demands? Can I fuck.

How old are your kids?

HonkHonkNose Tue 13-Sep-16 18:22:05

Ooops sorry it took me ages to write my post!

Yeah it's even harder when they have a cold flowers

ecuse Tue 13-Sep-16 18:24:33

OP - do you work (for pay)? do you want to?

I loved maternity leave because it was a unique and finite time. If I were a SAHP I think I would be writing your post within 3 months.

I love my kids to distraction, but the day to day job of childcare is relentless, monotonous and largely thankless from my perspective.

Palomb Tue 13-Sep-16 18:37:36

Mine are 7 and 11 and I hate being being a parent sometimes sad


Tastesjustlikecherrycola85 Tue 13-Sep-16 18:39:31

Couldn't agree more op

gamerchick Tue 13-Sep-16 18:41:49

Well I have grown up kids and I can cheerfully say you never stop worrying about them.

I don't like thinking it but if i'd known...... but then I wouldn't like to do without them at the same time.

It's a headfuck sometimes.

sugarmonster64 Tue 13-Sep-16 18:42:10

There's a line from a book which I always remember as it resonates with me:
"I wish I loved being with them as much as I love them"

My kids are wonderful, funny, beautiful creatures but by god it's hard sometimes.

CeCeBloomer Tue 13-Sep-16 18:43:03

Your post has terrified me as having had one terrible sleeper I had decided the second (due in 8 weeks) was going to be brill - don't tell me you can get 2 bad ones!

NotLostJustSomewhereSafe Tue 13-Sep-16 18:45:53

Not sure whether it's a sahm thing but it's like I exist purely for them. I seem to have got lost somewhere along the way.

Is it just me that mouths "just fuck off!" before answering their demands?

NoMoreStickers Tue 13-Sep-16 18:47:40

It's not just you!!

formerbabe Tue 13-Sep-16 18:53:32

The love I have for my kids is unending, unconditional and indescribable.


There is nothing I love about picking food up off the floor, being woken up, clearing up vomit, washing and ironing clothes, not going out cos you have no babysitter, housework, endless cooking etc etc...

It's sheer drudgery!

SparklyStarShit Tue 13-Sep-16 18:54:36

I have to take a deep breath when one of them says 'muuuuuuummmmm'

And relax....

SparklyStarShit Tue 13-Sep-16 18:55:25

Oh and getting them to eat something vaguely healthy. Have almost given up

Leviticus Tue 13-Sep-16 18:58:21

I have found my MN tribe!

I am a miserable mother most of the time - I just want to be left alone.

I hate feeling like it because I love them so much. Motherhood is utterly shit most of the time though. I really like that quote up thread.

QueenLizIII Tue 13-Sep-16 18:59:38

This is terrifying. Does it ever stop?

parisgellar Tue 13-Sep-16 19:01:52

Totally with you today; I hate it. Gave up working to be a sahp 3 months ago and hate it and want my job back already.

Throughautomaticdoors Tue 13-Sep-16 19:02:37

My older one wakes my younger one up on the odd occasion she goes to sleep.
It's really fucking pissing me off.
Like just piss off with shouting mummmmmm! At the top of your voice just as the baby goes to sleep.
I'm doing this on my own most of the time as dh works away so much. I'm so fed up. I would be beyond heartbroken if anything happened to either of them but if I could have seen a snapshot of how it would be before I had them I wouldn't have done it. It's absolute shit.

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