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The cute --weird-- rituals/jokes you do with your DP...

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YouBetterWerk Tue 07-Apr-15 12:10:19

Here are just a few of the personal little in jokes and rituals we have, but the more I think about it the less I think other couples have them!

1) Puffins. Obsessed with them. Don't know where it came from, but we have notepads, cards, nicknames, all surrounding these bloody Puffins.
2) 'Sunday Morning Face' - The blank excited stare, pushed right up against my face every Sunday morning.
3) 'Bobble Hat Song' - Every time we see someone with a bobble hat on, we sing a song. I would post the lyrics but it is copyright.
4) 'Stair Necessities' - Here we have a song we sing to the tune of 'Bare Necessities' every time I go up the stairs to bed. He will also change the lyrics to reflect what we've done that day, giving it that lovely personal touch.

This is just a small example, there are dozens more. We are both grown adults.

I asked my hairdresser about hers the other day and she looked at me like I was crazy and said 'Sometimes I guess we say goodbye in a funny way'

Please reassure me it's not just us!

QOD Tue 07-Apr-15 12:12:55

It's just you grin
We do feebly wrecks brain

You fuck off e or you fuck tea.?

NoisyOyster Tue 07-Apr-15 12:16:58

We have a thing about penguins grin and an in joke between the two of us about crocodiles. And we have to watch saturday morning kitchen on the iPad on sunday morning with croissants

Love our little bits that are only for us

ThinkIveBeenHacked Tue 07-Apr-15 12:19:38

Love those OP.

We write in one another's Valentine Cards "I still love you, see last year's card for full details"

If we see someone dressed entirely in one colour we say to each other "That's a pink party right there" (or whatever colour the person is dressed in).

If one of us do a indigestiony burp (different to a proper belch), we say "get me some bread" in the style of Cleveland.

FenellaFellorick Tue 07-Apr-15 12:19:46

Thank god it's not just us grin

we sing the wonderpets themetune a lot
what's going to work? TEEEEEEEEEEAMwork

and when going to the loo, the person going will sing - I need a wee wee
then the other person sings "I have to help him/her"

Alcohol (any type) is called a customary surprise

poo is 23-19 (when the kids were in nappies, instead of calling pass me the baby wipes, or poonami or anything, we'd shout 23-19, 23-19. (if you've seen monsters inc you'll know it's the human contamination code that sees them smashing in through the windows.)

I make my kids perform an act of worship if they want a favour, or a treat. This involves them getting down on their knees, then bending forward, arms outstretched, while making chanting onmmm noises. They are 14 and nearly 16.

these are the least disturbing examples I could think of.

SnotQueen Tue 07-Apr-15 12:21:42

Oh God, we have loads - I can't believe people don't.
I would explain them, but they sound so shit. You just have to be there.
I like your Stair Necessities song. Last night we turned The Power of Love song into a ditty about clean bedding. Still singing it today.

MaidOfStars Tue 07-Apr-15 12:21:42

2) 'Sunday Morning Face' - The blank excited stare, pushed right up against my face every Sunday morning

Any other concurrent action that prompts the "blank excited stare, pushed right up against your face"?


ThinkIveBeenHacked Tue 07-Apr-15 12:21:43

Love 23-19!! We say "ooh he has gone to Brown Town" - might have to steal 23-19

SymphonyofShadows Tue 07-Apr-15 12:28:22

Loads here too. We have taken to saying "Alan, we're on the patio" if someone farts. We saw it on Baddiel and Skinner. It didn't make sense then and it still doesn't but that's why we like it. We also challenge any potential fib with Jimmy Hill. For instance, if DP has been to the pub and says he only has one I say "yes, and the barman was Jimmy Hill". There are lots of other things but we would just look odd grin

YouBetterWerk Tue 07-Apr-15 12:29:46

Maid of Stars wink

Kids ones are good too. My mum and I have a Robinsons squash ritual not dissimilar to yours, Fenella

Some of these are epic. Faith in humanity restored.

LivinLaVidaLoki Tue 07-Apr-15 12:33:08

We use 23-19 too!!

HoneyDragon Tue 07-Apr-15 12:34:13

On the first of every month it is a brutal war as to who gets in pinch punch first. Via stealth, sneakily waking at midnight and running around the house making pincher movements after your target.

My mother, who forgives our weirdness usually phones later in the day to find out who won.

AuntyBrenda Tue 07-Apr-15 12:39:22

These are brilliant. We do this thing where whoever uses the bathroom first before bed then pretends to be asleep in bed. When the other one comes in from the bathroom the fake sleeper pretends to have been awoken by them and shouts..."How looong have I been shleeeeep?" in a funny voice. It cracks me up every time but reading it now doesn't do it justice.

We also sing the crimewatch theme tune in harmony. Dh conducts.

We also shout Tiiiirrrrroooonnnnn!!! Every time we see Tyrone on coronation Street.

TalcAndTurnips Tue 07-Apr-15 12:41:50

...are so arse-clenchingly ghastly that they will remain a secret.

Apart from passer-by thumbs up. On occasions Mr Turnip thinks it is good sport, when he is the passenger in the car, to give a furious and demented display of alternating thumbs up to innocent bystanders, kids on nearby buses and occupiers of benches.

It will come back to bite him on the arse one day, when we hit an unexpected hiatus in the traffic flow and are unable to make good our escape. I foresee pavement drubbings or worse. My warnings have gone unheeded.

YouBetterWerk Tue 07-Apr-15 12:42:38

This is the best day of my life.

WineCowboy Tue 07-Apr-15 12:43:02

We regularly converse in Denglish.

We have facial expressions accompanied by complicated finger gestures for things, like 'get me some wine'.

If we are crossing fingers we have to cross them, then touch crossed fingers and make an electric buzzing sound at the same time, in fact we all have to do this (all four in my family)

We send the most sweary texts we can in the day to amuse eachother.

If we ask eachother to do something instead of saying 'please' we say something that rhymes with it, so 'sneeze?' Or 'John Cleese?' Or my personal fave 'cottage cheese?'

We have to look pointedly at each other to do a cheers in the pub/at dinner etc, again, all four of us have to do this, it takes a while.....

WineCowboy Tue 07-Apr-15 12:44:41

auntybrenda that is so hilarious!! Made me laugh lots!! grin

Betrayedbutsurvived Tue 07-Apr-15 12:45:49

Ooo, loads, when agreeing with each other we say "as do I O'Neill" or "I concur O'Neill" (stargate reference). We can write entire e mails using just the first letter of each word and we both understand it perfectly. Anything we are looking forward to is "tiggerworthy" and we have a "tiggerdown" which involves counting the days, hours and minutes to said event. We also make up songs about how fierce our lovely placid dog is, and how many innocent meter readers/postmen/bin men he's eaten this week.

Those are the more sensible ones.

QueenMas Tue 07-Apr-15 12:51:16

God, we have loads.

My full name can sound quite "trailer trash" (sorry) when spoken in an American accent... which leads us to hold full blown conversations/fake arguments in southern US voices a LOT. blush grin

"CLETUS! You gon' done that whole bottle o'moonshine in the barn agaaaain?!! Yo mama won't be best pleased you skipped church!"
"Yeeeah? Well yo mama looks like that there fat hairy pig" etc x1000

Oh. "Your Mum" jokes too.

Plus, whenever one of makes a funny innuendo or semi pervy remark, this is referred to as a Toby. Due to me texting him something deliberately pervy alongside this picture..... Now "Tobys" have to be accompanied by a creepy photo of Toby Maguire. Google surprisingly has lots of results for that search! grin

So bloody childish.

MistletoeBUTNOwine Tue 07-Apr-15 12:51:35

I was dancing round the bedroom in my undies singing 'hush little baby' in a silly way and doing the twist confusedshock

NobbyNobs Tue 07-Apr-15 12:52:12

DH flicks his pecs, i try to mess with him and tickle him. He then yells 'Don't mess with my process!'.

Ninja boob. ( . )

VeronicaCaCa Tue 07-Apr-15 12:58:10

We talk to each other via the medium of the cat. Consequently she swears a lot.

Cocolepew Tue 07-Apr-15 12:59:01

Me and DH have a ridiculously complicated saying good night ritual. If we yawn in the middle we have to start again.
We have a couple of sayings from radio ads from years ago. One involving using a Welsh accent about puffins.
Me and DD2 have our own club. It involves us talking to each other in really bad Eastern European accents .

dementedma Tue 07-Apr-15 13:04:04

None with dh...sad
If any of the dcs burp loudly I will pointedly ask "more tea, vicar?"

YouBetterWerk Tue 07-Apr-15 13:13:48


This began between me and my DM but she has now infiltrated into my conversations with DP.
Even if there is a cat that vaguely looks like her on the telly, she'll suddenly appear the vile moody bitch

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