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dh threw wine at the wall

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mario91 Wed 11-May-11 16:33:39

we were having an argument and he fancies sharon and we said a lot of bad things to ech other but he threw wine at the wall and id just painted it and so aibu to think he should paint it because he threw the wine but i said id decorate the house and he uses this as an excuse to say he shouldnt have to do it but he threw the wine.

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Finallyspring Wed 11-May-11 16:35:52

This is like that barbs thread

ObiWan Wed 11-May-11 16:36:07

Forget the wine.
Let's talk about Sharon........

TotemPole Wed 11-May-11 16:36:27

Who's Sharon? confused

TheCowardlyLion Wed 11-May-11 16:36:41


Who the hell is Sharon?

MoshiMonstersRUs Wed 11-May-11 16:37:03

Tell us about Sharon? Who is she?
And was it good wine?

TheCowardlyLion Wed 11-May-11 16:37:24

x-posted with several of you - our minds are as one on the randomness of this!

fearnelinen Wed 11-May-11 16:37:31

Who's Sharon?
YANBU, he should repaint it. And buy you flowers.

joanne34 Wed 11-May-11 16:37:38

What a waste of wine !

CareyFakes Wed 11-May-11 16:37:40

I like Sharon

Bearcrumble Wed 11-May-11 16:37:48

He was decorating. The wine stain is the feature on your feature wall.

VinegarTits Wed 11-May-11 16:37:55

Sharon? osbourne? stone? sharon from the Spar down the road? confused

Suncottage Wed 11-May-11 16:38:26

I am all ears.

[sits down and pours more wine]

slightlymad72 Wed 11-May-11 16:38:58

Maybe sharon is the woman that exposes her chest when opening her bedroom curtains? grin

Valpollicella Wed 11-May-11 16:39:03

Did you have any left in the bottle or was it your last glass?

I would be more pissed off if it was the only bit I had left and he wasted it, rather than throwing at the wall.

But seriously, sorry to hear that.

Suncottage Wed 11-May-11 16:39:07

Ohhh Sharon!

She's a right cah!

Bearcrumble Wed 11-May-11 16:39:50

All (fake) fur coat and no knickers that Sharon.

Hullygully Wed 11-May-11 16:40:01

That poor Sharon. Everyone blames her when really it was that Tracey.

BootyMum Wed 11-May-11 16:40:03

Is this one of those 'in joke' threads. Well I don't get it! But then I'm not in the 'in crowd' around here envy

WhereYouLeftIt Wed 11-May-11 16:40:44

I'm presuming it a TV soap that I don't watch either, BootyMum ...

peppapighastakenovermylife Wed 11-May-11 16:41:07

Sharon? Sharon? Who the Fuck is AliceSharon?

MrSpoc Wed 11-May-11 16:41:14

bastard leave him for Sharon

Hullygully Wed 11-May-11 16:41:21

I don't think so, BootyMum. I think people were just having a little chuckle. Don't feel left out. <pats head soothingly>

travellingwilbury Wed 11-May-11 16:41:26

Leave him .

Finallyspring Wed 11-May-11 16:42:08

But it's not wine o'clock yet, suncottage

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