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Leaving Lockdown Low Carb Bootcamp - week 7

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BIWI Mon 06-Jul-20 08:10:52

Morning all.

So we're entering the last four weeks. Still time to lose a good few pounds before we reach the end.

here's the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

I can see already that we've had some great results, and look forward to seeing/hearing about the rest!


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Rshard Mon 06-Jul-20 08:20:00

Thanks for the new thread BIWI

Two pounds down here which takes me to 12 overall, very happy!

8Track Mon 06-Jul-20 08:21:32

Morning! I've been AWOL from several boot camps and have made some fairly unhealthy lockdown choices. I've been toying with the idea of rejoining, so and have got the motivation back (and I leave my current workplace in 4 weeks, so hoping that's a good timeframe to be positive in for the rest of Bootcamp!).

I've kept up with the threads; you lot are inspirational as always. Thanks athelstane, @BIWI for all the set up work and support.

Just had breakfast in the sunshine - black coffee (making me reflect on my pre-bootcamp habits of milk and 2 sugars, bleeuurrghh!), boiled eggs on lettuce with olive oil and seasoning. Delish. Fridge full of this morning's shop and no more excuses!

Takingontheworld Mon 06-Jul-20 08:29:58

Fantastic Taking! flowers
Remember when you were so frustrated by the scales?! I’m so pleased your efforts are paying off! Inspiring for all newcomers! (And old comers, frankly!!)

Thank you!
.onwards and downwards this week. I'm not setting any weekly goals now, just being grateful for whatever losses show and remaining committed. Lets see where I end up. I'd love to see those 6lbs off by the end of the month but I won't allow myself to get upset if not.

Have a good day all x

Rshard Mon 06-Jul-20 08:48:01

Does anyone have a boot camp friendly pulled pork recipe? Had a look thorough the meat recipe thread and the nearest I found was one for carnitas.

BIWI Mon 06-Jul-20 09:00:57

Yes! Hang on ...

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BIWI Mon 06-Jul-20 09:07:30

It's a recipe from the Fast 800 recipe book - I've made it a couple of times and it's really good:

1kg pork shoulder joint, trimmed of fat I keep this and make it into crackling


45g tomato purée (about 3tbsps)
30g chipotle paste (about 2 tbsps)
juice of 2 medium oranges
juice of 2 limes
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground allspice
1 tsp ground black pepper

- Mix all the marinade ingredients together in a large non-metallic bowl

- Take any string off the pork and add it to the bowl and cover in the marinade; cover and leave to marinate in the fridge for at least 8 hours

- Pre-heat your oven to 170/150 fan/Gas 3

- Place the pork and its marinade in a medium casserole, cover and bake for 3-4 hours, or until the pork falls apart when prodded with a fork

- Transfer the pork to a board or warmed platter and shred with two forks. Serve with a little of the spicy cooking juices spooned over

Serves 6 (3g carbs per serving)

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BIWI Mon 06-Jul-20 09:09:01

I've added that to the recipe thread as well

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AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 06-Jul-20 09:17:58


A lb up for me, which I can accept as I've barely moved these last two weeks other than to take some rather marvellous painkillers.

Am off them now though, so a bit more pottering around and a few less creamy coffees in my near future.

Laska2Meryls Mon 06-Jul-20 09:20:16

Monday monday , official WI day and of course the scales are being utter and complete bstds ... I officially ha ye them and if they are not careful I will be tossing them out of the window.. . Pigging things are showing a pound up from yesterday ( and I was super, super good too !) ..
Grrrrrrr!!!.angry. Those despicable sh*ts are robbing me of my 1stone loss I thought I had acheived !!

But still ..I am ( just) in the 11s

Laska2Meryls Mon 06-Jul-20 09:21:07

Have told them...

SparklesAllOver Mon 06-Jul-20 09:32:10

Morning! Thrilled with 1.4lbs loss, total 10lbs now, despite drinking wine sometimes but still eating well Well done to all.

Choux Mon 06-Jul-20 09:45:23

Morning and congrats to those seeing losses today. I am learning especially from those who aren't seeing the numbers they want but plan to KOKO till they do get there so well done to you. Am sure I will have weeks like that in the future.

Week 1 result is 4lb loss for me. Really happy and am already seeing that another 1lb will get me in the lower half of the 12s.

@BIWI I added my result to the spreadsheet but it seemed like Column A was protected so I couldn't add my name? Was on an iPad which may have impacted what I could edit. Anyway my results are in Row 196 with a little note in row 197 so if anyone is able to add my name to Row 196 or tell me how to do it I would appreciate it.

BTW when opening Google Sheets I found an old copy of a boot camp spreadsheet from 2015. This journey has been a long time getting started!!!

Eggbound Mon 06-Jul-20 09:50:24


1.8lb off since last Monday. So now down 8.6lb - really happy with that for three weeks in. And I'm in the 11s for the first time in nearly 18 months!

My waist is coming back. smile I didn't take starting measurements because I couldn't lay my hands on a tape measure, but I found one on the weekend - 33.5". I found a record of 35.5" in MFP that I'd recorded 10 months ago, so this is progress. Jeans are getting looser, and I bought a pair of size 14 shorts on the weekend!

I'd hit food fatigue by the end of last week - was getting bored with creamy/cheesy this and that, and I've decided that as well as not being a fan of beef and lamb, I'm a bit meh about chicken too, so was feeling limited. Combed the recipe threads Saturday night and did a food shop, and last night revived my enthusiasm by baking some salmon fillets smeared with Thai curry paste, garlic, ginger and grated creamed coconut, with a lovely soy sauce and sesame oil FLGV on the side. Utterly gorgeous.

This week we'll be having curried cauliflower soup with boiled eggs, broccoli and stilton soup with bacon, keto chicken curry, and aubergine and mozzarella canneloni. Deffo need a plan with this WOE.

Also starting some exercise this week with DS, who wants to get his fitness up before sixth form and the possibility of school and club team sports resuming. I'm hoping this will help with keeping weight and waist heading in the right direction.

Thanks again @BIWI, @AthelstaneTheUnready and all for the support and advice, and for keeping me accountable.

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 06-Jul-20 10:03:37

Hi, @Choux, you're all organised on the spreadsheet now.

Choux Mon 06-Jul-20 10:05:04

@AthelstaneTheUnready thanks!!!!

venusandmars Mon 06-Jul-20 10:18:04

@1WildTeaParty you are asked about the rules (not Bootcamp ones). The rules apply for the location you are in, not the country you've come from. So if the funeral is in England, English restrictions apply (and English relaxations). Re hugging: No in England. In Scotland it's no in general, with the exception of children under 12, who can contact each other, and other adults. So yesterday I could hug my grandchildren but not my dd, their mother even though they were hugging her too hmm confused
flowers for your loss

BIWI's rules on the other hand are clear and consistent, and they work.

B - egg and mushroom omelette
L - ham and cheese salad
D - all-the-green-things soup; avocado, mozzarella, tomato

BrassicaBabe Mon 06-Jul-20 10:28:28

I'm claiming Saturdays weight as my weigh in for this week. 2.5lb off! Just need to consolidate that and see it for a few more days. As near as damn it close to goal.

felippertyfeck Mon 06-Jul-20 10:44:19

Morning everyone. 3.2lb down. I'm so close to where I was when I started last year now! Righting all my wrongs of the year. I really have to remember how hard to its to get back on track after falling off the wagon majorly, so I can try and push on through.

I've still not caught up on all the thread but well done everyone KOKO.

I'm going to try and introduce some exercise this week. At the beginning of lockdown I hurt my foot pretty badly and it put me out of action. I've noticed the impact of no exercise, I'm puffed walking up the stairs so not good.

Have a great week everyone

Hopeislost Mon 06-Jul-20 10:56:04

3lb off for me this week, which sounds impressive but am only 3.5lb down overall due to last week's (deserved) gain.

My NSV this week is that I missed breakfast yesterday. I am severely insulin resistant and prone to hangry attacks (hypos) if I go more than 4 hours without eating. I didn't even notice that I'd skipped a meal until 1pm when I was making lunch! This woe has completely changed my relationship with food and regardless of what the scales say, I am so grateful for that.

csa26 Mon 06-Jul-20 11:04:32

Morning all!

Teeny bit disappointed that I'm less than 2lb down from last week (I was remembering my weight from 2 weeks ago so thought I'd lost more this week!) BUT I know I'm only 5 or so lb from target weight and I can expect weight loss to be pretty gradual at this stage (and also, I know the weight I am now is ok - before anyone starts thinking I'm all disordered about this - I just want to fit into my old clothes again).

Because I'm only really starting week 3 of my current streak: am I right that many of you saw almost no weight loss in weeks 3 and 4, and then it started again in week 5? I have one more week and then we're going to the seaside and I really don't think I can resist the call of the ice cream parlour all week! But then the week after that will probably be the first week of IVF stimulation again so maybe I will have to...

Wormthatturned Mon 06-Jul-20 11:04:52

An unexpected and undeserved 1lb off. End of last week I went rather off piste - I think due to the surprising excitement of sitting in someone else's kitchen rather than my own (and a couple of glasses of vino). Told myself off and managed a virtuous day yesterday.
Daren't let my hair down too much as the new dress is still a bit tight. KOKO everyone!

BIWI Mon 06-Jul-20 11:06:02


This woe has completely changed my relationship with food and regardless of what the scales say, I am so grateful for that

This WOE has completely changed your blood sugar levels, and therefore hopefully is addressing your insulin resistance!

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BIWI Mon 06-Jul-20 11:10:02


Yes, weeks 3 & 4 are notorious! KOKO and things will get going again

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CalendulaAndRoses Mon 06-Jul-20 11:11:06

1 lb off for me, but barely I think. I had to sort of squint at the scales sideways to make it so (ancient manual scales, a lot depends on the angle of the weighers glance) I'm going to take it though grin

had about 3 or 4 glasses of wine over the course of last week. Had a walnut pesto made by DD and also ate some berries (and cherries - which am not sure are allowed) but other than that I held firm to plan. I notice I do still overeat on my dinner, sort of want to eat a lot as I know I won't eat til lunchtime next day. Am going to see if I can moderate that a bit this week. Also need need NEED to drink more water again. I've slacked off a bit, especially on measuring it.

Have a great week everyone and well done to those who've registered losses. KOKO everyone!

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