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Week 10 - Low Carb bootcamp - the final week

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BIWI Mon 11-Dec-17 12:42:26

Afternoon all.

Really sorry for starting the new thread so late - I had an early start this morning, and travel problems meant I didn't have to time to set this up before my first meeting.

Anyway, here's the spreadsheet.

Good luck in this last week!

ASDismynormality Mon 11-Dec-17 12:45:49


A loss for me this week after two weeks of small gains. Slowly chipping away....

ilovecherries Mon 11-Dec-17 12:47:42

Thanks, BIWI! 0.8 down today, pleased with that. Thats12.5, am starting to see glimpses of 12.2 now and again, so heading in right direction. Not sure if I will be in the 11s by new year, but they aren't far away.

Singadream Mon 11-Dec-17 12:50:24

Thank you - I thought I hadn't lost this week but looking at the spreadsheet actually I lost a lb. wooohoooo

Almahart Mon 11-Dec-17 12:52:23

Thanks BIWI!

chocdog Mon 11-Dec-17 12:55:47

Thanks BIWI. This bootcamp has been brilliant for my motivation.
I have lost 5lbs over the 10 weeks which is fine by me as I have been following this plan since late August. If I can KOKO with an average loss of half a pound a week I will be at my healthy BMI in 22 weeks. Looking forward to shopping for new clothes next May!

SoMuchToBits Mon 11-Dec-17 12:59:16

Thank you! No loss this week, bah humbug! fsad

Still keeping on though. Chicken and avocado salad for lunch, creamy fish casserole for dinner...

BIWI Mon 11-Dec-17 13:12:19

Just a reminder that we will have a final weigh-in next Monday! That will be the official end of this Bootcamp.

blackteaplease Mon 11-Dec-17 13:14:08

Afternoon all, I am checking in with today's food for some accountability after the weekends deviation. I have carb cravings and I think posting will hopefully help me stay on track.

Breakfast: frozen berries and full fat yogurt, 2 creamy coffees and 1.5 pints water
Snack: 18g pack of pork scratchings, lady grey tea and a pint of water
Lunch: scrambled eggs (4 eggs) and a bovril, another pint of water (no food in house!)
Dinner: leftover lamb with roasted Mediterranean veg.

princessbear80 Mon 11-Dec-17 13:24:52

Thanks BIWI. Lost 3lbs this week, after staying the same last week. A little whoosh! That takes me to a total of 17lbs and 10% of my body weight. Can’t quite believe it, more than I ever expected. Thank you for everyone who posts - reading the thread keeps me on the straight and narrow! I’m going to stick to it as much as possible over Christmas and into the new year. 6 more lbs to go until goal.

FurryTurnip Mon 11-Dec-17 13:39:33

Well done everyone. Had posted on other thread but 2.25lb down for me taking me to below my initial goal. Partly due to a poorly day yesterday when I didn't eat much but also I hope partly due to being back on the wagon after a couple of dodgy weeks of poppadom and chocolate consumption.

Would like to get another one off for next week then will officially start maintenance which will be helpful over Xmas so I have a tiny bit more leeway. Not enough for me justify buying lebkuchen though... I'll treat myself to some kidney beans instead!

princessbear80 Mon 11-Dec-17 13:53:38

Well done on reaching goal furry. Oh lebkuchen are my favourite Christmas treat, I hope I can stop after one!

TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 11-Dec-17 16:01:37

I went down by a whole 0.1lbs this week!!!!! Do I get a prize?????

Actually I'm impressed with that, as I had a huge, unplanned carb-out on Sat. There are too many Christmas goodies in the house and I indulged. Managed to avoid them all yesterday, but, then again, I did have a potato scone at breakfast and two profiteroles for pud, but they were planned.

And, of course, the fact I'm still sticking with the C25K AND am still doing the 30 day Squat challenge (and tricep dips and calf raises) means that I've been building LOTS of muscle. Obviously! (Don't worry, I don't believe my muscle mass is any more than it was!).

Only one more week before the final weigh-in. Eeeek! I think we should have a week 11 weigh-in to take the final week into account. Not that that would work for me this time, mind, as I'll be at my mothers. Hey ho!

Anyway, well done everyone!

BerylStreep Mon 11-Dec-17 16:59:31

1 lb up this week, but happy that I am overall 7 lb down since I started 3 weeks ago.

GailLondon Mon 11-Dec-17 17:06:57

Good evening everyone!
It was my big work Xmas party and husbands 40th birthday this weekend so I had a planned break from low-carbing.
STS today, very happy with my overall loss of 17lbs, I’m effectively in maintenance now until the new year when I’ll be back on it aiming for 1 more stone!

ponygirlcurtis Mon 11-Dec-17 17:12:00

I am on a bit of a plateau at the moment but I am still eating low carb. I am just pleased to be where I am, I will take that. Good luck everyone with the last week before Christmas. 😊

Grah0SoontobeaFitty Mon 11-Dec-17 17:23:57

Morning all.
Saw 191.2 yesterday didn't drink much
Skipped lunch except for day 10 of the pigging avent calendar.
Had steak and veg for supper put on 4lb.
But no emptying yet and a bad night's sleep. Will be upping the fluids today hoping to get under 190.
Day 1 of only 7 really going to focus for the last little push.

Fyi -13c here and 6cm of snow yesterday will stay until April. Hoping the cold sticks as temperature floating around zero is horrible and dangerous on the roads.

BlackMozart Mon 11-Dec-17 17:51:34

Evening all. I will weigh tomorrow having completely missed last week.

Feeling v stressed today with too much work/home stuff to do before Christmas and what feels like not enough time. But on a positive note the snow started to melt at least which meant we could get youngest DD to school, oil got delivered, and someone was actually in when DS new phone also got delivered. He lost his previous one being an idiot in the snow yesterday. I do love him but he drives me nuts. 😊

Food today:
B hot water and lemon , 1 slice Gouda cheese
L 1 fried egg, 3 streaky bacon, coffee
S (desperate today) another slice of Gouda
D lamb leftovers with sprouts and a bit of aubergine, coffee

I must drink some water!

Rshard Mon 11-Dec-17 18:05:33

Evening everyone

Well done for all the losses and koko! I’m weighing in tomorrow as usual, so fingers crossed.

Today I’ve eaten
B - total yoghurt, 8 raspberries
L - tuna salad, mayo
D - roast chicken swede cauliflower broccoli few slices of carrot

FurryTurnip Mon 11-Dec-17 18:24:16

Well done everyone, checking in with my food keep me focused:

B: Chia porridge with nuts and cream
L: on the run - 2 slices of cheese
D: just found recipe for celeriac and blue cheese dauphinoise so will have that and some brocolli

Nowhere near enough water....

Rshard Mon 11-Dec-17 18:53:03

I’ve just bought some chia furry so will be trying sayyra’s recipe in the morning

FurryTurnip Mon 11-Dec-17 19:29:35

Hope you like it Rshard. It's definitely an acquired taste, but I quite like it for the texture, feels very indulgent with berries, nuts and cream.

Rshard Mon 11-Dec-17 19:38:40

I’ll report back furry, I was quite tempted to try it tonight but am restraining myself!

Grimbles Mon 11-Dec-17 21:30:42

Evening all smile

2lbs off this week which I am very pleased about.

B. Fasting
S. Pork Scratchings
D. Steak, mushrooms, pancetta and salad with a bit of stilton

FurryTurnip Mon 11-Dec-17 21:31:30

Well done Grimbles!

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