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Preparing for Bootcamp - starting on Monday 9 October!

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BIWI Fri 06-Oct-17 09:06:12

Lots of people have signed up for this one - no doubt thinking about Christmas and squeezing into that little black dress!

So in advance, here's some stuff to think about so you can get planning over the weekend.

1- How long is Bootcamp?

Bootcamp lasts for 10 weeks, so our final weigh-in will be Monday 18 December.

The first two weeks of Bootcamp are the strictest, to help you shift your body away from burning carbs for fuel, to burning fat for fuel.

After the two weeks are up, you can move to Bootcamp Light, which is a little bit more relaxed. If, though, strict Bootcamp is working for you, you can stay on that. Or you can do a hybrid, following Bootcamp during the week but switching to Bootcamp Light at the weekend.

2 - Bootcamp should be easy to follow

There is absolutely no need to weigh anything, or count the carbs in anything. Nor do we count calories. Just follow the rules (only 10 of them!) and you will be fine.

Low carbing isn't the easiest WOE (way of eating), because our contemporary diet is built around carbs. Just take a look at any high street coffee shop or takeaway - all carb central!

And you may find the first few days tough going, until your body adjusts, but once you're into it, it's a simple plan. It's made that way because I'm a lazy arse who can't be bothered with all that weighing and counting!

3 - Foods that you're not allowed to eat during Bootcamp

Absolutely NONE of the following:

bread (in any form - so no wraps, bagels, pittas, naans, chapattis, etc)
barley/oats/quinoa (or other grains)
other sweet vegetables - especially sweet potatoes/sweetcorn (the clue is in the name!)
pulses/legumes (e.g. peas, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans etc)
balsamic vinegar (it's made differently from other vinegars and is very high in carbs - wine vinegar is fine)

4 - Well what can I eat then?!

We're aiming to switch the ratio of macronutrients from carbs:protein:fat to fat:protein:carbs.

This is a high fat diet. This is something that blows most people's minds when they first start out low carbing. We've been told for the last 30-40 years that fat is bad for us, but this simply isn't true. It's a claim that was initially based on bad science and given further credence by politicians and the media.

Good sources of fat include olive oil, coconut oil, butter, cheese and cream. You will find that not only will your food taste absolutely delicious, but it's also very satiating. You will not be hungry on a low carb diet!

Other things to include in your diet are fattier cuts of meat and fish. Stop seeking out low fat chicken breast with no skin, and embrace the loveliness of roast chicken with lots of gorgeous crispy skin!

Buy mince with a higher fat content. It will have a much better taste than low fat stuff.

Fry your food rather than grill it, etc.

Your carbs on this WOE will come mainly from vegetables and salad. When I post the spreadsheet on Monday morning you'll see on the tabs at the bottom that there's a list of vegetables and their carb counts - if you stick to veg that's around 4g carbs per 100g or less, you'll be fine. Higher carb veg occasionally is OK.

If you've been used to basing your meals around pasta or rice - which lots of us do, especially if you buy a lot of ready meals, you'll have to re-think your approach to meals/cooking.

Here are some examples of meals that I might cook:

•Roast chicken with roasted vegetables• (e.g. shallots, leeks, fennel, courgettes, peppers, cauliflower). Veg roasted in olive oil, and oil or butter on the chicken skin

Marinated salmon fillets with stir-fried vegetables (salmon marinated for c. 20-30 minutes in olive oil, with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, lemon juice and Chinese 5 spice powder); veg could include mange tout, shallots, baby sweetcorn, celery.

... or serve it with egg fried 'rice' made from cauliflower

This is really easy and tastes surprisingly good - trust me! I resisted cauliflower rice for a long time, because I thought it would have too strong a cauliflower taste, but I was wrong.

To make this, separate the florets of a cauliflower, wash them, and then either pulse in a food processor until it's blitzed into small rice-like pieces, or use a box grater (this way is a bit messy, but works well if you don't have a food processor). In a wok or large frying pan, fry this in some light oil or coconut oil. It's all cooked through, which won't take long, push it all to the edges of the pan, and then in the 'hole' in the middle, add a little bit more oil, and then pour in a beaten egg. Let it set a little bit, and then stir it through the cauliflower, so it forms shreds

Shepherds pie made with high fat mince, and using celeriac mash for the topping

BIWI Fri 06-Oct-17 09:10:39

Something else that's really important - for low carbing generally, but especially for Bootcamp, is to plan ahead.

Think about your meals and what you're going to need to buy for them. In particular, think about times when you might not be at home, and what you're going to buy. Low carbing on the go isn't very easy.

M&S Food do have a number of options now, and if you're near a Pret a Manger, they do some good salads that are low carb. But you'll need to research what there is available, and make sure you know the carb content of things.

A commonly asked question is how many carbs should I be eating a day?

There is no answer to this because everyone deals with carbs differently. Some people can tolerate higher levels of carbs than others, and still lose weight - others have to be really vigilant and keep their carbs much lower. The only way you can find out is to experiment.

If you follow Bootcamp rules, you should automatically find that your carbs are low enough to lose weight. There are very few people who haven't lost weight this way!

EnidNextDoor Fri 06-Oct-17 10:02:44

Thanks for this. The only problem I have is that for a couple of weeks I will be at the mercy of other people for my meals. So I'll just have to have what's on offer at those times. But at home I will try to be very strict to counter balance that effect. Do you think that will be ok? I don't have any choice though so it'll have to be ok. Better something than nothing, right?

ClearEyesFullHearts Fri 06-Oct-17 10:23:13

Enid I don't want to pry but what is the situation? Will you be on holiday, in hospital, visiting relatives, at camp, in prison...?

You don't have to explain (in fact I'd feel awful if you did and it turned out to be something traumatic), I'm just trying to get a feel for how much you'll be at the mercy of others.

Depending on the situation it might be a possibility to explain your LCHF eating and perhaps be accommodated?.

Or at least bring along low carb snacks to help you eat less of the carby food.

But you're right, if you've no choice then the best you can do is be mindful, drink loads of water, and go full on Bootcamp after the two weeks. flowers

EnidNextDoor Fri 06-Oct-17 10:33:50

Oh I didn't mean to worry anyone! It's a really good event I am attending on and off, I may come home for a few days in the middle, its just that meals will be the 'pot luck' variety with people who have access to cooking facilities (ie not me for most of the time) and ill eat what there is rather than low carb. But its a really good idea to take plenty of snacks.

The food will be delicious, just 'normal' not low carb that's all. But yes, snacks, water and extra strict at home is the way to go I think.

ClearEyesFullHearts Fri 06-Oct-17 11:11:24

Ah, okay. Phew!

I was joking about prison. wink

Oncewaswho Fri 06-Oct-17 12:22:43

Marking spot tentatively, I've been trying this by myself. I'm fine when I'm in charge (breakfast, packed lunch, most evening meals). But eating out can be tricky, I will have work Christmas meals in that period. Even when you are just having a day out in town it can be hard, I am managing with Subway salads so far. No peas is hard too, I love them and they are so easy!

EnidNextDoor Fri 06-Oct-17 12:41:25

No peas? FFS.

Is it too late to back out of this? I haven't signed any legal documents for it yet.

BIWI Fri 06-Oct-17 13:28:22


NotThereEileen Fri 06-Oct-17 13:29:10

Looking forward to getting started again!
I was on the last bootcamp, under a different name but ended up being very much the carby and alcohol twat (think I still have the scars from BIWIs stick grin). Despite this I'm still a stone lighter than I was in May!
Butter, double cream and olive oil on the shopping list

BIWI Fri 06-Oct-17 13:34:11


To be really honest, if you want to do Bootcamp you'd be far better off waiting till you're back from your two weeks away. It's important to do it properly, so that you're switching your body into fat-burning mode.

And then you can gorge on peas to your heart's content grin

BIWI Fri 06-Oct-17 13:38:35

A couple of additional things I should add to the 'not allowed at all list':

Breakfast cereal.

No matter how healthy you believe they are, from a carb point of view they are out. Way, way, way too many carbs - even in porridge.

Soft drinks

Certainly you have to avoid full sugar drinks - they won't do you any good at all!

But also we're avoiding artificial sweeteners as much as we can. This is for three important reasons; first, we're trying to break the hold that sweet things have over us. Second, they're artificial and we're aiming to eat food that's as natural (and unprocessed) as we can. And third, there is some suggestion that diet/light drinks can impact the body like sugar does. So best avoided. And this includes 'no added sugar' drinks - they don't add sugar, because they use artificial sweeteners.

ASDismynormality Fri 06-Oct-17 13:40:48

Just parking myself here for the new bootcamp start!

purpleviolet1 Fri 06-Oct-17 13:45:03

Place marking.

Rshard Fri 06-Oct-17 13:47:12

Really looking forward to starting this!

Do we each post starting weights on the spreadsheet and then update weekly or post them on here?


Oncewaswho Fri 06-Oct-17 13:51:39

Well, I'm ok without cereal (haven't really eaten it for years) and soft drinks, I have about one diet coke a week but that's all. Bread and bread-based products are my biggest weakness.

What about fruit? I normally eat a couple of pieces a day (apple, pear, grapes, citrus).

twinkledag Fri 06-Oct-17 13:55:54

Yaay! Place marking - I so need this!

HippadoppaloppaGammeldag Fri 06-Oct-17 14:10:27

Once no fruit in the first two weeks I'm afraid. You can have berries in BC Lite though.

starsky22 Fri 06-Oct-17 14:17:08

Oooh BIWI is in green again, now it really feels like BC

Rshard You don't have to, but most people put starting weight on the spreadsheet and update it weekly. Each Monday BIWI starts a new thread and if you want you can update on there with your weekly loss/gain/sts, hopefully more losses than the others!

Once No fruit for first two weeks as they have too much sugar and you are trying to break your addiction to sugar, then on bootcamp lite you can have some low carb fruit e.g strawberries/raspberries

BIWI hope you don't mind me jumping in to answer questions

Oncewaswho Fri 06-Oct-17 14:17:18

Just berries? That's an expensive habit at this time of year. I was hoping for apples!

prettybird Fri 06-Oct-17 14:17:43

It does seem strange not having fruit for the first 2 weeks - but if you're having plenty of low carb veg with your meals, then you'll still be getting your 5-a-day.

Remember that potatoes, rice and pasta don't count towards your 5-a-day; in this WoE, you'll be substituting veg for the carb. Eg strips of courgette instead of pasta, mashed celeriac or cauliflower instead of mashed potato, blitzed cauliflower instead of rice.

prettybird Fri 06-Oct-17 14:21:55

Once you're into Boot Camp Lite, then a few blueberries with Greek yoghurt for breakfast is nice and doesn't cost too much.

Snacking/Filling up on fruit like apples is just continuing your sugar addiction.

However, I have started to snack on things like left over cauliflower florets, or runner beans glut from the garden

Rshard Fri 06-Oct-17 14:24:54

Thanks starsky

Mimosa1 Fri 06-Oct-17 14:29:20

Found you all! I've been doing a low carb high fat woe food over a month or so but not on bootcamp. Need to cut out the milky teas, and have black coffee instead, which I quite like just not as much a tea and kick my Diet Coke habit...

@biwi, will you post the spreadsheet on Monday for starting weights?


Oncewaswho Fri 06-Oct-17 14:53:41

Well, I easily get my 5 a day without fruit now TBH, I eat loads of mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach as part of breakfast, a big salad at lunch and veg with my evening meal. I don't eat much sweet stuff as a general rule so I could drop the apples. I really only eat them as a hangover to unhealthier times when I wasn't packing the veg in so much and needed them for 5 a day. I don't really want to go down the cauliflower rice, courgette pasta route as no one else in the family would eat them, I'd rather cook the carbs for them and just double my portion of whatever veg we are having.

Is milky tea not allowed either then <whimpers>

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