IVF in Feb/March 2020?

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waitingforarainbow Thu 19-Dec-19 08:01:20

Hello! I'm just wondering whether there are others starting their IVF journey in Feb/March 2020.

I am dealing with secondary infertility (male factor) and we have been TTC#2 for 16 months. We conceived naturally by some miracle back in July, but sadly had an early miscarriage (my third in total). We're now waiting to start ICSI IVF in early February.

Would love to hear from others doing the same. x

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waitingforarainbow Fri 20-Dec-19 16:29:00

Nobody? Maybe I'm too early! 🤦‍♀️

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Lemongrass1 Fri 20-Dec-19 17:46:10

Hi! I’m starting a FET with my period in Feb. But don’t start downreg until day 21 so transfer prob won’t be until April! (And that’s if all goes to plan 😕)

TTCRose Fri 20-Dec-19 17:46:56

I'm hoping to start another cycle in February. Just had my 1st failed cycle. We have male factor issues and I have a low AMH...we are ok short protocol x

ChatWithMe Fri 20-Dec-19 19:04:35

Hi waitingforarainbow Lemongrass1 & TTCRose. Happy to join your group! :-D

I have very similar stats to you OP! We have been TTC #2 for 15 months and will hopefully be doing next ICSI cycle from mid-March. Not sure why we have never gotten pregnant naturally. MFI perhaps but also likely poor egg quality (I'm 38.5yo with AMH 6 in February, likely much lower now). Had 3 failed transfers this year (one fresh ICSI cycle). Plan to do 2 cycles in 2020 then stop for good if unsuccessful.

What's everyone else's 2020 game plan?

waitingforarainbow Sun 22-Dec-19 16:24:52

Welcome @Lemongrass1 @TTCRose @ChatWithMe - nice to hear from some people in the same boat! ☺️

I think it all depends on how I find the first cycle (physically and emotionally) but my aim would be to try three cycles to give myself the best possible chance. Although hopefully it won't take three cycles - I'm trying my best to stay positive for the first cycle!

I'm looking forward to eating and drinking whatever I want over Christmas and then getting as healthy as possible in the new year. Will be nice to have something positive and proactive to focus on.

Good luck, ladies! x

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Yorkshirehope Sun 22-Dec-19 19:51:52

Hi - hoping to join you guys in Feb. Had two failed ICSI attempts ( issue male infertility). Am 40 but will be 41 by the time I start so stressed re age. Good to have others to chat to on here x

Lemongrass1 Sun 22-Dec-19 22:48:52

@Yorkshirehope- welcome! I’m 40 going on 41 too...

Game plan is x2-3 transfer attempts over 2020. I’ll do the first one long protocol but will ask about short protocol for next FETs if it doesn’t work. I find the long protocol to be extremely emotionally draining with the time it takes... If no success after x3 attempts then probably looking at drawing a line but I guess we won’t know for sure how we will want to proceed until we are faced with this scenario.

Anyone else currently trying to eat healthy/ diet in prep for treatment and failing miserably over the festive period? I still have a few kilos to lose to get BMI into healthy range

ChatWithMe Mon 23-Dec-19 15:26:10

Hi all. Just read this article which I found interesting. This couple went through 15 IVF cycles to get a BFP! www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/9466367/ivf-rounds-tears-baby-six-years/amp/

waitingforarainbow I find the worst part is the emotional strain of the follicle monitoring scans and the 2ww. I got tearful last time cause the follicles grew much slower than expected and each time I was told to book another scan rather than to book egg retrieval.

Lemongrass 1 I have already started the holiday indulgence so I need to slow down a bit! I've not been through a long protocol before but it must be difficult. I did have to take the pill for a couple weeks before stunning injections but I think the long protocol is several weeks of injections. How many embryos do you have spare?

Yorkshirehope I'm guessing AMH is more important than age (although of course they go hand in hand). What's everyone's AMH?? I'm actually curious about how fast AMH declines in one year. My AMH went down from 16 in 2017 to 6 in 2019 (down by over half) so wondering if it will be 2 or 3 by Feb next year when we start next IVF (1 year later). Guess only way to know is by blood test...

TTCRose Good luck with your next try. BFNs are such a let-down after all the effort we put it :-(

Pleaseletitbeme Mon 23-Dec-19 16:38:30

That’ll be me too.
MMC twins
MC twins
ICSI Singleton BFN

First set of twins were due Xmas day.

Planning another round in February if I can get the money together.

ChatWithMe Mon 23-Dec-19 18:35:48

Sorry to hear about your difficult journey Pleaseletitbeme. None of mine implanted this year but the EDDs would have been 14/12/19, 1/4/20 and 5/6/20. I felt sad on the 14th of this month but sounds worse if a BFP/positive scan leads to a miscarriage :'-(

Chichz Mon 23-Dec-19 20:03:53

Hi ladies, I'm hoping that the thread title will describe me, as we've got our consultation in early January. Perhaps I am being a bit optimistic though, as we will be going through the first of our 2 NHS rounds! TTC first baby with PCOS and partially blocked tubes, plus sub-optimal sperm results on DH's part. So it's been a journey already! I am about to turn 32 and, at the risk of wishing my Xmas holidays away, I'm so ready for 2020! grin


Chichz Mon 23-Dec-19 20:06:58

@Lemongrass1 I am following a PCOS-friendly diet at the moment - low carb, sugar and lots of veg, meat and healthy oils. Oh, and no diary or soy! Eating at home is a joy because I'm preparing my food carefully - eating out is a nightmare, and there are so many social occasions at this time of year...

Good luck in keeping it up over the festive period. I'm going to try my best! X

waitingforarainbow Tue 24-Dec-19 15:25:25

Welcome @Yorkshirehope @Pleaseletitbeme @Chichz! 👋

Good to hear everyone's stories but sorry to hear you've all been through so much.

@Pleaseletitbeme - I really hope you're kind to yourself over Christmas. That sounds so hard.

I'll be getting on the Mediterranean diet in the new year, but I had Ferrero Rocher for breakfast this morning if that gives you an idea of my current eating habits! 🤦‍♀️ x

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Chichz Tue 24-Dec-19 16:17:54

Thank you @waitingforarainbow! X

Lemongrass1 Wed 25-Dec-19 23:58:11

@Pleaseletitbeme so sorry to about all you’ve endured so far. I hope you are able to sort the finances for a round in Feb and that Lady Luck looks favorably on you next year. X

@Chichz Good luck with your consultation in Jan! Let us know how it goes

@TTCRose good luck with your short protocol in Feb

@waitingforarainbow hope the diet goes well in the New Year. I’m still failing miserably but determined to get back on the healthy eating in Jan (I’ve written off Dec now..)

@ChatWithMe we are lucky to have 7 frosties left from the first ICSI cycle, 2 are good and the rest are ‘borderline’. Yes long protocol does drag on. I think it’s minimum of 6 weeks from starting the first drugs to transfer.

Need a saline scan early Jan before they start treatment to make sure no polyps etc. Really hope it’s clear as last time ended up being a massive headache. They saw a polyp on scan, nothing on first hysteroscopy but polyp on biopsy so then needed a second hysteroscopy which again showed nothing!

Wishing everyone success for 2020. Xx

ChatWithMe Thu 26-Dec-19 08:10:15

Hi Lemongrass1. Happy Boxing Day :-) I see you were burning the midnight oil! Wow 7 frosties is great. Hopefully one of those 2 good ones is your little boy or girl. I've got my fingers crossed for you. It's nearly 2020 already so not long til we're all jumping back on the hope train :-)

Lemongrass1 Thu 26-Dec-19 23:28:26

@ChatWithMe - Happy Boxing Day to you too and to everyone else! the wee hours of the night are when I have time to ruminate and worry about the upcoming FET, even on Christmas Day... 😅 Feels a bit like trying to win the lottery, twice in a row!

BeHereNowx32 Fri 27-Dec-19 09:20:05

Hi! I will be going through FET in feb/ March. We have a DD from ICSI, and are using our remaining embryos (2 left). Just introducing myself just now, and will catch up with the thread soon.

ChatWithMe Fri 27-Dec-19 12:06:55

I know what you mean Lemongrass1 and good luck BeHereNowx32. You transferring both of your 2 embryos in one go or spreading it out? I stick to single embryos as I'm way too nervous about a twin pregnancy! :-/

BeHereNowx32 Fri 27-Dec-19 14:03:33

@ChatWithMe hey, yeah, single embryo transfer. Sorry! The clinic won’t actually allow us to transfer more than one anyway. We had to sign to agree to that.

ChatWithMe Fri 27-Dec-19 15:08:44

Ah that's sensible :-)

ChatWithMe Sat 28-Dec-19 07:50:56

If anyone is interested I've enjoyed watching these films/documentaries about IVF. I suggested to others on another blog several months ago.

1. One More Shot (Netflix docu film)
2. Private Life (Comedy film on Netflix)
3. YouTube documentary called Baby Makers: The Fertility Clinic - here's the linkyoutu.be/Y_iTgC7z3u8

PickleKid Sun 29-Dec-19 16:15:00

We are starting in Feb (supposed to call in with Jan period) and 21 days later hopefully we can start. Been trying for 6 years. Nearly got to the IVF point with the Ex husband and then had to wait the qualifying time with new partner and then a very long wait after that. I’m 36. I’m starting a new job around this time too. It’s a lot.

ChatWithMe Tue 31-Dec-19 14:26:48

Hi PickleKid Welcome! Wow maybe it's a good thing it didn't work out with the ex. Once you have kids you gotta weather all kinds of bad times to keep your kids around full time. Hope your new partner is lovely and on board with the IVF treatment. Are you doing long protocol? Curious why it starts on day 21 of your cycle as I had to take the pill from day 1 for 2 weeks before doing a short round of stimming injections (mine was short protocol I believe). I'm getting my period around 12/1/20 and doing a final IUI end of January before I can book in for another IVF round in March. I hate the waiting!! sad

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