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Dinosauraddict Sat 29-Jun-19 07:35:45

Our old clomid thread is no longer allowing new comments, and it's taken me 24 hours and multiple failed comments to understand why - we filled it up So thought I'd start a new one...

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Dinosauraddict Sat 29-Jun-19 07:36:35

@Marmite83 @Jemstar33 @Jesskir89 @doomkittycleo

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doomkittycleo Sat 29-Jun-19 07:50:23

Ah, thanks @Dinosauraddict, I started a new one too but no one has responded yet. Never thought to tag ppl. I’ll close the other one to prevent confusion.

Marmite83 Sat 29-Jun-19 07:52:15

Wow, didn't know it was possible to fill up a thread! @Pinktruffle @Bear88

Marmite83 Sat 29-Jun-19 07:54:02

@AmyMaria2 @Zara84

Dinosauraddict Sat 29-Jun-19 08:01:04

Sorry @doomkittycleo I didn't see yours! And please tag everyone else in that might want to join us! grin Unfortunately you get a 1k limit for comments. Often have to start a second thread on majorly supportive/long ones. Some of us are going to be in it for the long haul but hopefully we'll see some BFPs amongst our group soon!

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doomkittycleo Sat 29-Jun-19 08:04:24

Thanks for your messages of support re my private consultation appointment yesterday morning.

The good news is that they scanned me and said I had one great looking corpus luteum and a great uterine lining, so definitely ovulated. Af was due yesterday or today, but not arrived yet, but still bfn.

They have offered to do follicle tracking for the next cycle and then we can decide whether to continue with further follicle tracking or to stop the clomid have a couple of month off and if no bfp we can try IVF.

Only thing is, the Dr concluded with try to just BD all month long and not focus on timing too much.

I told him I can’t do that as BD has become a chore and I don’t enjoy it anymore. His response was to try and remember what it was like when we first met (not really helpful). Then once we left, DP tried to reiterate it and we ended up arguing most of the day because he said that clearly me tracking everything hasn’t helped us, so maybe taking a break from it will help. I ended up in tears for most of the day.

I told him that when TTC DD I initiated it every time and he rejected me a lot, and it’s made me not want to do it anymore as I feel like I’m throwing myself at him.

He said how can he initiate anything knowing that I don’t want to do it (I did say if I’m not close to ovulation I don’t want to do it).

So now we’re just on tenterhooks, plus Af still isn’t here 17dpo based on fertility friend, but BBT has dropped a little more today, so maybe my dates are a little off.


doomkittycleo Sat 29-Jun-19 08:20:17

@Samantha92, @RoxyP, @fulanigirl, @Explorers10, @Everytimeiseeher, @samosaurus, @bookworm18, @seven201, @ckc45d10, @Smoochie85, @Bellesausage, @Ianhopeful100,

This is the new thread as the old one was closed due to getting full.

Jemstar33 Sat 29-Jun-19 08:49:35

Thanks @Dinosauraddict 1k comments 😱

@doomkittycleo so happy that you got some good news yesterday. Have you decided to go with follicle tracking?

I hear you with BD’ing. I initiate all the time with my DP 🤬 and it’s hard to ‘remember when you first met’ when you’ve been together so long and are longing for a baby.

2-3 times a week is what my doc says and he says the same about not focusing on timing.

Hope you clear the air today and things feel more positive.

We all need some good news soon!

Jemstar33 Sat 29-Jun-19 08:52:11

@Marmite83 great news on your positive smiley. You were in a tough situation but I think BD’ing was the right choice. You don’t want to miss an opportunity 😆

doomkittycleo Sat 29-Jun-19 09:23:55

@Jemstar33, I don’t even want to do it x2 per week. I don’t really want to do it at all, it’s a means to an end and once we conceive I’ll happily abstain for 2-3 years 🙈.

That sounds awful doesn’t it.

I’m feeling rotten today.

Jemstar33 Sat 29-Jun-19 09:52:35

@doomkittycleo it doesn’t sound awful. Sounds completely normal to me.

I hope you’re feeling better soon.

doomkittycleo Sat 29-Jun-19 15:33:17

Ugh, Af has finally arrived CD25 at 17dpo. Was really weird, had no spotting first, just a sudden gush “hello! Here I am”.

At least I can start a monitored cycle now. Will call the clinic to schedule it for next week.

Jemstar33 Sat 29-Jun-19 20:09:43

@doomkittycleo that may explain why you’ve been feeling teary.

New cycle, new mindset 😊

squirrelnutkins1 Sat 29-Jun-19 21:29:58

Hi. Not sure if I can join here but due to start Letrazole tomorrow, first try on it. My cycles are irregular. AF arrived today, cycle only 26 days long this month! So I was surprised as I literally had the tiniest bit of spotting before bed then AF arrived in full flow which never happens (is convinced myself it was implantation bleeding 😕)
We're on cycle 23 now with one bfp ending in mc the month before I was originally due to start Letrazole. So we're back to plan A of trying Letrazole. History of endo and DH SA ok 👍🏻

Constance1234 Sat 29-Jun-19 23:00:44

Hi everyone, I was on the last thread, but took a bit of a break from mumsnet. I got a BFP on my first Clomid cycle and saw a strong heartbeat at 7+3, but a scan at 9+3 showed I'd had a missed miscarriage a couple of days earlier. I had an erpc last week and am now waiting for my period to start so I can start up on the clomid again. I'm also waiting for the test on the fetus to come back to see it it was a chromosomal issue, and if so hopefully just random bad luck and not the case that clomid released a 'bad' egg.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend so far, and not melting too much in the heat!

Dinosauraddict Sun 30-Jun-19 07:07:31

Welcome @squirrelnutkins1 and sorry for your loss @Constance1234.

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Jemstar33 Sun 30-Jun-19 08:38:32

@squirrelnutkins1 sorry for your loss. Good luck for your first cycle. I’m on day CD13 now, feels like the slowest cycle ever!

@Constance1234 sorry for your loss. How long until you get the results from the tests? So heartbreaking.

Would you mind sharing how your cycle, where you used clomid, went? Did you BD every day, how did you feel on clomid, did you have any reactions?

Constance1234 Sun 30-Jun-19 15:02:46

@Jemstar33 Thank you, I should get the results in about 3 weeks from now. So nerve wracking, but I already have a 2.5 year old so I’m hoping it can’t be anything too seriously wrong, but who knows!

On my Clomid cycle, I took it from days 2-5 at night as I’d read on the last thread that it was best to take it at night so you slept through any side effects. I don’t remember getting any real side effects at all, maybe just a couple of hot flashes on one of the days. We dtd every other day from day 9 until day 16. I did have a follicle tracking scan so my consultant was able to tell me within a two day window when I would ovulate. But I’d say every other day would be fine. I was told everyday would be less beneficial as the speed needs time to regenerate. Have you started taking the Clomid yet? x

Constance1234 Sun 30-Jun-19 15:03:30

*sperm not speed!

Jemstar33 Sun 30-Jun-19 18:16:45

@Constance1234 that’s not too long to wait although it will feel forever for you.

Thank you so much for the information. I’m on my first cycle of clomid. Currently on day 13. Took my last pill 6 days ago. I’m not being monitored via scans but been doing opks since cd 9 and each morning I’m getting strong lines. Although never had a the same colour lines on each test. Im going to stick to every other day too for bd’ing

I can’t wait to experience a pregnancy 😄

Wishing you lots of luck. Keep us updated x

Jemstar33 Sun 30-Jun-19 18:21:25

*never had the same colour lines on each test for the last 18 months that should have said. I was using the smiley ones for a while and never had a positive with those so back onto the cheaper versions.

I do feel like my lines are stronger since taking clomid. That must be a good sign!

squirrelnutkins1 Sun 30-Jun-19 18:26:27

Thank you @Dinosauraddict @Jemstar33

Have you had any side effects from the clomide? Did they say why you aren't being monitored? I've got to ring tomorrow and they'll try and get me in around day 12 @Jemstar33

@Constance1234 so sorry for your loss 💔

Jemstar33 Sun 30-Jun-19 18:41:41

@squirrelnutkins1 I’ve had a few headaches and one night of hot sweats. Nothing too bad. I was needing to pee constantly which seems to have stopped now.

The monitoring wasn’t even discussed. I’ll see how u get over the next few cycles and maybe discuss it if we continue with clomid.

Zara84 Sun 30-Jun-19 18:48:26

Hi ladies... looks like I’m out... af showed up today sad really gutted....feel like just giving up and I know it’s my first round of Clomid but every scan showed progress and everything seemed right.... I just honestly have had enough now sad

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