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Thread 32 | TTC#1 | Making the move from conception to infertility. We've taken some blows but we are not beaten

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Jamon Sun 17-Sep-17 12:40:36

Hi all. We're a group of first timers who've been plugging away on the conception boards for some time. The support here is amazing so if you're in a similar boat please jump onboard.

Time to hand hold through treatments and support each other through to becoming the mums we deserve to be 💪🏼🌸🙏🏼

Jamon Sun 17-Sep-17 12:47:34

I'll kick off

I'm 33 and been trying for the best part of two years. Had all the tests and nothing wrong aside from morphology on low side on initial tests before coming up to normal after Proxeed plus.
We start IVF next month but it's long protocol so stims and egg collection won't be until November or so.

Kathrino Sun 17-Sep-17 13:58:43

Kath, also 33, also trying for nearly two years and in the unexplained bucket.

AF began early on Friday. We were going to start IVF this month (privately) but for various reasons, we've decided to postpone for a while. We might think about starting next month but I think, in reality, it's likely to be another 6 months or so. A bit gutted but also think it's the most sensible decision.

Sorry I feel off the previous thread; work has been totally insane and all-consuming since I got back from holiday.

Jam, are you okay this morning? 😘

WingingIt83 Sun 17-Sep-17 14:03:03

Thanks for the new thread jam

Wingingit here, a name I gave myself when I was a newbie to MN back in April 16 and hadn't the foggiest idea what an opk was etc.

20 cycles in and I'm still here and this thread has been fantastic support.

Age 33
Cycle 20
Have had all the tests and nothing unusual except for some borderline numbers for DH on morphology and density.

Referred for IVF and our first appointment with the nurse is very end of october. Not sure how long it will take to actually get going.

florafoxtrot Sun 17-Sep-17 14:09:35

Thanks for the new thread Jam - hope you are ok.

Cycle 14

Fertility tests ongoing and have a hycosy in a few weeks and will thereafter come up with a plan for next steps.
Another one with a DH with a morphology issue with other parameters good (also on Proxeed plus) so we are likely now unexplained.

geeup Sun 17-Sep-17 14:28:16

Hi everyone. I'm* Geeup*.
Aged 35 - ttc 2 yrs 2 months
CD1 - everyone's least favourite day
Stepped away from this thread for a while when I started IVF but hope it's ok to join back in
Cycle 27 including 2 failed fresh IVF (long protocol) - 2nd I had a chemical pregnancy
Starting my first FET cycle in Nov, expecting to transfer in early Jan
Think we're unexplained (started off thinking it was morphology but as this is fairly normal now, I'm wondering it may be my immune system hmm)
Could not be more over this process having seen 23 friends get pregnant and have their babies (and second babies!) since we started this (and yes I have been counting).

Pyjamas81 Sun 17-Sep-17 15:58:52

Pjs here - thanks for the new thread jam!

36 years old, DH is 42, on cycle 17 which includes two fresh rounds of IVF - both ended with BFNs 😞 Gearing up to go for round three in November and going through tests at the moment. DH getting sperm DNA fragmentation test done, I'm getting NK cells tests done. Also going for the endometrial scratch this time, 21 day long protocol instead and going for ICSI this time as well.

Caz345 Sun 17-Sep-17 17:03:19

Hi all,
I'm Caz,
30yrs old, DH also 30
Trying for 2years,
32nd cycle (short cycles)
My scans and bloods all clear
DH SA this week then will be referred to fertility clinic.
About to enter fertile week and not feeling up for it at all. Being at the 2year milestone has really affected my mood, have been very low this week. DH thinks I should try counselling... I'm not sure.

bassetmum Sun 17-Sep-17 18:10:15

Hi all
I am basset. I am 30 in November, DP is 29. Technically started cycle 14 today although its the fourth cycle not trying due to an over active thyroid. Hoping consultant will swap meds in January to let me ttc again. Before that absolutely no hint of a bfp. Going to give it a couple of cycles when allowed to trc again before asking gp for tests i think.

Lemonylem Sun 17-Sep-17 18:24:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hopefulbunny Sun 17-Sep-17 18:31:08


36 years old
Cycle 10 I think , had a break in between for fibroid operation
Had day 3 and 21 bloods done and definitely know I'm ovulating but have high prolactin which could be causing problems with fertility.

Hope its not too long before lots of BFP's!

kwick Sun 17-Sep-17 18:34:47

Many thanks jamon for the new thread. 😘

I am kwick have been TTC since 2015 - as I am single I have been receiving treatment - so far have done 9 different tries. Natural IUI, medicated IVF, natural IVF and medicated IUI. Had 2 BFPs - sadly lost both. Have been on a break since last MC and been working hard to get BMI down to below 35. As I am well past it (43) I am now going to try donor egg - this time with a new clinic (IVI) which allows for all pre-scans and bloods to be done in Blighty and then actual transfer in Spain. Hoping to start asap - given dates though I think November is most likey.
Looks like we will have lots going on in November!!!

Jamon Sun 17-Sep-17 20:15:33

Kath hope you're alright, I know you've mentioned health problems before and

Jamon Sun 17-Sep-17 20:25:38

Oops - your work sounds absolutely gruelling at times. Hope that is subsiding and you're looking after yourself 🌸

Welcome back lovely geeup. That is a LOT of baby bombs to endure shock I really really hope yours is around the corner

Sorry you're feeling crap caz we've all been there from time to time. I would definitely give counselling a go. It won't give us what we really want but any help managing all these complex emotions is so valuable

Basset how does it work with your meds - are you on stuff to bring it down and then that has to change before you can TTC again? Can you notice any difference in how you feel at all?

Lemony the blood tests measure hormones before and after ovulation. The progesterone rise post ovulation confirms that you did ovulate. They look at other stuff too including prolactin, TSH and your ovarian reserve AMH. If yours all says 'normal' that's excellent. It's worth going through the numbers with your doctor to understand them better, in my opinion

Hello hopeful I had high prolactin before: they think it was stress related. When it was tested again a few months later it had dropped right down so it can fluctuate. Are you being tested again?

Kwick yes Nov will be all systems go for many of us!

Jamon Sun 17-Sep-17 20:31:45

Had a fairy rubbish day and still really upset with DH. He gets it and is very apologetic. He's not coping with all of this shit and getting very drunk was his way of burying it and forgetting about it. I've said we need couples therapy and I want him to stop drinking. He says he's on board. I'm so cross with myself and infertility too for just ruining yesterday. Two of our dearest friends got married and I just felt terrible the whole day. Sodding hormones. Sodding infertility sucks.

AF due tomorrow so just need to get through next week really.

I did go for a lovely calming walk in our local park earlier though which really helped. Autumn colours creeping in are very beautiful , and I've just treated myself to some new Chelsea boots from Joules. 🌿🌳🍁🍃🍂🌾🍁

bassetmum Sun 17-Sep-17 20:50:26

I do hope you and your DH work this out jam. I think the fact you've both seen the issue is a good thing.

Basically there are two med options the one I am on carbimazole which is a big fat no no to ttc. Whereas option two is propylthiouracil which you can ttc on. CMZ is the med that works the fastest and most efficiently. However I can't just stop taking them you are weaned off them slowly hence why I want to ask for it to be changed to PTU. I feel like a totally different person from last November time which is when I think my thyroid started to misbehave. One thing I am actually feeling is the change in the weather. I am actually feeling cold this year. Hopefully that makes sense.

ChocolateLab Sun 17-Sep-17 20:53:26

Hello everyone

Can I join? My stats are:

33 (nearly 34)
Been trying for three and a half years
Most test results are normal to technically we are 'unexplained' but I have Endo, Ando and some occasional cysts.

I was due to start an IUI cycle yesterday but its been postponed as my endometrium is still really thick as I only managed a rubbish period (blimmin' womb). So I have some Provera to take. Has anyone taken Provera before?

wine and flowers to those with baby bombs and feeling a bit left out of all the mum and baby stuff. Had dinner with no less than 4 pregnant women on Friday and the 5th didn't make it as she was too pregnant! It really sucks and it sucks even harder when it interferes with a special event.

Caz345 Sun 17-Sep-17 21:02:01

Thanks 'Jam' I'll look into it. It is really hard. Sorry you've had a tough weekend, I also went for a walk. Getting outside definitely helps. You really have to focus on looking after yourself in this journey. I know I've been bad at keeping up with the stuff that helps recently.

How much does your DH drink? Mine drinks too much I think, and I find it really hard sometimes to not get angry about it...

Kathrino Sun 17-Sep-17 21:05:11

Thanks Jam, I'm okay. It just seems ridiculous to spend the best part of £10k on IVF at the moment when work is so crazy and stressful that it's unlikely to be a success. Plus my bro is getting married overseas next year and I really want to be there so it's definitely not all bad. I'm glad you and DH were able to talk about it today; I did wonder if it was a reaction to stress on his part but that's no excuse at all. Counselling sounds super sensible. You will get through this flowers

Welcome chocolate, so sorry that our IUI has been delayed. I hope the meds do the trick.

Stras Sun 17-Sep-17 21:05:14

Hello, I'm Stras and I'm new to, and grateful for, this board.

I'm 34 and ttc for 23 months. I have an appointment with our local fertility clinic this week. Today my brother and SIL shared the glorious news that they are pregnant - I am hugely excited for them as I know they have had problems, and also am just overjoyed to be an aunt. But separately to this, I am so sad to still not be pregnant. I feel like I am failing, this is partly because of my parents, but also because of being the older sibling, and the eldest married sibling in an in-laws family of grandchildren. So fingers crossed for this week.

OverinaFlash Sun 17-Sep-17 23:25:02

Thanks for the new thread jam and so sorry the day was so difficult. I hope you can have a relaxing weekend and recharge and pleased that your DH is on board with trying to make some positive steps towards working on your relationship.

So I'm flash. 28 (29 on Wednesday!I) Started TTC in March, got a bfp but it was ectopic. Had a fallopian tube removed and no hint of pregnancy since then. Periods have been all over the place and hoping to be referred for investigations in November.

Hello to all the oldies and welcome to the newbies! I'm sure this thread will provide us with as much support here now we're all embarking/at various stages on different journeys then we expected.

sk1pper Mon 18-Sep-17 07:29:58

Hey girls, I'm just putting my marker down so I don't loose you all.

TTC for just over 2 years
Kinda in self imposed limbo right now, should have started IVF but have asked to delay for a few more months while I wrap my head around things. Fertility is all together unexplained but I do suffer with horrendous periods and went through a couple of rough cysts on my ovaries. Who knows if it all means anything. Currently they've put me back on Clomid for another 3 cycles but not sure of the point of it.

Hope you girls are well, I think I'm going to break for another week or so. I think it's been good for me...

OverinaFlash Mon 18-Sep-17 08:17:56

Take whatever time helps you skipper. Thinking of you.

Jamon Mon 18-Sep-17 08:26:44

Basset that makes total sense, glad you're starting to notice the difference and it's not long before they can get you on the TTC friendly one

Welcome chocolate so sorry your IUI was cancelled that must have been upsetting. I've not taken provera, what's it for?

Caz to be fair DH has cut down. We both used to happily enjoy a bottle of wine between us of a Friday and Saturday and possibly Sunday, with a drink or two during the week. We don't do that anymore. That's saved me quite a bit of money I think! But he travels for work and always has a few down route, then wants a beer or two when he gets back and always a few again on the weekend. Saturday was unusual because it was a wedding but he drank an absolute shedload - I don't even want to think how much. Binge drinking is a massive no no with sperm, and we are so close to treatment now. Beyond exasperated with him.

Kath all of that makes sense especially when you take the money into account. And still obviously time to get a natural BFP and you might not even end up doing ivf.

Welcome stras ugh I really feel for you. I've got loads of pregnant friends but no one in the family - yet - and that does worry me a bit if someone announced , how I would feel. It's so hard.

Glad you're with us skipper and the break is doing you good

JeNeBaguetteRien Mon 18-Sep-17 15:08:00

Thanks for the new thread. The last week or so I hardly had time to look as I had a job interview! And I got it! Surely if anything will invoke sod's law it's getting a new job... I thought I would plod along in my old job as I thought I'd be on maternity leave by now but since nothing happened we'll see.

Sorry about DH's wedding behaviour Jam, I know how tempting it is to get drunk and forget about this for a few hours. I did that a few months ago on a CD1 and had the hangover from hell to go with my period pain.

Anyway for the rest of you, I'm Baguette, aged 37, been TTC for ages, thought I'd be onto no. 2 by now (ha!), never had a late AF or anything. But even though I have regular periods ovulation wasn't reliable, have been on Clomid for 4 cycles and will do 1 or 2 more before IVF. Had HSG a few months ago too, one tube open, the other they said inconclusive but consultant later said it's open. I've got some over the counter progesterone (in Spain, less than a tenner) which I'm going to take from ovulation next cycle as AF usually announces her arrival with a week of spotting.

Hello and welcome to newbies. I'd better get back to work before someone finds me here mumsnetting!

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