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Fledglings flying into March.

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HillsBesideTheSea Mon 26-Feb-18 19:18:22

Right you horrible lot stop nattering so much nah it wouldn't be fun if you did

So you have wandered into this corner of MN were the fledglings - a long running but very friendly group welcomes newbies and follows the flylady way to try to get decluttered and on top of the boring stuff in order to have more time for the fun other boring but essential stuff

No idea whose turn it was to run the thread this month but here it the thread and we can figure it out from there.

HillsBesideTheSea Mon 26-Feb-18 19:21:38

here is the thread.

<sigh> nope my typing/spelling/proof reading stuff have not improved.

Although the custard and sponge cake did tame the wild hangry raving teenager grin

Afreshcuppateaplease Mon 26-Feb-18 19:45:35


I love cake and custard

Steamcloud Mon 26-Feb-18 22:58:52

Crikey! You are quick off the mark Hills! Thanks hugely for new thread though! Place-marking.

CotswoldStrife Tue 27-Feb-18 00:40:30

I'm watching every thread closely halo,

I can't remember if we organised anyone to do the March thread, I'll do it for sponge cake and custard though (as long as we don't fill this one up before we start) grin

HillsBesideTheSea Tue 27-Feb-18 08:05:25

Going to be honest Cotswold - I am going to make some sponge cake loaves for freezing because teenager taming is easy with cake and custard. Right gotta go upset ds and confirm that not only is school open but he is going in. Then I need to ring school and make an appointment to speak to some one. School refusing is creeping back in again. <sigh> It would appear someone might not have read the IEP. hmm

Wh0KnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Tue 27-Feb-18 10:13:53

Marking place, I'm still mainly lurking. Thanks for the new thread Hills and sorry to hear school is becoming tricky again. Thanks for Feb Cotswold flowers

TooStressyForMyOwnGood Tue 27-Feb-18 10:40:53

Placemarking, thanks Hills.

FoolandFitz Tue 27-Feb-18 18:25:41

Thanks Hills

What did I miss in Part 2 Feb thread? I never even got to read it.

HillsBesideTheSea Tue 27-Feb-18 20:32:02

It is still there and open and where we are chatting away for now fool only thing you have missed is Cag's marvelous french chef vision [grin[

CotswoldStrife Thu 01-Mar-18 00:07:12

Will post the first links for March here, and post a link to the thread in the extra February one (if that makes sense!)

The daily summary for Thursday (also available on the Flylady website at flight plan which should update automatically each day.


Baby-step no 1 - shine your sink

We are in Zone 1 for the last two days of this week: the entrance, front porch and dining room

Spend 15 mins decluttering in Zone 1.

When you have finished decluttering, the detailed cleaning list (if you are at that stage) for Zone 1 is here

Mission for Thursday put out those hot spot fires!

The daily focus for Thursday is: errand day

The monthly habit for March getting dressed to shoes

daily reminders (radio show times are probably not accurate for UK but can listen to previous shows/podcasts)

Steamcloud Thu 01-Mar-18 02:21:36

Thank you very much for the links Cotswold and thank you hugely for Feb thread flowers

HereHoldMyDrink Thu 01-Mar-18 02:56:05

Hi, I'm slowly easing myself in and hoping I can join you all. The CHAOS theory is me down to a tee and I'm fed up of being weird for not letting people round. I've also had a hospital scare this week and my first thought when they talked about admitting me was 'oh no someone will see the state of the house when they go to get some stuff' luckily I'm still an outpatient but I don't want to be in this situation again!

Callmecordelia Thu 01-Mar-18 05:58:36

Signing in.

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 01-Mar-18 05:58:43

hereholdmydrink welcome
We are a friendly bunch<no bun fighting here>and I am sure we can all related to your scenario.hope you are feeling a little betterflowers

Thanks for Feb threads Cotswold

Couple days with my eye off the ball and we entering chaos
-laundry trickling down the stairs
-dining table surface missing,presumed buried
-hall floor a sea of dumped shoes,coats,mittens,wellies etc
-we won't mention the kitchen....

I need to hook big girl pants up.take my ibuprofen and get a grip on things when with wind howling outside I just want to pull covers higher over my ears and go back to sleep

Must move and put heating on,oh my lord it's cold😢

Afreshcuppateaplease Thu 01-Mar-18 06:23:03

Welcome hereholdmydrink

More snow

No school

Afreshcuppateaplease Thu 01-Mar-18 06:45:11

Phone app says we are in a snow storm shock it is looking blizzardlike out there

Steamcloud Thu 01-Mar-18 07:25:55

Good morning all ! Pinch, punch first of the month and all of that ... .
A warm welcome to Hereholdmydrink! Sorry to hear about your hospital scare.

Hope you are ok Zoo take it steady

Snow hasn't arrived here yet although sunshine has gone and -6.
Afresh sounds terrible where you are.

I'm worried about a close relative who commutes weekly between London and St Andrews.

Waves toCotswold Lisette Whispers Longtime Cordelia Bowerbird Goth Honu Cag Hills Who knows Foolandfitz and everyone else I've inadvertently forgotten.

Still feeling a bit grim with headache now on top. Just going to try and focus on home made soup, laundry and paper-shredding.

DD slightly apprehensive this morning when she was going off on the metro as she and one of her friends (a group of four who were returning from a school visit to the Pompeii exhibition) were targeted and followed by aggressive pick pockets last night. (Teacher in adjacent carriage.). One of her group had his phone stolen but managed to get it back. And they are all off again during the day today on the metro to visit a French language broadcasting studio. Can't help but be worried!

Starting diet again today too. Determined to be considerably thinner by Christmas!

Steamcloud Thu 01-Mar-18 07:34:23

Oh yes: last night's supper was beef stew with mash and kale that we had had on two previous evenings (I'd made rather a lot). Off to consider tonight's options.

Afreshcuppateaplease Thu 01-Mar-18 07:37:55

-6 here too. Snow showing no signs of stopping. Must be awful in the red warning areas.

Sorry to hear about pick pocket sc must have been scary for them

Dd is up and grumpy about world book day. Ive told her theyll do it another day or she can wear her costume at home but nothing is good enough

HillsBesideTheSea Thu 01-Mar-18 07:38:41

Ds woke me to tell me that there is very much blizzard like conditions and he is not going even if school is open. One person has decided to go in to work. Hopefully they won't get stuck but looking at the weather it is entirely possible shockhmm Thankfully their route is pretty much main roads and motorways but still!

Feeling significantly better than I did yesterday. Still got a dull ache which is not being helped by engine rev-ers who are running the cars on the drives before they leave. But hopefully some basic pain killers will take car of that.

to da
All the things

Afreshcuppateaplease Thu 01-Mar-18 07:39:51

Im doing beef stew today in slow cooker. Only for me and dp, maybe ds3 tomorrow. Dc1-4 will turn noses up so they can have some pasta or freezer junk. I dunno how zoo gets hers to eat such a varied diet!

Afreshcuppateaplease Thu 01-Mar-18 07:40:09


foxessocks Thu 01-Mar-18 08:21:59

Well I love hearing what people have for their dinner it gives me ideas! However at the moment we are all still poorly so we aren't really eating much!

Dh off work today as he is ill and also snowdrifts down our road have made it impassable anyway. I can feel our weekend away slipping further away sad

Dd still poorly it has been a week on and off now. She does seem more energetic today though.

I am totally fed up now and not sure I'll do much today as I don't feel that we'll myself.

afresh I'm hoping my dd has forgotten about world book day for now sad her nursery is open today so she will miss it.

Wh0KnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Thu 01-Mar-18 08:42:33

Morning all. Only a very light dusting of snow here, it's so dry it all blows away, but schools are closed and DH and I are working from home will probably all end up driving each other mad. DCs are eager to get out sledging but it's nowhere near deep enough.

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