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New year, new organisation! Fledglings fly in 2018.

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TooStressyForMyOwnGood Sun 31-Dec-17 19:17:58

Hello all and Happy New Year!

A warm welcome to the January Flylady thread. This is a lovely friendly thread where we loosely follow the Flylady system (see the Flylady website) in the hope of having organised homes and lives.

Every day the thread leader (me this month) posts links and missions from the Flylady site and also some friendly (!) personal comments. This is quite a ‘talky’ thread but we try our hardest not to be cliquey and new members are very welcome! Typically there are a lot of new members in January so I will do my best to keep track of everybody smile.

Old members, as you know there have been a few issues with links at times so if there is some chopping and changing over the month with the links then that is why. Please note that Flylady is (understandably) keen for people to click on her site so please do have a look around the site and the links.

On the website there is information for beginners. You can also sign up to the Flylady emails but we would advise caution as there are hundreds of them.

We post our achievements (ta das) and our to do lists and any other general chatter about life / flying.

Information on getting started:

The launch pad is also a good starting

Fly stands for Finally Loving Yourself. The general idea is that short bursts of tidying / organisation are more achievable than marathon efforts. Flylady advises 15 minute bursts is effort but you can tweak this to fit your own circumstances.

I’m sure lots of you have New Years Resolutions to be organised and to declutter, as I do every year grin. Be kind to yourselves and careful not to crash and burn!

I am risking making two:-
Go to bed at 11pm unless decent reason why not.
Spend less time on my phone.

Here are the links for Monday 1st Jan. although I am linking these then if you are treating today as a holiday (as much as is possible in real life anyway!) then feel free to take today off.

Here is the daily summary for Monday (also available on the Flylady website at flight plan which should update automatically each day).

I’m afraid I start the year confused blush. I’ve just looked on the Flylady website and the link to the zone and missions is here which indicates we will be in zone 5 which is the living room. I would have thought the month starts in zone 1 but I know this has happened before, I think SC explained? TBH after Xmas I think most living rooms could use a bit of work so it won’t hurt smile. Apologies if this is confusing.

Re. zones, do what works for you. I don’t always stick to the zones myself and do what works best at the time, with varying degrees of success!

Spend 15 mins decluttering, or whatever you can manage, in Zone 5.

When you have finished decluttering, the detailed cleaning list (if you are at that stage) for Zone 5 is here.

daily focus

missions for the week

Flykids mission

January’s habit is shining your sink.

beginner babysteps.

Happy flying everyone.

Stilllivinginazoo Sun 31-Dec-17 19:57:30

Place marking

<Sets up naughty corner with comfy seat.blankie and goodies for hills thanks for leadership thru Dec>

(For benefit of newbies the (virtual)naughty corner is our place to go in times of stress and if we cba..often stocked with treats and drinks we hide in there when it's all too much)

<Puts on kettle and waits for everyone to come in for a cuppa>

TooStressyForMyOwnGood Sun 31-Dec-17 20:05:07

Thanks zoo, I forgot to mention the naughty corner.

We also have the naughty corner for if you want a rest / CBA but are feeling slightly more smug than naughty grin.

TooStressyForMyOwnGood Sun 31-Dec-17 20:05:48

Doh must start previewing!! The haughty corner is the more upmarket, smug area!

Cagliostro Sun 31-Dec-17 20:30:33

Hello! Thank you so much Stressy for taking on the busy January thread and thank you Hills for braving December with all its festive craziness! 💐

I am definitely in the Naughty, rather than Haughty, corner today as I have done absolutely sod all. Ending the year with extreme laziness. grin

Stilllivinginazoo Sun 31-Dec-17 20:33:56

Fair play cag making a new human has been your big thing this year😁
<Adds quality street to naughty corner especially as they your fave.queues patiently for cuddle with cagletini😊>

HillsBesideTheSea Sun 31-Dec-17 21:15:48

Quite right too Cag
zoo you are always so excellent at stocking the naughty corner flowers thank you.
stressy thank you very very much for taking on the January thread flowersflowers

Wh0KnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Sun 31-Dec-17 21:16:27

Naughty corner for me too, as I have a stinking cold and feel dreadful sad. Thanks to Hills gor last month and Stressy for taking on Jan, Happy New Year everyone.

Lisette40 Sun 31-Dec-17 21:27:14

Happy New Year everyone. Potentially two zones, zone 5 and 1? Gulp < clutches pearls>

I've stocked up on Zoflora and the original CIF liquid. Am doing a mini clean in early Jan to set myself up for the system. Have already decluttered.

Lovely to read all your news.

Cagliostro Sun 31-Dec-17 21:56:29

Indeed zoo can't believe this time last year I had no idea where I'd be now! Very glad to be though (but like I said, no more!!!)

Sorry about the cold who

Callmecordelia Sun 31-Dec-17 23:31:50

Happy new year everyone!

CotswoldStrife Sun 31-Dec-17 23:48:49

<Cotswold slides into thread and flings Prosecco into naughty/haughty corner>

Happy new year fledglings, let's flap to victory no matter what 2018 throws at us it's not a match for the contents of the naughty corner anyway grin

HillsBesideTheSea Mon 01-Jan-18 00:01:41

Happy New year to you all!

Sounds like bonfire night out there shock

toomuchofacoincidence Mon 01-Jan-18 00:29:39

Placemarking for tips 😁

juneybean Mon 01-Jan-18 00:34:07

Place marking... Did fly lady many moons ago but fell off the wagon and now I'm ready to try again!

Cagliostro Mon 01-Jan-18 00:38:48

Happy new year all and a warm welcome to newbies!

Saw in the new year eating a sandwich. Win. Feeding the baby then heading to bed.

Put the washing away but never did put a new load on! It's all in a basket ready to go though.

Subtleconstraints Mon 01-Jan-18 00:46:31

Happpppy New Year everyone!

(tries to catch airborne prosecco in nearest receptacle)

Thanks again for December Hills and here's to fab Flying in 2018!

(large crate of gin for Toostressy). Thank you for new thread!

Hope you feel better soon Who knows

Wing flaps to all!

(SC with NY nc) X

Just returned from miraculous village firework display which somehow defied gale and horizontal rain! Unfortunately got slightly stuck in muddy ditch which meant we were late for UK countdown (an HR later) but watched it on record!

Subtleconstraints Mon 01-Jan-18 00:48:40

Welcome to newcomers!

starbrightnight Mon 01-Jan-18 01:00:53

Thank you! I'm a newcomer and happy to be here. I'd never heard of Flylady but I clicked your link and have been seduced by the idea of a lovely shiny sink just for starters so here I am.

After a shiny sink I'm hoping for organised drawers (that would be a miracle, every one is a junk drawer) then tidy cupboards leading on the painting and organising my tiny larder cupboard which hasn't been touched since circa 1959.

This seems like a very motivating welcoming thread full of lovely motivated people. What a lovely start to the year.

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 01-Jan-18 05:30:03

Welcome starbright
SC glad you survived the weather.hope it's a bit less hairy today
Lisette what's your zoflora of choice-some are just too flowery for me so I tend opt fresh linen the CIF that scouring cream?I used to buy that then switched to old-fashioned vim!!
Cag hope you got some sleep!

Talking of sleep hope afresh and foxes are getting some still!!

<Adds honey and lemon to naughty corner for who knows and anyone else who needs it
Dumps tray hot bacon butties
Ketchup and brown sauce
Lashings fresh tea and coffee
Fruit salad and 0% fat Greek yogurt for any new year healthy eaters>

Fireworks woke me alerting to new year and kittens are now demanding breakfast
My kitchen sink has been sorely neglected do I shall to feed my moggies and start there
(No laundry today as superstition says washed away good luck and slattern in me loved an excuse
Back later lovely fledglings!!

Afreshnewyearplease Mon 01-Jan-18 06:45:21

Happy new year all!

Ty for thread stressy and for last thread hills

Little ds awake since 6 and ive just heard dd coughing so she will probably be down soon despite having stayed up with the big two til after midnight

So tired

Spent the last ten min trying to work out the time. My head thought clocks had changed but thats wrong isnt it. My brain is mash.

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 01-Jan-18 06:54:15

<extra large vat of brew for afresh>any chance you can sneak in a cheeky nap today if blokes about?

Ta das
Cat/kits fed
Bins empty
Recycling out
Scrub and shines sink
Hotspots dining table and wipes ready to make breakfast shortly
Dd2 and D's still sleeping but back to school routine we'd so need get into get up early n go bed civilised hour(well actually that's go SLEEP at civilised hour)

(Please note newbies I am most definitely a morning person and get my most productive cleaning often done at silly o'clock as lil zoo(despite being 10) wakes at ridiculous o'clock..she's old enough to be quiet but body clock still set to get up n nice time for us to have chatting just two of us whilst I get some things done.any good don't be put off with my early ta teatime I am in zombie modegrin)

TooStressyForMyOwnGood Mon 01-Jan-18 07:29:15

Morning all and Happy New Year smile.

brew for those who need it after a late / heavy night.

We are very boring these days and don’t have older children so went to bed just after 11.

A big welcome to starbright and toomuch and welcome back to juney.

Big new year wing flaps to Cotswold, Callme, lisette, Wh0Kn0ws, Hills, and everyone else.

Thanks for gin SC and for all well wishes. Have some more brew Afresh, no clock change today no. Awesome list as always zoo. Cag, yes, how amazing how much things changed in 2017 for you!

Ta da:-
Nothing. Must get going.

To do:-
Morning routine
Need to investigate plans. There is talk of parkrun which means I really must get up and moving as nobody is anywhere near ready.

Off to visit friends later smile.

Lisette40 Mon 01-Jan-18 07:37:04

zoo the Zoflora is lemon zing or something and, yes, the CIF is the scouring creme. It's for the human paw marks on all the doors.

Lisette40 Mon 01-Jan-18 07:39:07

Having fruit, with low fat Greek yoghurt and oat bran, made overnight. Healthy start but won't last long!

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