Feels like something is stuck in my throat

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SpideyMom Sun 19-Apr-20 22:18:14

Help? I'm really fed up now. It's been 4 weeks of feeling like this. Literally feels like something is stuck in my throat. I tend to need to burp slot. I've been treated for acid reflux and it's still here and driving me mad. And to be honest really starting to worry me. Could it be hayfever? Though piriton is having no affect on me either. I've never had hayfever before but I have no other symptoms if it is.

Any tips or advice?

Thanks in advance

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MrsDrudge Sun 19-Apr-20 22:31:32

It could be stress/anxiety related, a condition called Globus pharyngeus. Have a google, it’s quite common . Hope you get it sorted and this might help.

GameofPhones Sun 19-Apr-20 22:31:57

When I had this it turned out to be an allergy to dust mites. When I ventilated my bedroom and let more light in, it disappeared.

PurpleThistles84 Sun 19-Apr-20 22:34:42

I have had this, I suspect hay fever as I also had an odd pressure feeling in my forehead that eased a little when I squeezed the bridge of my nose. Today is the first day I haven’t had it.

SpideyMom Sun 19-Apr-20 22:37:36

Its driving me mad. Seems to be worse when I go outside. I have the windows open most days as it's so lovely. Hence why I suspected hayfever. I have no other symptoms though. But anxiety would make sense too. I cant seem to get it under control. And I suppose constantly wondering what this feeling is is adding to my anxiety.

I just want it to go

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PurpleThistles84 Mon 20-Apr-20 04:38:49

Try upping your fluid intake. A good exercise to do is to pretend to yawn whilst keeping your mouth shut. That helps me.

TKAAHUARTG Mon 20-Apr-20 04:44:23

I have this. On one side for the last decade. I have had loads of tests (I live in the US where they quite like making a bit of money off the back of ill-health 😂) So far no one know why it is happening. It may be stress, or allergies, or GERD. Sorry I am no help, I just wanted to sympathise.


Needmoresleep Mon 20-Apr-20 04:47:21

Google GERD and see if it fits.

GP can prescribe suitable medication, but .may eventually want to rule out other things.

scochran Mon 20-Apr-20 05:23:06

I had it 2 years ago. Holidays started, I felt all relaxed then this happened and was so irritating. Eventually went to drs to rule things out and was given antacids. I don't think they had a difference but it did fade and also I got used to it. When it first started I thought my vitamin pill was stuck in my throat.
It comes back if I'm stressed or run down.

SpideyMom Mon 20-Apr-20 06:57:55

Funnily enough that is what I've likened it to also, like my vitamins are stuck. Last night I needed to burp alot but more times than not I couldn't get anything up, and when I did a little bit of acidy fluid came up which I think is why the doctor has given me medication for it.
Looking back ive suffered with this a few times now over the years. But its never lasted this long. Stress and anxiety levels are sky high right now for obvious reasons but feeling like this is absolutely rubbish as I'm fighting wanting to convince myself something is wrong

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SpideyMom Tue 21-Apr-20 00:13:11

Oh I feel miserable tonight. One minute I feel I need to burp, the next it actually feels stuck.and when I finally do it feels like I'm bringing up acid/sick. I'm going to have to call my doctors when they open as this medication (lansoprazole is it?) Is not working

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SpideyMom Sun 03-May-20 22:50:10

Sorry to resurrect. But since lockdown started I have only had 1 day where I havent felt it. Its making me miserable now. It's making me want to force myself to be sick.
I've been treated for acid reflux, been told to try hayfever tablets, so have been doing both for weeks now.
Really starting to worry that I may actually have something in my throat

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cariaaad Sun 03-May-20 23:03:31

Try some gaviscon advanced in addition to the Lansoprasole after meals and before bed. Look up laryngo-pharyngeal reflux (LPR). If you reflux as far as your throat it can irritate your larynx giving you that feeling of something stuck in your throat. Make sure it's advanced not just normal gaviscon. Also look up ways to reduce reflux such as avoiding spicy/fatty food, fizzy drinks and caffeine. A large bottle from the pharmacy is cheaper than small off the shelf. Hope it helps.

LordOftheRingz Sun 03-May-20 23:30:40

Ive had this since lockdown I have paid a lot of attention to how I am holding tension in by neck and jaw, I am also clamping at night. It comes and goes, but I think its over active muscles in the neck from stress. I searched out exercises to deal with globus hystercus, I also used tiger balm on my neck muscles. also sucking sweets really helps. It really gets me down when its bad. ive also done gaviscon, and given up lots of foods and cut portion size down, but I think its stress.

ANoiseAnnoys Sun 03-May-20 23:37:05

I had this when I was a teenager - it felt like I had a little piece of metal stuck in my throat. I was going through an upsetting time, though I didn’t realise it Was related at the time. Then I had a panic attack at school one day as I felt like my throat was closing and I couldn’t breathe properly. Tbh I can’t remember what happened after that but it did go away and looking back now I can see it was definitely anxiety-related.

So I would echo the pp recommending relaxation/breathing techniques.

SpideyMom Sun 03-May-20 23:40:49

Thanks for your replies.
The last doctor I spoke to was lovely but admitted that she wasnt sure exactly what is going on and it was difficult to diagnose without being able to see me. However she was really thorough and said she felt it could he a combination of things. I had a really bad cold in jan/Feb and I've never been able to shift the blocked feeling in my sinuses. She said it could be some post nasal drip, blocked sinuses, hayfever, reflux and globus.
She extended my reflux medication, and mentioned gaviscon but said to just do the reflux tablets for now and to take a hayfever tablet. I did ask her the likelihood of something being stuck but she said it was unlikely.
Ive had one day free of it but it's getting me down so much. Its really bad after I eat. I keep thinking a hair is stuck as it feels like something is constantly there. I know it could be stress and anxiety too, but I am trying so hard to stop me convincing myself that its serious

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Chickydoo Sun 03-May-20 23:48:53

I get this, eventually discovered it was tonsil stones. Feels like something sharp stuck in my throat.
Breath tastes bad, get a runny nose with it & can feel like I have a cold coming. After a couple of weeks the stones emerge (gross) sometimes they vanish.
I seem to get this most when I'm feeling run down. Had it on and off for years.

DonLewis Sun 03-May-20 23:49:33

So this is fairly outing, but hey hi, if it helps you.

My mum had a type of thyorod cancer and had to have her voisebox removed. The whole thing was stressful, and emotional and awful.

I developed the feeling that there was something in my throat. The type of cancer she had has a strong genetic element. I was convinced I'd got it.

I ended up seeing all of the same ent docs my mum saw. I had an mri and scopes down my throat. The diagnosis was globus pharyngeus. I said to that Dr, oh, like globus hystericus. And he patiently explained that its not called that any more because it minimises it and make sit seem like you're hysterical. I laughed and told him I feel hysterical if it's acyually an imaginary lump.

When my mum was dying I couldn't even swallow my own saliva. I get it every now and again, and lock down has made it come back. Google it. Its so real when you have it.

Sympathies. Massive sympathies, it's an awful feeling.

SpideyMom Sun 03-May-20 23:50:53

I was treated for bacterial tonsillitis. Luckily though I dont have any pain. Otherwise I'd be beside myself it going on for so long. I do seem to constantly have a bunged up nose, but when I blow nothing comes out

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SpideyMom Sun 03-May-20 23:52:39

I have bad health anxiety. I am fighting it so hard but this is really pushing me now

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gamerchick Sun 03-May-20 23:55:38

Have you actually followed the acid reflux diet or are you just relying on meds?

You also need to elevate the head of your bed a bit as well so you're not lying flat.

Follow the GERD diet for a month, it's miserable but it'll help heal you.

Pleasedontfeedme Mon 04-May-20 00:02:50

Is the feeling higher up your throat, similar to where your tonsils are? If it is I second what a previous poster said, it could be tonsil stones. I get the feeling I need to keep swallowing and something it stuck until I remove the stones (TMI but a hair pin works really well, along with a torch and a mirror, its grim but oh so satisfying). Tonsil stones give you bad breath as well, if that's another symptom you have ?

Itwontrainallthetime Mon 04-May-20 00:04:05

This sounds similar to my son he enlarged tonsils and he is always saying it feels like he has something in his throat or he has hair in his throat. He's 11 and we were told that his tonsils will shrink as he gets older but they haven't and he still struggles. It effects his eating as he feels he could choke. Also he has allergic asthma and had trouble with his sinuses since he was a toddler. He had his adenoids out but he still suffers. He's on daily antihistamines.

Where about in your throat do you exprience this, is it the back of the throat or low down in the throat where the thyroid is ? Have they not wanted to investigate with the camera down your throat (I don't know what it's called ).
Have they given you an allergy medication to see if they help ?
Have you tried gargling with medicated mouthwash?

I should think the doctor's have looked at your tonsils , checked your thyroid as I have heard that sometimes that feels like something in the throat.

I had something similar but it was a type of spikey feeling and I looked myself with a torch and mirror and I had a tonsil stone.

I hope you find something to relieve you of this soon

DamnYankee Mon 04-May-20 00:19:30

I have this. It's affecting how much/often I eat b/c I'm so uncomfortable. Constantly waiting for my stomach to "drain" and the pressure in the back of my throat to ease. For me, stress has always equaled a "tight tummy."
My counselor has suggested it's anxiety. I am trying to keep a lot of scary emotions "down" and this manifests physically. She's seeing a lot of this.
Eat small meals. Find a way to release the stress. I find running helps.
Not pushing drinking, but I do find a glass of wine in the evening helps relax my stomach and lifts the full feeling so I can get one good meal in during the day.

SpideyMom Mon 04-May-20 00:19:31

I've not been checked as we are not allowed into the surgery. All consultations are over the phone.

I wasnt aware of a GERD diet. Will look into.

It feels mid throat alot of the time, but also right at the back which is why I keep shining the torch in there to find a hair.

My tonsils were enlarged a few weeks back and they were checked by my neighbour who is a nurse. Thankfully I dont have a smell coming from my mouth, my son would be first to tell me lol

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