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Year 13 support thread - The End.

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OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 17-Jun-18 22:17:20

Not the end of the threads, just this chapter of life. We'll keep going, don't worry!

However! Not to be used until this one is done <stern face>

UrsulaPandress Sun 17-Jun-18 22:20:13

marmiteloversunite Sun 17-Jun-18 22:29:42


OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 17-Jun-18 22:32:06


Icouldbeknitting Mon 18-Jun-18 11:59:55

1-2-3 go! We're legit now as the other thread is full.

lashingsofgingerbeer Mon 18-Jun-18 12:05:38

Well done Knitting with picking up the new thread! Hope your DS is doing ok at the moment too.

starfleet Mon 18-Jun-18 12:15:08

Goodness! You go to bed and wake up to find the last thread is full up and a new one has started!

Feedback about Biology 3 this morning was 'Okay'.

Chemistry 3 and 2 General Studies papers left. Crawling towards the finish line!

Icouldbeknitting Mon 18-Jun-18 12:21:07

I'm working on no news being good news. If this morning had gone badly then my phone would have gone mad with eight or nine texts of woe or anger. I'm hoping that the silence means that he's strolled off for a sandwich humming the shower scene from Psycho (it's a syllabus piece). Other less pleasant options are possible but I'm resolutely ignoring those. I am also ignoring the two concrete planters I've dug out from under the hedge, they can wait for the next painting phase because I think I've reached peak planter now. I need to check how many bulbs I actually ordered because it's possible it wasn't enough.

UrsulaPandress Mon 18-Jun-18 12:23:39

Who irons bedding?

In fact, who irons?

flatmouse Mon 18-Jun-18 12:35:12

Phew! Thanks icould for finishing the old thread. I wanted to placemark but was afraid OYBBK would tell me off smile

starfleet Mon 18-Jun-18 12:36:41

My DM grin.

I find ironing quite theraputic - I don't iron bed linen though. It's folded up and each set goes into a matching pillowcase so it stays together in the airing cupboard. Reading that back it looks like I might have far too much time on my hands.....!

marmiteloversunite Mon 18-Jun-18 12:44:56

I seem to have taken us off track with ironing bedding. Just ignore!!

As you were ......

Well music was a nasty nasty paper. Starting with the CD not actually working so DD was put off from the start! There were some horrible questions once again asking about subject matter that they had only covered briefly or not covered at all. DD's teacher looked at the paper and shook her head! So just praying she has done enough with composition and performance to get the B she needs for uni.

One more to go tomorrow. Feels a bit like another mountain to climb...
Feel sorry for DD as she worked so hard for this paper.


Icouldbeknitting Mon 18-Jun-18 12:45:34

No, I also put the bedding set into the pillowcase because I've spent too many hours hunting through the airing cupboard. I ruthlessly pruned the bedding as we had far too much and so far I've not regretted it. I am at the stage of having thirty year old towels wear out and some of the tea towels have worn through. I'm waiting now to see what I can send DS away with, I bought him a new towel set earlier in the year which we've been using so that got past the new-towel phase before he starts using them.

starfleet Mon 18-Jun-18 12:52:18

smile sometimes marmite you just need a distraction...

Sorry to hear about your DD's music paper - it's a bit crap when they have put so much work in to then be thrown in the actual exam. Fingers crossed it comes good for her.

raspberryrippleicecream Mon 18-Jun-18 13:05:41

I'm a pillowcase stuffer too. It was a Mumsnet tip.

Sorry Music hasn't gone well

Icouldbeknitting Mon 18-Jun-18 13:08:26

I looked on Twitter for music, it as amusing as it usually is. I would expect the grade boundaries to be on the low side because this is the first year of the course (Edexcel) and there was a massive amount of music on the syllabus. DS said it would have been a good course over three years, they are a small class so should have been motoring through it but it was a bit rushed towards the end. I suspect there will be a general theme of areas covered briefly or not at all.

Law next, I am hoping that DS is going to hit this for six and redeem his first paper. Either way we are going out for pizza tonight. Make room on the finisher's bench as I'll be there in two and a half hours.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 18-Jun-18 13:09:05

ironing discussions are good distraction.

dd has messaged. It went so well that she's now worried that something is wrong. confused grin

So one really scary exam down, one to go.

marmite that's really really rotten for your poor dd. I'm really sorry. I hope the school feedback about the cd as a mitigation thingy.

lol flatmouse. grin

Nettleskeins Mon 18-Jun-18 13:13:55

marmite was it Edexcel?
Ds came back and looked very harassed. It was shit mum he said. There were no question on film music just one on John Cage....I started to set the juke machine into commiseration mode, when he suddenly said, ha ha fooled you, there was a question on Pyscho which I wrote three pages on and I also managed to answer the wider listening question by mentioning Tristan and Isadora. Isadora? I said, it's ISOLDE if you mean Wagner. Don't be silly, they won't care about one spelling mistake said he..(missing the point entirely)

He seems quite pleased. He said he got the pitch wrong in one question but probably the rhythm right.

Now he has shut the door of the telly room and is watching Westworld and doesn't want to talk about ANYTHING, ever again. Everynow and then he says, I'm finished school!!! Wow!!!

Funny you should say that about running a B &B Knitting I do feel as if I'm running a B & B sometimes

Ironing, well, my friend has three sons. The youngest is a mathematician and he loves ironing. He came back from first term at Bristol with a big pile of ironing he had been saving up, because the steam iron at home "is so much better" and he hated not having his clothes crisp and perfect. She also loves ironing because she says it goes perfectly with Radio 4.

littledrummergirl Mon 18-Jun-18 13:15:57

Ds1 liked today's biology 3, he is reasonably confident that he did ok.
I don't iron bedding either-I fold it before it goes in the washing machine and it either goes on the line or folded again into the tumble dryer (when we have one! ).
My Amazon basket is very full at the moment with kitchen equipment, I hate shopping so this is a godsend. We have also picked out paint, curtains and flooring for the hall and dining room so we are ready when the insurance company sends the builders back. Hopefully they will be putting the new roof on the kitchen next week.

Ds2 had his 24hr heart monitor fitted today so hopefully we'll have some idea of his future in the next couple of months. He's enjoying his first post exam non school day. Ds1 has one more to go. grin

Nettleskeins Mon 18-Jun-18 13:18:55

Marmite if your dd gets lower than a B, I would be very surprised my ds really hasn't the depth of understanding or concentrated effort your dd clearly has. So please be reassured that there are some candidates out there that are going to lower the boundaries. Thinking it went badly is not guarantee that it did go badly, unless she didn't write anything.

Nettleskeins Mon 18-Jun-18 13:21:09

Drummer hope heart monitor gives reassurance/info.

marmiteloversunite Mon 18-Jun-18 13:31:01

Thanks for reassurance guys. She is doing the OCR board. She seems ok now we have talked through it a bit more.
Just Britain/History to get through tomorrow!

FantasyAndHope Mon 18-Jun-18 13:35:20

Dd has RS this afternoon. Final RS exam
Then the worst history tomorrow hmm
She’s panicked as she crammed all of her RS revision into last night and has to the same with history tonight

janinlondon Mon 18-Jun-18 13:43:23

ASA music paper also a horror - first year of the new spec so past papers not available, and the questions were awful. Like Marmite's DD mine needs a B, so hoping performance and comp will drag it up. Our music dept would not give the kids any feedback on those so we are in the dark.....till 16 August.

marmiteloversunite Mon 18-Jun-18 13:58:04

We are in the dark on composition and performance too! DD is now playing the piano as a way to unwind before starting on History revision. At least it hadn't put her off the music!

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