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Brand new running thread 2018, come and join us!!

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cinnamongreyhound Thu 04-Jan-18 09:54:26

A thread for all things running in 2018.

This is the 11th thread since it started with a few of us who wanted to chat about our running, running clothes, support each other and get some training tips.

We talk about our runs and support and encourage where needed.

Please feel free to come and join us and add your miles to our running total for the month for the whole thread in bold at the bottom of each post.
Currently on 29.2 for January.

londonpia Thu 04-Jan-18 09:58:21

New Year, new member here! I've got a HM coming up at the end of March. Training is on existent at the moment- only ran twice over the last two weeks. Need to up my game, as this will be the furthest distance I've ever ran.

Currently I'm up to 4.5 miles. Trying to increase it by a mile each week, along with 2 x 3 or 4 mile runs.

Current total for Jan- 0 miles blush

emummy Thu 04-Jan-18 10:28:39

Lovely new thread cinnamon, thank you!
Welcome londonpia, I'm sure you can do it. Consistency is the key, once the running becomes a habit it's easier to get out, even in our lovely winter weather...

sayhellotothelittlefella Thu 04-Jan-18 11:51:09

Hi. Can I join you all. I've signed up for a half marathon at the beginning of march and am very behind in my training. I've struggled to get going so was looking for a MN group to help with motivation. My fitness is generally good but I need to get my mileage up as my biomechanics are appalling ( flat feet, hyper mobility leading to huge over- pronation and too much lateral movement on the knees) and that's what I need to work on strengthening. Also any other tips greatly appreciated grin

Current total for Jan so far - 3 miles

MyBlackCat Thu 04-Jan-18 20:45:45

Hello sayhello the miles in bold are the total for all runners on the thread so I’ve added yours along with my 2 from today. Went out to test the knee, not perfect but ok ish.

Abandoned half marathon plans for Feb and entered a 10k in early March, hopefully I can get back into my running for that 🤞🏻


sayhellotothelittlefella Thu 04-Jan-18 21:10:59

Ooops!** blush.

emummy Thu 04-Jan-18 21:33:14

Welcome sayhello! Good luck with your training. Do you do any strength training or other exercise? I don't know if doing things like squats etc are good for you or a problem with the hypermobility.

emummy Fri 05-Jan-18 09:24:44

Foggy forest run. First went somewhere new but had to abandon it and drive back to the usual route because the paths were all solid ice. So nice run but not what I had planned, and dog rolled in poo, so I still haven't had a shower and now I need to wash the bath. Sigh. And the forecast for Sunday morning is -9 - which suggests even more ice!


NoCryingInEngineering Fri 05-Jan-18 14:35:02


I had a shot at my hill reps. Ran a loop to the bottom of the hill I picked, then did 3 reps to a gate post at the top and back (roughly 1min), then 3 reps to a marker about 2/3 of the way up (35secs ish) then 3 to a marker about 20sec up. Then a quick break and a slow run home starting with that bloody hill again.

I'm sure the women encouraging a toddler up the hill thought I was nuts but hey

NoCryingInEngineering Fri 05-Jan-18 14:35:44

Oh and it worked out at 3.1miles so


Fizzyknickers Fri 05-Jan-18 14:41:32


Room for a little one? I’m a reasonably regular runner <10km tho! Signed myself up for the Warrington 5 mile series (end of jan) and also the Chester 10k in March. Never run a ‘proper’ race before though. I’m a parkrun regular, and run with a club once a week. However I have lupus so my times are not consistent 🙄

Current January distance is 10.1km

emummy Fri 05-Jan-18 14:59:01

Hi Fizzyknickers, plenty of room here! Good luck with your races.
Well done Nocrying. I'm afraid being seen as mad by passers by is a side effect of hill reps!
Fizzyknickers we all add our distances together but I'm afraid it's in miles! So adding yours makes 46.5

sayhellotothelittlefella Fri 05-Jan-18 15:32:14

Hi emummy yes I also do bootcamp twice a week and sessions at Orange Theory ( a type of fitness class based gym franchise) as well. So lots of squats and other strength work which definitely helps but the physio says I'm fighting a loosing battle and should stick to10k or lower. So this HM is a one off. I'm also planning to get customised orthotics which I should be wearing day to day anyway.
Can anyone tell me if treadmill miles count towards the total? If so I'll add mine from today's workout if not ignore me.

Sorelip Fri 05-Jan-18 16:08:44

Hi say I hope treadmill miles count, otherwise I've been screwing up the totals :D

I've just signed up up to the Richmond marathon, which after I'd signed up, I realised I have to complete in five hours or less. I've never gone under 5:43:00 so its's time to get serious. I'll be running tonight, but I'm not sure if I can be bothered to go outside or stay in the relative comfort of the gym.

Whyareusernamessotricky Fri 05-Jan-18 16:24:32

Greetings! This looks like the place to besmile I've only ever run a 10k before and entered the Bath half marathon as it was so wonderful to see it last year! I'm following the BUPA beginner's training program and on week 4. So far I've done all of the runs it tells me to do and so I hope this will prepare me for it!!
Training going well but finding it hard to increase the long runs each week and been doing lots of reading about refuelling. Quite fancy just eating jelly babies and drinking at the stations. My run today was 5 miles and long run booked in for Sunday! Ps I really enjoy these running threads as a long time lurker!
Good luck to all on runs over the weekend!

Whyareusernamessotricky Fri 05-Jan-18 16:26:22


Firefries Fri 05-Jan-18 17:10:35

Found you all. Glad to see there's lots of running happening.

sayhellotothelittlefella Fri 05-Jan-18 18:57:04

Whyareusernamessotricky I'll see you there. That's the HM I'm training for. grin

MyBlackCat Fri 05-Jan-18 20:03:30

I’ve done the bath half a couple of times - used to live there. Lovely run with a very cheeky incline in the last mile. You’ll love it 😊

eggofmantumbi Fri 05-Jan-18 20:27:43

Hello! Used to be a 5/6 times a week kind of girl- baby has put paid to that!

Aiming to run an absolute minimum of 15 times in January. 12-15 would be amazing....

Also done the bath half 2 or 3 times
(Can't remember!) Loved it!

sayhellotothelittlefella Fri 05-Jan-18 21:52:36

Yes I did the Bath Half in 2015 (lived there for a long time - lots of connections) I absolutely loved it - but it took me 2 years to sign up for it again grin
The two tunnels races organised by relish running are good as well.

familygermsareok Fri 05-Jan-18 22:18:57

Hi, can I join you again? I've still been running, although a bit intermittently due to various injuries, just got out the habit of posting.
So far have done 15.2 this month including two parkruns on New Years Day! Have actually done 5 parkruns in 9 days as our local one always puts an extra one on on Xmas day and New Years Day and another close by parkrun staggers their start on NYD so that people can do the double! Definitely a good start to the year smile

Anawi Sat 06-Jan-18 00:09:58

Hi everyone, can I join in? I used to run fairly regularly, usually around 5-7km a few times a week, until I was 18wks pregnant with my daughter. She's now 10.5months old. I ran twice in one week in July then nothing until last night. I only went 2.5miles, and I was so slow, but I guess it's a start. I've been wanting to get going again but I'm really struggling for motivation. Back to work on Monday, that will no doubt make things more challenging but I really want to get back to where I was. Add my measly 2.5 ...


Whyareusernamessotricky Sat 06-Jan-18 09:40:54

I absolutely love Bath! Moved here a few years ago and feel so lucky to be here. How's your training going 'sayhitothelittlefella'? I am also scared about the hills blackcat as it's billed as a flat course and I keep encountering suspicious looking hill like sections!! I am really enjoying the challenge though and can do a solid hour but have not attempted more yet. I'm also really conscious of not over training and honouring the rest days completely!
I love running through the two tunnels too and have any of you run any dark ox races? I did a great one in the dark last year. Rest day and so miles to addsmile good luck one and all!

Whyareusernamessotricky Sat 06-Jan-18 09:42:23

Ps anawi, well done and you've done the hardest run alreadysmile you'll be back before you know it. I've got 2 under 3 and so know how you feel!

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