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If I hear ‘because of covid’ one more time!!!!!

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FTEngineerM Sat 23-Jan-21 20:52:01

Why is this the new thing that EVERYBODY uses as the reason that things can’t be done, it’s totally overused. Or am I being super sensitive?

I rang dominos a few days ago to try and get some meat put on a vegan base because whilst DC has dairy allergy I still like meat..

The response: ‘no, I can’t do that because of covid we’re not taking orders over the phone..’

I didn’t want to order over the phone, I just wanted to call and for them to swap a topping or two, pizza is same price.

She laughed said that’s not my problem I can’t change the rules bye.

It’s becoming part of every interaction I have, something is ‘because of covid’ when in actual fact covid hasn’t changed what I’m asking for for the logistics of it.

Has anyone else heard anyone say something obscure.. ‘because of covid’?

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Maplebeth Sat 23-Jan-21 20:53:32

That’s so true.

My post office will only accept two parcels at a time...because of COVID?

Sorry, what?

yarncakes Sat 23-Jan-21 20:53:57

Doctor not seeing my 4 year old because of covid. Fucking sick of hearing it too

WalrusWife Sat 23-Jan-21 20:56:13

I’m pregnant and have developed pelvic and hip pain. The NHS physio won’t see me “cos Covid” but the physio at the private hospital will.

FTEngineerM Sat 23-Jan-21 20:56:55

@Maplebeth that is odd! Any reason aside from covid? hmm

@yarncakes oh no, I’m so sorry that sounds shit.

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wewillmeetagain Sat 23-Jan-21 21:01:28

I completely agree, it's just become an excuse for cost cutting, lazy, bad service.

Furrybutts Sat 23-Jan-21 21:01:48

I hear you op.
I waited for 8 months last year for the return of the deposit of a house I had moved out of 'because of Covid, all staff are furloughed'
Funny how those furloughed staff were able to take the deposit from the new tenant the same day.

Maplebeth Sat 23-Jan-21 21:04:26

@FTEngineerM Nope that’s literally what the sign says in the post office grin

SugarBlissOrJ17 Sat 23-Jan-21 21:04:53

Yes! So annoying. I want to return a faulty item I bought online, so the other day I looked into the process and saw a message on the company website said they’re not doing returns or refunds bEcAuSe oF cOvId....their products are still available to buy though so assuming someone is on-site to dispatch them!

2boysand1princess Sat 23-Jan-21 21:05:23


Doctor not seeing my 4 year old because of covid. Fucking sick of hearing it too

Why not? My doctor has seen my kids when I’ve needed them to?

Katie517 Sat 23-Jan-21 21:09:31

So sick of it I genuinely think a lot of companies use it as an excuse. Here are my examples.
-Cat can’t get booster injections at vet because of covid
-I can’t get an NHS dental check up because of covid but can get a private one
-KFC can’t do vegan option because of covid
-dominos can’t do gluten free bases because of covid
-can’t get my baby weighed because of covid
- the book exchange in our village phone box has been closed by some busy body because of covid (heaven forbid you just wipe the book and sanitise your hands!)
-can only get an eye test if it’s an essential eye test (wtf)
- car insurance company won’t take calls on weekends because of covid
-kids playgrounds open and adults using some equipment to workout but outdoor gym has tape around all the equipment (so if you do pull ups on the kids bars it’s safe but on the adult ones covid will get you)
-Toilet in our local costa was open in tier 4 but had to close when the lockdown was announced (very annoyed pregnant friend discovered this yesterday while on her walk)

WalrusWife Sat 23-Jan-21 21:11:10

Dominos aren’t doing half and half pizzas “because the rona.”

Soubriquet Sat 23-Jan-21 21:11:39

Some places have really lost their mind

I mean common sense should still be there but it seems it’s become a nice easy excuse not to do something

For example my local tip.

You have to book a slot. Fair enough..but you can only bring certain items on certain days which means more times at the tip to get rid of things.

Staff can’t help you, but they can then sort your items out after you go.. confused

Only ONE person per car. If you happen to have your toddler, baby or even dog with you, you’re supposed to leave them at the gate whilst you drive round and collect them on your way out. The tip is on a main road hmm

Nemostripes Sat 23-Jan-21 21:11:39

@WalrusWife I had baby DC in summer and had crippling SPD. Physio cancelled. My pelvis, nearly 8 months postpartum, is royally buggered and cracks, grinds and pops out of place. If you can afford private physio, I'd say get it. I'm still waiting!

Purplethrow Sat 23-Jan-21 21:12:14

I think the post office are overwhelmed, so many more people buying online and post office staff off sick , they’re snowed under. But there’s nothing to stop someone from going to different post offices on the same day , so it’s a bit daft.

JanieLane Sat 23-Jan-21 21:13:49


I needed to return a parcel to a seller through an Amazon purchase. Their initial response was that there might be an issue, due to Covid and would I like a £10 refund instead and keep the item! hmm erm, nope!

Item has now been returned and I ‘should’ be receiving a refund in the next few days.

sortmylifeoutplease Sat 23-Jan-21 21:13:57

It is often an excuse for shit service. Again, doesn't affect companies' receipt of or request for payments! Covid never affects that! Refunds or answers - covid!! I asked one company why they'd done nothing about me chasing for six months over an issue - "covid has happened" was the response. I felt like sending their invoice back with COVID has happened - will take me six months to respond to your request for payment across it.

WalrusWife Sat 23-Jan-21 21:14:52

@Nemostripes I’m so sorry, that’s awful. It’s £69 for an initial appointment and then £49 for follow ups. Not cheap. I’m also worried about if I get birth injuries...I’m guessing the NHS won’t help me?

afternooncuppa Sat 23-Jan-21 21:20:50

My local supermarket has removed all the checkout dividers "because of covid". It causes absolute mayhem when everyone's shopping gets mixed up, which then needs to be rectified, which then leads to queues forming and so and so on. Apparently it's because we touch them?? Haven't seen them remove the card payment machines though.

FTEngineerM Sat 23-Jan-21 21:21:47

Some of these are cracking!

I think you’re right @Soubriquet, definitely lost their minds with either the new power they suddenly have to decide what’s safe and not safe or just cannot be arsed.

@wewillmeetagain agreed! Shit service is now commonplace.

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jmscp Sat 23-Jan-21 21:27:11

The speech and language therapist can't see my 3yo face to face "because of covid"
Instead they want to do a video call
With a 3 year old
With the attention span of a gnat
Said daughter won't even pay attention past 2 minutes on a video call to people she knows and likes.
I'm sure they will get a wonderful insight into her speech issues... hmm

itchyfinger Sat 23-Jan-21 21:30:55

I accidentally ordered some alcohol I didnt want in my online food shop, but I cant return it for a refund 'because of covid'. I asked if I could return it in store and they said they dont allow refunds on alcohol 'because of covid' (but do on other non perishable items!)

JanieLane Sat 23-Jan-21 21:32:30

@afternooncuppa that’s mad! I’ve not seen these removed in any of our local supermarkets yet!

DarcyJack Sat 23-Jan-21 21:35:41

So at Southend sorting office half are off with covid or isolating. What would you like them to do with your parcels?? Nhs dentists are for the most part not allowed to open. Same with physio ots slts etc. We can only physically see someone in a critical situation for the most part. You know - in case we give then covid. Plus half of us have been redeployed to covid wards or as vacinators. I'm sure you know this is happening! So routine appointments have to wait as we are doing or training to do something more important. How do you expect to receive a good or even adequate service with the amount of sickness and isolation and redeployment you must know we have?

Cismyfatarse Sat 23-Jan-21 21:37:56

Spec savers wouldn't let me buy contact lenses - COVID. Even though I have a current prescription and have all my appointments at that branch. I even offered to stay at the door and pay cash or card.

Got a letter from NHS telling me my smear test was urgently overdue. Had no prior warning. Rang Dr as letter said. No. Not doing them. COVID. But, I had a letter. Urgent. COVID.

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